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    Skrulls (Marvel)
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1st appeared in Fantastic Four #2.

An image for Abomination (Marvel)(Skrull impostor) exists Abomination (Marvel)(Skrull impostor)
An image for Adam Warlock (Marvel)(Skrull Impostor) exists Adam Warlock (Marvel)(Skrull Impostor)
An image for Al'arok exists Al'arok
An image for Hokk Algol exists Hokk Algol
An image for Alkss exists Alkss
An image for Mrs. Altman (Marvel) exists Mrs. Altman (Marvel)
An image for Anelle (Marvel) exists Anelle (Marvel)
Angel (Marvel)(Skrull impostor)
Apox the Omega Skrull
An image for Aptak exists Aptak
An image for Araki (Marvel)(02 - Imposter) exists Araki (Marvel)(02 - Imposter)
An image for Bartak exists Bartak
Beast (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Black Bolt (Marvel)(Skrull Impostor) exists Black Bolt (Marvel)(Skrull Impostor)
An image for Blacksmith (Marvel)(03 - Skrull Infiltrator) exists Blacksmith (Marvel)(03 - Skrull Infiltrator)
Blob (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Gillian Blythe
Bugface Brown
Luke Cage (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Cannonball (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Captain America (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Captain Britain (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Captain Hero (Marvel) exists Captain Hero (Marvel)
An image for Captain Marvel (Marvel)(06 - Khn'nr) exists Captain Marvel (Marvel)(06 - Khn'nr)
An image for Captain Marvel (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Captain Marvel (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Ch'od (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Ch'od (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Chrell exists Chrell
Colossus (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Commander Ak'strk (Marvel) exists Commander Ak'strk (Marvel)
Contemplator (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Impostor)
An image for Corsair (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Corsair (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for H. Warren Craddock exists H. Warren Craddock
An image for Crusader (Marvel)(03 - Z'Reg) exists Crusader (Marvel)(03 - Z'Reg)
An image for Cyclops (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Cyclops (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for D'lutz exists D'lutz
Daredevil (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Contessa Valentina 'Val' Allegra de la Fontaine (Marvel)(Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for De'lila exists De'lila
An image for Devastator (Marvel)(03 - Ascendents) exists Devastator (Marvel)(03 - Ascendents)
An image for Dezan exists Dezan
An image for Dm'yr exists Dm'yr
An image for Doctor Dredd (02 - Klobok) exists Doctor Dredd (02 - Klobok)
Doctor Octopus (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Don Scarpone (Marvel)
Floyd Donahue
Dragonfly (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Drexxon exists Drexxon
An image for Dro'ge exists Dro'ge
An image for Timothy  Aloysius Cadwallader 'Dum Dum' Dugan (Marvel)(Skrull infiltrator) exists Timothy Aloysius Cadwallader 'Dum Dum' Dugan (Marvel)(Skrull infiltrator)
An image for Effigy (Marvel) exists Effigy (Marvel)
Elektra (Marvel)(02 - Pagon)
Emperor Dorrek I
An image for Emperor Dorrek VII (Marvel) exists Emperor Dorrek VII (Marvel)
An image for Equinox (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator) exists Equinox (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Fiz exists Fiz
An image for Flaw (Marvel) exists Flaw (Marvel)
Frog-Man (Marvel)(04 - Skrull Infiltrator)
Gladiator (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Goroth exists Goroth
An image for Grasshopper (Marvel)(04 - Skrull Infiltrator) exists Grasshopper (Marvel)(04 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Gy'pl exists Gy'pl
An image for H'Jke Jeeku exists H'Jke Jeeku
An image for Hagar (Marvel) exists Hagar (Marvel)
An image for Havok (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Havok (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Hawkeye (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Hepzibah (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Hepzibah (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Hobgoblin (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Hobgoblin (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Hulk (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Hulk (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Human Torch (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Iceman (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Iceman (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Intelligencia exists Intelligencia
Invincible Man (Marvel)(01 - Super-Skrull)
Invisible Woman (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Iron Man (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Jaketch exists Jaketch
J. Jonah Jameson (Marvel)(2099)
Jaq (Marvel)
Edwin Jarvis (Marvel)(Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Jazinda (Marvel) exists Jazinda (Marvel)
Jewel (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for John the Skrull exists John the Skrull
Juggernaut (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
K'Tan (Marvel)
An image for K'Thron exists K'Thron
Koru Kaviti
An image for Kerberos (Marvel) exists Kerberos (Marvel)
An image for Kly'bn exists Kly'bn
Kraven the Hunter (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Kravo (Marvel)(Skrulls) exists Kravo (Marvel)(Skrulls)
An image for Krimonn the Power Prism exists Krimonn the Power Prism
An image for Kylor exists Kylor
Laz (Marvel)
Lobo (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Lyja the Laserfist (Marvel) exists Lyja the Laserfist (Marvel)
M.O.D.O.K. (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
M'Jell (Marvel)
An image for M'lanz exists M'lanz
Magneto (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Magnitude exists Magnitude
Manta (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Howard Mason (Marvel)
Mastermind (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Medusa (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Medusa (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Mesmero (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Mirage (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Mockingbird (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator) exists Mockingbird (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Mt'nox exists Mt'nox
An image for My'rl exists My'rl
Pilli Natu
An image for Nenora exists Nenora
An image for Nogor exists Nogor
An image for Paibok the Power-Skrull (Marvel) exists Paibok the Power-Skrull (Marvel)
Phoenix (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Por-Bat exists Por-Bat
An image for Jack Power (Marvel)(2099) exists Jack Power (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Julie Power (Marvel)(2099) exists Julie Power (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Katie Power (Marvel)(2099) exists Katie Power (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Ptakr exists Ptakr
An image for Queen Veranke (Marvel) exists Queen Veranke (Marvel)
Quicksilver (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for R'Kin exists R'Kin
An image for R'klll exists R'klll
K'eel R'kt (Marvel)
Raava (Marvel)
An image for Raksor exists Raksor
Raza (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Raze (Marvel)(01 - Skrull) exists Raze (Marvel)(01 - Skrull)
Razorback (Marvel)(03 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Replica exists Replica
An image for Revolutionary exists Revolutionary
Rhena (Marvel)
An image for Ripan exists Ripan
An image for Rl'nnd exists Rl'nnd
An image for Baroness S'Bak exists Baroness S'Bak
An image for S'Byll (Marvel) exists S'Byll (Marvel)
An image for Sarnogg exists Sarnogg
An image for Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Yuow Yuow Screet (Marvel)
An image for Sensational Hydra exists Sensational Hydra
An image for Shaper of Worlds exists Shaper of Worlds
She-Thing (02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Skragg exists Skragg
Skrull Pilot (Peacekeepers/Blackwulf)
An image for Skrull Slave-Master exists Skrull Slave-Master
An image for Skrull X exists Skrull X
An image for Skrull-Prime exists Skrull-Prime
Samuel J. Skrull
Skyhawk (02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Skymax, the Skrullian Skymaster exists Skymax, the Skrullian Skymaster
An image for Sl'gur't exists Sl'gur't
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Spider-Woman (Marvel)(05 - Veranke) exists Spider-Woman (Marvel)(05 - Veranke)
An image for Sprite (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Sprite (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Spunje exists Spunje
An image for Storm (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Storm (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
Stryfe (Marvel)(Earth-41001)
Sunfire (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Super-Skrull (Marvel) exists Super-Skrull (Marvel)
An image for Talos the Untamed exists Talos the Untamed
An image for Thing (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Thing (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Thor (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Thor (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Thor Girl (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator) exists Thor Girl (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Infiltrator)
An image for Thunderbird (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Thunderbird (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Titannus exists Titannus
Toad (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Virtue (Marvel) exists Virtue (Marvel)
An image for Vision (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists Vision (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Vranx exists Vranx
Warlord Morrat
An image for Alice Warner exists Alice Warner
Carl Warner
Gloria Warner
An image for Madison Warner exists Madison Warner
Wasp (Marvel)(Skrull impostor)
Whirlwind (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(Skrull imposter) exists White Queen (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Wolverine (Marvel)(03 - Skrull Imposter) exists Wolverine (Marvel)(03 - Skrull Imposter)
Wonder Man (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for X'iv exists X'iv
An image for Xalxor exists Xalxor
An image for Xavin (Marvel) exists Xavin (Marvel)
An image for Yellowjacket (Marvel)(03 - Criti Noll) exists Yellowjacket (Marvel)(03 - Criti Noll)
Yellowjacket (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)
An image for Yorak exists Yorak
An image for Z'Cann exists Z'Cann
An image for Zabyk exists Zabyk
An image for Zedrao exists Zedrao
Zr'x (Marvel)
Zzzax (Marvel)(Skrull imposter)

= Image available

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