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    Inhumans (Marvel)
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1st appeared in Fantastic Four (1961) #45.

An image for Agon exists Agon
An image for Ahura (Marvel) exists Ahura (Marvel)
An image for Aireo (Marvel) exists Aireo (Marvel)
An image for Alaris exists Alaris
An image for Albakor (Marvel) exists Albakor (Marvel)
Alecto (Marvel)(Inhuman)
An image for Ambur Amaquelin exists Ambur Amaquelin
An image for Quelin Amaquelin exists Quelin Amaquelin
Arcadius (Marvel)
Asmodeus (Marvel)(Inhumans)
Ator (Marvel)
Auran (Marvel)
An image for Avius (Marvel) exists Avius (Marvel)
An image for Banyan exists Banyan
An image for Black Bolt (Marvel) exists Black Bolt (Marvel)
An image for Blizzard (Marvel)(02 - Donnie Gill) exists Blizzard (Marvel)(02 - Donnie Gill)
An image for Anna Brisson exists Anna Brisson
An image for Rebecca Brown (Marvel) exists Rebecca Brown (Marvel)
Carthus (Marvel)
An image for Chynae (Marvel) exists Chynae (Marvel)
An image for Crystal (Marvel) exists Crystal (Marvel)
An image for Cteno exists Cteno
Cynas (Marvel)
Daya (Marvel)
An image for Devlor (Marvel) exists Devlor (Marvel)
Dkmas (Marvel)
An image for Dorhun exists Dorhun
An image for Doris (Marvel) exists Doris (Marvel)
Downer (Marvel)
An image for Drive (Marvel) exists Drive (Marvel)
Eelak the Agile (Marvel)
An image for Elejea exists Elejea
Elisha (Marvel)
An image for Emulator exists Emulator
An image for Falcona exists Falcona
An image for Flint (Marvel) exists Flint (Marvel)
Florio (Marvel)
Furball (Marvel)(01 - Inhuman)
An image for Gauntlet (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans/Dark Riders) exists Gauntlet (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans/Dark Riders)
Geldhoff (Marvel)
Glaboo (Marvel)
An image for Glass Girl exists Glass Girl
An image for Glorianna (Marvel) exists Glorianna (Marvel)
Glow (Marvel)
An image for Glytra exists Glytra
An image for Gorgon (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans) exists Gorgon (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans)
An image for Grid (Marvel) exists Grid (Marvel)
An image for Grove (Marvel) exists Grove (Marvel)
An image for Haechi exists Haechi
Hollow (Marvel)(02 - Inhuman)
Hub (Marvel) (Inhuman)
Hub, the Living Engine (Marvel)
An image for Ikarys exists Ikarys
An image for Imprint (Marvel) exists Imprint (Marvel)
An image for Inferno (Marvel)(05 - Dante Petruz) exists Inferno (Marvel)(05 - Dante Petruz)
Irelle (Marvel)
An image for Iridia exists Iridia
An image for Iron Cross (Marvel)(02 - Clare Gruler) exists Iron Cross (Marvel)(02 - Clare Gruler)
An image for Iso (Marvel) exists Iso (Marvel)
Jack (Marvel)(Inhuman)
Jack Chain (Marvel)
The Jailer (Marvel)
An image for Randall Hieronymus Jessup exists Randall Hieronymus Jessup
An image for Jolen (Marvel) exists Jolen (Marvel)
Kaboom (Marvel)
An image for Kaliban exists Kaliban
An image for Kalikya (Inhumans) exists Kalikya (Inhumans)
Kamran (Marvel)
An image for Karnak (Marvel) exists Karnak (Marvel)
An image for Kid Kaiju exists Kid Kaiju
An image for Ren Kimura exists Ren Kimura
An image for Kirren (Marvel) exists Kirren (Marvel)
Kludge (Marvel)
An image for Kovad (Marvel) exists Kovad (Marvel)
An image for Kraven the Hunter (Marvel)(03 - Ana Kravinoff) exists Kraven the Hunter (Marvel)(03 - Ana Kravinoff)
Kristian (Marvel)(Inhuman)
Krush (Marvel)(01 - Inhuman)
An image for Lash (Marvel) exists Lash (Marvel)
Leer (Marvel)
An image for Lineage exists Lineage
Lock (Marvel)
An image for Lockjaw (Marvel) exists Lockjaw (Marvel)
An image for Lucas (Marvel)(Inhuman) exists Lucas (Marvel)(Inhuman)
An image for Luna (Marvel) exists Luna (Marvel)
An image for Maelstrom (Marvel) exists Maelstrom (Marvel)
Maldar (Marvel)(What If)
Maledicta Siblings (Inhumans)
Goran Maledicta
An image for Mandarin-Five exists Mandarin-Five
Margoyle (Marvel)
An image for Marilla exists Marilla
Marishi Spin
An image for Maximus (Marvel) exists Maximus (Marvel)
Maya (Marvel)
Brian McAllister
An image for Medusa (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans) exists Medusa (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans)
Michelle (Marvel)
An image for Moon Girl (Marvel) exists Moon Girl (Marvel)
An image for Mosaic (Marvel) exists Mosaic (Marvel)
An image for Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(05 - Kamala Khan) exists Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(05 - Kamala Khan)
An image for Nadar exists Nadar
An image for Nahrees (Marvel) exists Nahrees (Marvel)
An image for Naja (Marvel)(Inhuman) exists Naja (Marvel)(Inhuman)
Nightfall (Marvel)
Nocculus (Marvel)
An image for Nora (Marvel)(Dazzler) exists Nora (Marvel)(Dazzler)
An image for Nur (Marvel) exists Nur (Marvel)
An image for Panacea (Marvel) exists Panacea (Marvel)
Petras (Marvel)(Inhuman)
Ariela Petruz (Marvel)
An image for Phaeder exists Phaeder
Phobia (Marvel)
Porcal (Marvel)
Pulssus (Marvel)
An image for Quake (Marvel) exists Quake (Marvel)
An image for Quicksilver (Marvel) exists Quicksilver (Marvel)
An image for Randac exists Randac
An image for Reader exists Reader
Adam Roderick
An image for Romeo (Marvel)(01 - Inhuman) exists Romeo (Marvel)(01 - Inhuman)
Rootar the Irresistible (Marvel)
Sasha (Marvel)(Inhuman)
An image for Seeker (Marvel)(01 - Kadlec) exists Seeker (Marvel)(01 - Kadlec)
An image for Seeker (Marvel)(05 - Uys) exists Seeker (Marvel)(05 - Uys)
Sheath (Marvel)
An image for Shredded Man exists Shredded Man
An image for Skybreaker exists Skybreaker
An image for Ian Soo exists Ian Soo
Sporr (Marvel)(03 - Inhuman)
An image for Sterilon (Marvel) exists Sterilon (Marvel)
An image for Stupor (Marvel) exists Stupor (Marvel)
An image for Swain (Marvel) exists Swain (Marvel)
An image for Synapse (Marvel)(02 - Emily Guerrero) exists Synapse (Marvel)(02 - Emily Guerrero)
An image for Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy) exists Talon (Marvel)(Guardians Of The Galaxy)
Targon (Marvel)
An image for Techno Golem exists Techno Golem
An image for Thane (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans) exists Thane (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans)
Thanh (Marvel)
Thera (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans)
An image for Thraxon the Schemer exists Thraxon the Schemer
An image for Timberius exists Timberius
An image for Tolos (Marvel) exists Tolos (Marvel)
Tongue (Marvel)
Treste (Marvel)
An image for Triton (Marvel) exists Triton (Marvel)
An image for Ulysses (Marvel)(05 - Inhuman) exists Ulysses (Marvel)(05 - Inhuman)
An image for Unspoken exists Unspoken
Valto (Marvel)
An image for Videmus (Inhumans) exists Videmus (Inhumans)
An image for Vinatos exists Vinatos
An image for Wayfinder exists Wayfinder
An image for Wormhole (Marvel) exists Wormhole (Marvel)
Woz (Marvel)
Yeti (Marvel)(01 - First Line)

= Image available

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