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    Secret Society of Super-Villains (01-Original)
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The original formation of the SSoSV was somewhat secretly created by Darkseid. (The Paul Kirk Manhunter clone was originally shown to be the driving force behind the Society.) They convened, then later resided, at the Sinister Citadel. They were typically seen in action against the JLA.

Often shown in the throws of a power struggle, Lex Luthor and Wizard competed for the affections of the members.

Meanwhile, Captain Comet and Manhunter, who had apparently joined the team under a misapprehension of the group's goals, tried to "work from within" to reform the villains there collected. They, of course, failed, and eventually ended up being seen as regularly opposed to the group.

After a time, when the true leader, Darkseid, made his significance to the group more apparent, the group openly rebelled and splintered into a Luthor-led team and a Wizard-led team. These two splinters of the original Society never enjoyed a significant number of comic panels, and were mostly theoretical. However, their existence was confirmed by the two 21st-century Societies. One, the Wizard's reformed Society, was only really seen acting independently in the JLA arc, Crisis of Conscience. The other was the more famous co-star of the Villains United series, which apparently included not only a reformation of Luthor's branch of the original SSoSV, but virtually every villain in the DCU, including Wizard himself. The Wizard's presence in Villain's United strongly suggested that, following Crisis of Conscience, he had folded his group back into Luthor's.

An image for Angle Man exists Angle Man
An image for Blockbuster (DC)(01 - Mark Desmond) exists Blockbuster (DC)(01 - Mark Desmond)
An image for Brainwave (DC)(02 - Henry King, Jr.) exists Brainwave (DC)(02 - Henry King, Jr.)
An image for Captain Boomerang (DC)(01 - George Harkness) exists Captain Boomerang (DC)(01 - George Harkness)
An image for Captain Cold (DC) exists Captain Cold (DC)
An image for Captain Comet exists Captain Comet
An image for Captain Stingaree (DC) exists Captain Stingaree (DC)
An image for Cavalier (DC)(01 - Mortimer Drake) exists Cavalier (DC)(01 - Mortimer Drake)
An image for Cheetah (DC)(02 - Debbie Domaine) exists Cheetah (DC)(02 - Debbie Domaine)
An image for Chronos (DC)(01 - David Clinton) exists Chronos (DC)(01 - David Clinton)
An image for Copperhead (DC)(01 - Unknown) exists Copperhead (DC)(01 - Unknown)
An image for Creeper (02 - Pre-Crisis) exists Creeper (02 - Pre-Crisis)
An image for Darkseid (DC) exists Darkseid (DC)
An image for Doctor Psycho (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis) exists Doctor Psycho (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
Doctor Psycho (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Felix Faust exists Felix Faust
An image for Funky Flashman exists Funky Flashman
An image for Floronic Man exists Floronic Man
An image for Gorilla Grodd (DC) exists Gorilla Grodd (DC)
An image for Key (DC)(Pre-Crisis)(Earth-1) exists Key (DC)(Pre-Crisis)(Earth-1)
An image for Killer Frost (DC)(01 - Crystal Frost) exists Killer Frost (DC)(01 - Crystal Frost)
An image for Killer Moth (DC)(01 - Drury Walker) exists Killer Moth (DC)(01 - Drury Walker)
An image for Lex Luthor (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis) exists Lex Luthor (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Manhunter (DC)(02 - Paul Kirk) exists Manhunter (DC)(02 - Paul Kirk)
Manhunter (DC)(04 - Paul Kirk Clone)
An image for Matter Master exists Matter Master
An image for Mirror Master (01 - Sam Scudder) exists Mirror Master (01 - Sam Scudder)
An image for Mist (01 - Kyle) exists Mist (01 - Kyle)
An image for The Monocle (DC) exists The Monocle (DC)
An image for Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley) exists Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley)
An image for Professor Zoom (DC) exists Professor Zoom (DC)
An image for Psycho Pirate (DC)(02 - Roger Hayden) exists Psycho Pirate (DC)(02 - Roger Hayden)
Quakemaster (01 - Robert Coleman)
Rag Doll (01 - Peter Merkel)
An image for Shadow Thief (DC) exists Shadow Thief (DC)
An image for Signalman exists Signalman
Silver Ghost (DC)(Earth-X - Quality)
An image for Sinestro (DC) exists Sinestro (DC)
An image for Star Sapphire (DC)(03 - Deborah Darnell) exists Star Sapphire (DC)(03 - Deborah Darnell)
An image for Trickster (DC)(01 - James Jesse) exists Trickster (DC)(01 - James Jesse)
An image for Ultra-Humanite (DC)(Gerard Shugel) exists Ultra-Humanite (DC)(Gerard Shugel)
An image for Wizard (DC)(01 - William Zard) exists Wizard (DC)(01 - William Zard)

= Image available

Amazing World of DC Comics (1974)

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade (1978)
Countdown (2007)
Countdown Special: The Atom (2008)
Crisis on Multiple Earths (2002)
DC Comics Classics Library (2009)
DC Comics Super-Villains: 100 Greatest Moments (2019)
DC Special Series (1977)
DC Universe Special: Justice League of America (2008)
DC Universe: Origins (2009)
Identity Crisis (2004)
JLA (1997)
Justice League 100 Greatest Moments (2018)
Justice League of America (1960)
Legion of Super-Heroes (2005)
Secret Origins (1986)
Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976)
Super-Team Family (1975)
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)
The Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2007)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
Who's Who: Update '87 (1987)

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