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    Trolls of Asgard
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There are many types of Trolls in the Nine Worlds, also called Trolls of the Gundersheim Caverns. They reside in the Realm Below.

It appear that those Trolls (or at least the Orange-Skinned Rock Trolls) have a weakness for iron. They cannot resist golden light of Asgard.

Trolls lived in scattered settlements throughout Asgard, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, and Svartalfheim, mostly in the Realm Below. One of their homes is Gundersheim is a prison of falseness. It's difficult killing gods, so they try slaving their souls.

The Trolls toiled as miners and metalworkers. As belligerent as the Giants, Trolls made up in craftiness what they lacked in size. Trolls tended to be extremely strong, stronger than the average God, Dwarf, or Elf, and on a par with the Giants. Certain Trolls, such as Ulik rivaled the thunder god Thor in strength. The Trolls disliked the other races of Asgard, particularly the gods, and had as little to do with them as possible unless the opportunity for conquest presented itself or they could use them as slaves.

The Trolls were the least human looking of the denizens of the worlds of Asgard, possessing body characteristics that were almost simian. Trolls were stocky and massive, had thick body hair (almost fur), and tended toward a ruddy orange in color. Averaging seven feet in height, most modern trolls were taller than the Asgardian gods, but shorter than the Giants, although some Trolls were considerably taller. Along with the "regular" Trolls exist Troll-Giants and Troll-Dwarves.

An unknown number of centuries ago, Greyval Grimson and Balder The Brave ran afoul of a small but cunning band of rock trolls, who were on average about four feet tall. It is not known, however, whether these trolls where just smaller than others of their race, or all trolls of the age were smaller, or even if there is simply a wider variation in troll size than the current crop of Troll warriors would suggest. These trolls seemed to show a natural aptitude for casting illusions, which they often used to make their thorn-filled dens resemble grand banquet halls. They also possessed other simple forms of magic, such as the scrying Pool of Mirrors, the sedative Thorns of Sleep, and the fruit of the Trollvine, which could transform creatures who consumed it into trolls.

Before the final Ragnarok, the Trolls of the Asgard Mountains were united under the leadership of Geirrodur, although coups were commonplace. After the Serpent War, Geirrodur and Ulik joined forces with Karnilla the Norn Queen to infiltrate Asgard from within using powerful magic. Ulik replaced the recently deceased Thor in the hearts and minds of Asgardia as Tanarus, altering memories so that everyone remembered him as the true Thunder God. Thor eventually returned from death, however, and ended Ulik and Geirrodur's schem.

An image for Troll (Marvel)(02 - Gunna Sigurvald) exists Troll (Marvel)(02 - Gunna Sigurvald)
An image for Ud The Troll (Marvel) exists Ud The Troll (Marvel)

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