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    Hellfire Club (Marvel)
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The Hellfire Club is a centuries old organization with roots in Britain during the 18th Century. It's members were infamous rakes who used their connections within the club to further boost their social standing and to indulge their sexual excesses.

Over time the club has evolved to include high-flying business men and women, as well as the profitable descendants of royalty and other Hellfire Club members. Being a member of the Hellfire Club is an illustrious boost among elite society. However, there is an even more esoteric sect of individuals who run the Hellfire Club, known as the Inner Circle.


The Club is run by a small group of influential members who form the infamous Inner Circle. Named after chess pieces, members of the Inner Circle will take on the titles of the Black and White (and later also Red) Kings, Queens, Bishops, and Rooks. The final position of Lord Imperial is reserved for the most powerful member of the club. Additionally, prominent members have also had assistants that did not have official titles within the club.

The Inner Circle was not always mutant dominated, but few members in several generations were not mutants. The Inner Circle dominates the club and secretly influences the club's activities in order to achieve even more power and wealth.

Through Sebastian Shaw, the Hellfire Club has long had access to Sentinel technology.

+++ ORIGINS +++

The Hellfire club was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne and it made it's first appearance in Uncanny X-Man #129.

Claremont was inspired by The Hellfire Club of the '60s British TV series The Avengers in the episode titled "A Touch of Brimstone". One of the protagonists--Emma Peel-would inspire the designs for Emma Frost.

The name of the Hellfire Club can be traced back to socialite clubs in the real world that dates back as far as 18th century of Britain and Ireland. Men of high social standing would gather to take part in "immoral acts" that would remain a secret. This mainly pertained to intercourse with young women who were hired. The first was founded in London in 1719. Over the decades, new clubs would spring up using the Hellfire Club name. The club motto at one was "Fais ce que tu voudras", which translates to "Do what thou wilt". One of the many historically significant figures include Benjamin Franklin during 1758. In 1781, a man by the name of Joseph Alderson created a club based off the Hellfire Club's original ideals while at Brasenose College in Oxford , but his version was called the Phoenix Society (later named the Phoenix Common Room).

An image for Bevatron (Marvel) exists Bevatron (Marvel)
An image for Black Bishop (Marvel)(01-Harry Leland) exists Black Bishop (Marvel)(01-Harry Leland)
An image for Black Bishop (Marvel)(02 - Max von Katzenelnbogen) exists Black Bishop (Marvel)(02 - Max von Katzenelnbogen)
An image for Black King (01 - Sebastian Shaw) exists Black King (01 - Sebastian Shaw)
An image for Black King (03 - Unknown) exists Black King (03 - Unknown)
An image for Black King (04 - Kade Kilgore) exists Black King (04 - Kade Kilgore)
An image for Black King (Marvel)(05 - Emma Frost) exists Black King (Marvel)(05 - Emma Frost)
An image for Black Queen (01 - Phoenix Force) exists Black Queen (01 - Phoenix Force)
An image for Black Queen (02 - Selene Gallio) exists Black Queen (02 - Selene Gallio)
An image for Black Queen (03 - Benazir Kaur) exists Black Queen (03 - Benazir Kaur)
An image for Black Queen (04 - Ms. Steed) exists Black Queen (04 - Ms. Steed)
An image for Black Rook (F. Von Roehm) exists Black Rook (F. Von Roehm)
An image for Blackheart (Marvel) exists Blackheart (Marvel)
An image for James Braddock exists James Braddock
An image for Cannonball (Marvel) exists Cannonball (Marvel)
An image for Captain Britain (Marvel)(01 - Brian Braddock) exists Captain Britain (Marvel)(01 - Brian Braddock)
An image for Castlemere exists Castlemere
An image for Lourdes Chantel exists Lourdes Chantel
An image for Clearcut exists Clearcut
An image for Wade Cole (Marvel) exists Wade Cole (Marvel)
An image for Trevor Fitzroy exists Trevor Fitzroy
Jean Grey (Marvel)(18th Century)
An image for Kid Omega (Marvel) exists Kid Omega (Marvel)
An image for Kingmaker (Marvel)(01 - Wallace) exists Kingmaker (Marvel)(01 - Wallace)
An image for Krakoa (Marvel)(02 - Grey School) exists Krakoa (Marvel)(02 - Grey School)
An image for Kevin Krask exists Kevin Krask
An image for Bianca Laneige exists Bianca Laneige
An image for Leonine exists Leonine
An image for Lord Imperial (01 - Gordon Phillips) exists Lord Imperial (01 - Gordon Phillips)
Lord Imperial (Marvel)(02 - Elias Bogan)
An image for Lord Molyneux exists Lord Molyneux
An image for Angelo Macon (Marvel) exists Angelo Macon (Marvel)
An image for Magneto (Marvel)(01 - Max Eisenhardt) exists Magneto (Marvel)(01 - Max Eisenhardt)
An image for Margali of the Winding Way (Marvel) exists Margali of the Winding Way (Marvel)
An image for Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde) exists Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde)
An image for Miss Sinister exists Miss Sinister
An image for Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Marvel) exists Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Marvel)
An image for Cassandra Nova (Marvel) exists Cassandra Nova (Marvel)
An image for Norman Virgil Osborn (Marvel) exists Norman Virgil Osborn (Marvel)
An image for Ronald Parvenue exists Ronald Parvenue
Perfection (Marvel)
An image for Donald Pierce (Marvel) exists Donald Pierce (Marvel)
An image for Madelyne 'Maddie' Pryor (01 - Jean Grey Clone) exists Madelyne 'Maddie' Pryor (01 - Jean Grey Clone)
An image for Psylocke (Marvel) exists Psylocke (Marvel)
An image for Briar Raleigh exists Briar Raleigh
An image for Red Bishop exists Red Bishop
An image for Red King (Marvel)(01 - Hellfire Club) exists Red King (Marvel)(01 - Hellfire Club)
An image for Red Lotus (Marvel) exists Red Lotus (Marvel)
Red Queen (Marvel)(02 - Margali)
An image for Murray Reese (Marvel) exists Murray Reese (Marvel)
An image for Salome (Marvel)(Hellfire Club) exists Salome (Marvel)(Hellfire Club)
An image for Sat-yr<sup>9</sup> (Marvel) exists Sat-yr9 (Marvel)
An image for Scribe (Marvel) exists Scribe (Marvel)
An image for Sebastian Hiram Shaw (Marvel) exists Sebastian Hiram Shaw (Marvel)
An image for Shinobi Shaw (Marvel) exists Shinobi Shaw (Marvel)
An image for Cornelius Shaw exists Cornelius Shaw
An image for Elizabeth Shaw exists Elizabeth Shaw
An image for Candy Southern exists Candy Southern
An image for Howard Anthony Walter Stark (Marvel) exists Howard Anthony Walter Stark (Marvel)
An image for Sunspot (Marvel) exists Sunspot (Marvel)
An image for Tessa (Marvel) exists Tessa (Marvel)
An image for Tithe exists Tithe
An image for Gerard Van Oestamgem exists Gerard Van Oestamgem
An image for Viper (Marvel)(02 - Ophelia Sarkissian) exists Viper (Marvel)(02 - Ophelia Sarkissian)
An image for White King (Marvel)(01- Edward Buckman) exists White King (Marvel)(01- Edward Buckman)
An image for White King (Marvel)(02- B. Kine) exists White King (Marvel)(02- B. Kine)
White King (Marvel)(03 - Quentin Quire)
An image for White King (Marvel)(04 - Manuel Enduque) exists White King (Marvel)(04 - Manuel Enduque)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(01 - Paris Seville) exists White Queen (Marvel)(01 - Paris Seville)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(02 - Emma Frost) exists White Queen (Marvel)(02 - Emma Frost)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(03 - Adrienne Frost) exists White Queen (Marvel)(03 - Adrienne Frost)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(04 - Reeva Payge) exists White Queen (Marvel)(04 - Reeva Payge)
An image for White Queen (Marvel)(05 - Wilhelmina Kensington) exists White Queen (Marvel)(05 - Wilhelmina Kensington)
An image for White Rook exists White Rook
An image for Warren Worthington, Jr. exists Warren Worthington, Jr.
An image for Wallace Worthington exists Wallace Worthington

= Image available

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