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Mega-City One's legal system: Judge, jury and executioner.

Careena Buick
Cadet Judge Bodine
Cadet Judge Brisco
Cadet Judge Cassano
Cadet Judge Connors
Cadet Judge Cruz
Cadet Judge Echavez
Cadet Judge Ekerson
Cadet Judge Falcon
Cadet Judge Hennessy (Carter)
Cadet Judge Hennessy (Gabrielle)
Cadet Judge Higgins
Cadet Judge Hitler (Judge Dredd)
Cadet Judge Jung
Cadet Judge Kessler
Cadet Judge Kodo
Cadet Judge Kopek
Cadet Judge Kray
Cadet Judge Krowe
Cadet Judge Leeson
Cadet Judge Lorenzo
Cadet Judge Miller
Cadet Judge Mingus
Cadet Judge Mookie
Cadet Judge Paris
Cadet Judge Parkes
Cadet Judge Posner
Cadet Judge Quaide
Cadet Judge Quillan
Cadet Judge Renga
Cadet Judge Salas
Cadet Judge Santando
Cadet Judge Sorvino
Cadet Judge Spode
Cadet Judge Stark
Cadet Judge Tanuma
Cadet Judge Vesey
Cadet Judge Washington
Cadet Judge Wilson
Cameron (2000 AD)
Eric "Mortal" Coil
Cursed Earth Koburn
Rita Delphin
An image for Dirty Frank exists Dirty Frank
An image for Dolman exists Dolman
Domino Blank-One
Rico Dredd
Freedi Dree
El Muerte
Exorcist Judge Lamia
Danny Falcone
Zia Freely
Governor Kurtz
James Ikky
Judge Ada Porter
Judge Adams
Judge Addison
Judge Aedena
Judge Agee
Judge Akeley
Judge Akkers
Judge Akroyd
Judge Alan
Judge Alvarez
Judge Alvin
Judge Amos
An image for Judge Anderson exists Judge Anderson
Judge Andy
Judge Anselm
Judge Ansey
Judge Antoniou
Judge Appleton
Judge Argew
Judge Ashbeck
Judge Astley
Judge Atkins
Judge Avery
Judge Axel
Judge Aziz
Judge Bachmann
Judge Bachmann (Black Ops)
Judge Bailey
Judge Baker
Judge Ball
Judge Ballard
Judge Bannon
Judge Barber
Judge Barka
Judge Baron
Judge Barons
Judge Barony
Judge Barraclough
Judge Batista
Judge Batty
Judge Baxter
Judge Bean
Judge Beard
Judge Beck
Judge Beckam
Judge Beeny
Judge Beevis
Judge Behr
Judge Belano
Judge Bell
Judge Belli
Judge Belmarsh
Judge Bendal
Judge Bender
Judge Bendorf
Judge Benedetto
Judge Benitez
Judge Benn
Judge Bennett
Judge Benson (2000 AD)
Judge Benson (Tek)
Judge Benton
Judge Berger
Judge Berry
Judge Bevan
Judge Bhaji
Judge Bibi
Judge Bilko
Judge Bingham
Judge Birko
Judge Blake
Judge Blofeld
Judge Bluet
Judge Bob
Judge Bob (Sydney-Melbourne Conurb)
Judge Boden
Judge Bole
Judge Bonaventura
Judge Bone
Judge Bosco
Judge Botha
Judge Bova
Judge Box
Judge Boyd
Judge Brand
Judge Braun
Judge Braun (Exorcist Judge)
Judge Breslaw
Judge Brevin
Judge Breyer
Judge Brisco
Judge Brodie
Judge Broyden
Judge Brubaker
Judge Bruce
Judge Brufen
Judge Bryce
Judge Bryson
Judge Bryson (Cal-Hab)
Judge Buchan
Judge Buell
Judge Bundy
Judge Bunns
Judge Burnside
Judge Burroughs
Judge Burt
Judge Cage
An image for Judge Cal exists Judge Cal
Judge Caldicott
Judge Caldwell
Judge Caliban
Judge Callagan
Judge Camble
Judge Cardenas
Judge Cardew
Judge Carlton
Judge Carrick
Judge Carter
Judge Carter (SJS Judge)
Judge Castillo
Judge Cavallaro
Judge Cesare
Judge Chalmers
Judge Chan
Judge Chaney
Judge Chard
Judge Chavez
Judge Che
Judge Churchill
Judge Clarins
Judge Clubman
Judge Cody
Judge Cohen
Judge Cohn
Judge Cole
Judge Columbus
Judge Combell
Judge Conn
Judge Conti
Judge Cooder
Judge Cook
Judge Corey
Judge Corrigan
Judge Corzo
Judge Costa
Judge Costa (Med)
Judge Costner
Judge Cox
Judge Craig
Judge Crawley
Judge Creal
Judge Creed
Judge Critchley
Judge Crowe
Judge Cuff
Judge Cunnigham
Judge Custer
Judge Cutter
Judge Daktari
Judge Daley
Judge Danielle
Judge Danzig
Judge Darth
Judge Daveez
Judge Dawkins
Judge Dawson
Judge De Keyser
Judge De Klerk
Judge De Witt
Judge Deans
Judge Decker
Judge Deeks
Judge Deex
Judge Defoe
Judge DeGaulle
Judge DeGroot
An image for Judge Dekker exists Judge Dekker
Judge Delaney
Judge Dell
Judge DeMarco
Judge Detroit
Judge Diablo
Judge Dietrich
Judge Dilligan
Judge Dinn
Judge Dobson
Judge Dollis
Judge Donahy
Judge Donaldson
Judge Doran
Judge Dorn
Judge Drake
Judge Draven
An image for Judge Dredd exists Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd (Stallone)
Judge Ducker
Judge Dunbie
Judge Dunham
Judge Dunn
Judge Dwyer
Judge Dyll
Judge Earl
Judge Echo
Judge Echolette
Judge Eckhart
Judge Ecks
Judge Eckson
Judge Edgar
Judge Edmonds
Judge Edwards
Judge Egan
Judge Eiger
Judge Eisenstein
Judge Ekins
Judge Elliott
Judge Ellis
Judge Elvino
Judge Emburton
Judge Errol
Judge Esso
Judge Evan
Judge Ewins
Judge Faheed
Judge Falk
Judge Falk (Sector Chief)
An image for Judge Fargo exists Judge Fargo
Judge Farnsworth
Judge Farrow
Judge Fender
Judge Fenton
Judge Fernandez
Judge Ferson
Judge Feyy
Judge Figgs
Judge Fish
Judge Fitch
Judge Flack
Judge Flinn
Judge Flint
Judge Flood
Judge Flowers
Judge Fodder
Judge Folger
Judge Fooks
Judge Ford
Judge Forth
Judge Francisco
Judge Franklin
Judge Franks
Judge Fraser
Judge Friel
Judge Frisk
Judge Frost
Judge Fryer
Judge Fulsome
Judge Funk
Judge Gagan
Judge Gale
Judge Gallard
Judge Gallow
Judge Garcia
Judge Garcia (Pan Andes Conurb)
Judge Garrison
Judge Garvel
Judge Gary
Judge Gaylord
Judge Gerhart
Judge Giant
Judge Giant jr
Judge Gibson
Judge Gillan
Judge Gilliam
Judge Gilligan
Judge Ginlay
Judge Giza
Judge Glass
Judge Glennon
Judge Glyn
Judge Goddard
Judge Gomer
An image for Judge Goodman exists Judge Goodman
Judge Gradgrind
Judge Greel
Judge Green
Judge Gregg
Judge Grexnix
Judge Greymaulkin
Judge Grice
An image for Judge Griffin exists Judge Griffin
Judge Grimlet
Judge Grimwood
Judge Grogan
Judge Grund
Judge Grushko
Judge Guedes
Judge Guido
Judge Gunther
Judge Guthrie
Judge Hackens
Judge Haducek
Judge Hagel
Judge Haldane
Judge Halder
Judge Hamble
Judge Hamida
Judge Hamilton
Judge Hammer
Judge Hammis
Judge Han
Judge Hanson
Judge Hart
Judge Hassid
Judge Havers
Judge Hayde
Judge Hayes
Judge Heath
Judge Heck
Judge Heffer
Judge Heller
Judge Henner
Judge Henshaw
Judge Henson
Judge Herb
Judge Herbert
Judge Hernandez
Judge Herpert
Judge Herriman
An image for Judge Hershey exists Judge Hershey
Judge Hertz
Judge Hewson
Judge Hibbert
Judge Hick
Judge Hicks
Judge Higbee
Judge Hine
Judge Hockley
Judge Holbein
Judge Hollister
Judge Honniker
Judge Honus
Judge Hookey
Judge Hoover
Judge Horace
Judge Horrigan
Judge Horton
Judge Hovis
Judge Howes
Judge Hughes
Judge Humpleman
Judge Hunt
Judge Huskie
Judge Hussein
Judge Hywel
Judge Inspector Okino
Judge Ishmael
Judge Issacs
Judge Izzard
Judge Jablonski
Judge Jack
Judge Jacobi
Judge Jacobs
Judge Jaegar
Judge Jaeger
Judge Jansch
Judge Janus
Judge Jenkins
Judge Johns
Judge Johnson
Judge Jonas
Judge Jones
Judge Jordache
Judge Jordan
Judge Joule
Judge Jovenal
Judge Joyce
Judge Joyce (Fintan)
Judge Judd
Judge Judd (Judda)
Judge Jules
Judge Julias
Judge Just
Judge Kafka
Judge Kai
Judge Kamble
Judge Kaminski
Judge Kamran
Judge Kamun
Judge Kaplan
Judge Kaplin
Judge Karlson
Judge Karmen
An image for Judge Karyn exists Judge Karyn
Judge Kaufman
Judge Kaur
Judge Keitel
Judge Kelso
Judge Kemble
Judge Kenner
Judge Kent
Judge Kessler
Judge Kestral
Judge Kildare
Judge Kilgore
Judge Kilroy
Judge Kimble
Judge King
Judge Kinnison
Judge Klegg
Judge Kleinman
Judge Knox
Judge Kobie
Judge Koemen
Judge Kong
Judge Kooper
Judge Korkoran
Judge Kovacs
Judge Kovaks
Judge Krabster
Judge Kraken
Judge Kramer
Judge Kranski
Judge Kravvitz
Judge Kray
Judge Kreely
Judge Kruger
Judge Kuan
Judge Kulotte
Judge Kurten
Judge Kwan
Judge L'Ambie
Judge Lackey
Judge Lake
Judge Larry
Judge Larson
Judge Larter
Judge Larue
Judge Lasalle
Judge Laud
Judge Leachman
Judge Leary
Judge Lee
Judge LeGris
Judge Leland
Judge Leon
Judge Lesney
Judge Lever
Judge Lewis
Judge Lewis (Psi Judge)
Judge Lieberman
Judge Linehan
Judge Linley
Judge Lloris
Judge Lobo
Judge Lock
Judge Lodge
Judge Loftus
Judge Logan
Judge Lola
Judge Lomas
Judge Lopez
Judge Loran
Judge Lorne
Judge Louis
Judge Luke
Judge Lumas
Judge Lutz
Judge Lyons
Judge MacBrayne
Judge Machado
Judge Macintyre
Judge Mackman
Judge Madison
Judge Maggio
Judge Mahern
Judge Maitland
Judge Mandell
Judge Manners
Judge Manson
Judge Manus
Judge March
Judge Marta
Judge Mason
Judge Masterson
Judge Matthews
Judge Mauldon
Judge Maxell
Judge Mayou
Judge McArthur
Judge McBride
Judge McCrary
Judge McDonald
Judge McGann
Judge McGrass
An image for Judge McGruder exists Judge McGruder
Judge McIntyre
Judge McKay
Judge McKee
Judge McLaren
Judge McMahon
Judge McReady
Judge McTighe
Judge McVay
Judge Medley
Judge Meltzer
Judge Menaz
Judge Menke
Judge Merle
Judge Mertian
Judge Metzger
Judge Mex
Judge Mickelson
Judge Millan
Judge Miller
Judge Miller (Lynn)
Judge Mills
Judge Millz
An image for Judge Minty exists Judge Minty
Judge Mitchell
Judge Moel
Judge Molino
Judge Molotar
Judge Mond
Judge Morant
Judge Morcah
Judge Morgan
Judge Morocco
Judge Morph
Judge Morrow
Judge Morson
Judge Mort
Judge Mortina
Judge Mount
Judge Mulhall
Judge Mullan
Judge Mullane
Judge Muncie
Judge Munn
Judge Murdo
Judge Murphy
Judge Murrigan
Judge Murtry
Judge Myers
Judge Nader
Judge Nazir
Judge Neel
Judge Nestor
Judge Nicely
Judge Nichols
Judge Niles
Judge Nixon
An image for Judge Nixon (Wally Squad) exists Judge Nixon (Wally Squad)
Judge Noble
Judge Noonan
Judge Nova
Judge Nox
Judge Noxin
Judge Nuberg
Judge Nutmeg
Judge O'Brien
Judge O'Neill
Judge Obei
Judge Ocks
Judge Odell
Judge Oldham
Judge Oldman
Judge Oliver
Judge Olsen
Judge Omar
Judge Orrie
Judge Orville
Judge Osbourne
Judge Osterwold
Judge Oswin
Judge Otis
Judge Otley
Judge Owen
Judge Pal
Judge Palmtree
Judge Parish
Judge Parlov
Judge Parnard
Judge Patel
Judge Patton
Judge Pax
Judge Paxon
Judge Peace
Judge Pekker
Judge Pender
Judge Pepper
Judge Percy
Judge Perrier
Judge Peters
Judge Peterson
Judge Philby
Judge Pike
Judge Pilcher
Judge Pin
Judge Pitt
Judge Podmore
Judge Polanski
Judge Porteus
Judge Potts
Judge Prager
Judge Preen
Judge Prees
Judge Prescott
Judge Price
Judge Priest
Judge Proby
Judge Purvis
Judge Quiggley
Judge Quill
Judge Quimby
Judge Quincy
Judge Quinn
Judge Rahman
Judge Rameses
Judge Ramon
Judge Ramone
Judge Ramos
Judge Rand
Judge Raspler
Judge Rasson
Judge Rauss
Judge Reed
Judge Reeves
Judge Reilly
Judge Reiner
Judge Renbow
Judge Renga
Judge Rennie
Judge Reno
Judge Renski
Judge Reyer
Judge Reyes
Judge Reynolds
Judge Rhein
Judge Rico
Judge Riggs
Judge Riley
Judge Rizzo
Judge Roake
Judge Robles
Judge Rock
Judge Rodgers
Judge Roffman
Judge Rolf
Judge Rollins
Judge Ronson
Judge Roskill
Judge Ross
Judge Roth
Judge Rothmuller
Judge Ruis
Judge Runch
Judge Runciman
Judge Ruskin
Judge Russo
Judge Rydell
Judge Sabaji
Judge Saint
Judge Salvador
Judge Sam
Judge Sampayo
Judge Samuels
Judge Sanchez
Judge Sandler
Judge Sangster
Judge Santiago
Judge Schiehallion
Judge Schindler
Judge Schmaltz
Judge Schmidt
Judge Schwack
Judge Scrote
Judge Sears
Judge Seigel
Judge Sellek
Judge Serota
Judge Sharma
Judge Shaver
Judge Shaw
Judge Shelly
Judge Shenker
Judge Sherif
Judge Sherman
Judge Shinji
Judge Shnap
Judge Shore
Judge Shorrock
Judge Shriner
Judge Shula
Judge Shultz
Judge Sikh
Judge Silver
Judge Simion
Judge Simpson
Judge Sinfield
Judge Singer
Judge Singh
Judge Sisulu
Judge Skerrit
Judge Sladek
Judge Sloan
Judge Slocum
Judge Smiley
Judge Smiley (Black Ops)
Judge Smith
Judge Sobrani
Judge Solomon
Judge Solon
Judge Souster
Judge Speed
Judge Spencer
Judge Spiegl
Judge Spot
Judge Stachie
Judge Stalker
Judge Staples
Judge Stapleton
Judge Stark
Judge Stebbing
Judge Steiner
Judge Stepek
Judge Steward
Judge Stewart
Judge Stich
Judge Stiebl
Judge Stine
Judge Stone
Judge Stone (Tek Division)
Judge Stonebridge
Judge Strang
Judge Strange
Judge Strangeways
Judge Street
Judge Strong
Judge Stross
Judge Strucker
Judge Struthers
Judge Stryker
Judge Studebaker
Judge Stuyvesant
Judge Suarez
Judge Sugar
Judge Sweeney
Judge Syren
Judge Tarantino
Judge Tarjay
Judge Teape
Judge Tech
Judge Tempest
Judge Terry
Judge Tex
Judge Thayer
Judge Theo
Judge Thompson
Judge Tigre
Judge Timson
Judge Tindall
Judge Tokuda
Judge Toledo
Judge Toms
Judge Tower
Judge Treacher
Judge Trent
Judge Trex
Judge Tucker
Judge Turner
Judge Ulbricht
Judge Umbert
Judge Underhill
Judge Uris
Judge Urlacher
Judge Valero
Judge Vance
Judge Vass
Judge Vassel
Judge Vasser
Judge Vatine
Judge Vaughan
Judge Vaz
Judge Vernon
Judge Vesey
Judge Vess
Judge Villa
Judge Villiers
Judge Vinny
Judge Vinson
Judge Virgil
Judge Vitt
Judge Volt
Judge Votten
Judge Waldron
Judge Walker
Judge Wallis
Judge Walsh
Judge Walters
Judge Walther
Judge Ware
Judge Warren
Judge Washington
Judge Waters
Judge Watson
Judge Wattle
Judge Wein
Judge Weisak
Judge Welles
Judge Wendt
Judge Westmorland
Judge Whitby
Judge White
Judge Whittle
Judge Whyte
Judge Wilde
Judge Wilding
Judge Wile
Judge Wilson
Judge Wilson (Tek)
Judge Windsor
Judge Wing
Judge Winscale
Judge Winslow
Judge Wishbone
Judge Wisher
Judge Woden
Judge Wood
Judge Wotan
Judge Wrexler
Judge Wright
Judge Wurra
Judge Yancy
Judge Young
Judge Yughes
Judge Zadok
Judge Zaftig
Judge Zebbo
Judge Zheng
Judge Zoller
Lenny Zero
Link (2000 AD)
Judge Marshal Karel Luther
Judge Inquisitor Luciano Marchetti
Med-Judge Begley
Med-Judge Bottomley
Med-Judge Fairhead
Med-Judge Hewell
Med-Judge Nuyen
Med-Judge O'Hare
Doya Meekins
Leon Montauk
Nicky Narko
Nimrod (Judge Dredd)
Zilton Northgate
Parker (2000 AD)
Commander Pedersen
Jack Point
General Poll
Benjamin Raffler
Robot Judge Harvey
Rookie Aicer
Rookie Evayne
Rookie Judge Dekker
Rookie Judge Hamitt
Rookie Judge Hoyte
Rookie Judge Hussein
Rookie Judge March
Rookie Judge Packard
Rookie Judge Wing
Albert Sherman
Thora (2000 AD)
Miss Anne Thropé
Ricky Trebeck
Warden Nestor

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¦wiat komiksu (1998)
2000 A.D. (1985)
2000 AD (1977)
2000 AD Extreme Edition (2003)
2000 AD Poster Prog (1977)
2000 AD Script Book (2016)
2000 AD's Greatest (2017)
ABC Warriors (1994)
Anderson PSI Division: Shamballa (1991)
Anderson: The Deep End (2017)
Ant Wars (2018)
Bastei Comic Edition (1990)
Batman/Judge Dredd Collection (2012)
Batman/Judge Dredd: Die Laughing (1998)
Cadet Anderson: Teenage Kyx (2017)
Chopper (2010)
Classic 2000 AD (1995)
Classic Judge Dredd (1995)
Death Lives (2010)
Devlin Waugh (1993)
Devlin Waugh (2004)
Devlin Waugh (2014)
Die Mega-Städte (1999)
Dredd and Buried: Necropolis (1991)
Dredd by Bisley (1993)
Dredd Rules! (1991)
Dredd: Dust (2016)
Dredd: Furies (2018)
Dredd: Underbelly (2014)
Dredd: Uprise (2014)
Dredd: Urban Warfare (2015)
Elephantmen: Shots (2015)
Fink Angel: Legacy (2016)
Free Comic Book Day 2013: Judge Dredd Classics (2013)
Judge Anderson (1987)
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Judge Anderson: The Psi Files (2009)
Judge Anderson: The Psychic Crime Files (2012)
Judge Death (2005)
Judge Dredd (1982)
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Judge Dredd (1994)
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Judge Dredd (2012)
Judge Dredd [Collections - Fleetway] (1991)
Judge Dredd [Collections - Hamlyn | Mandarin] (1992)
Judge Dredd [Collections - Rebellion - B-Format] (2012)
Judge Dredd [Collections - Rebellion] (2004)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1984)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1989)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1991)
Judge Dredd Action Special (1996)
Judge Dredd Classics (1991)
Judge Dredd Classics (2013)
Judge Dredd Classics: The Dark Judges (2015)
Judge Dredd Definitive Editions (1990)
Judge Dredd Epics (1991)
Judge Dredd Funko Universe (2017)
Judge Dredd Megazine (2003)
Judge Dredd Megazine (Volume 3) (1995)
Judge Dredd Megazine (Volume 4) (2001)
Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth Uncensored (2016)
Judge Dredd The Megazine (1990)
Judge Dredd The Megazine (Volume Two) (1992)
Judge Dredd Treasury Edition (2014)
Judge Dredd Vol.2 (1986)
Judge Dredd Vol.2 (1987)
Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens: Incubus (2003)
Judge Dredd: America (1990)
Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division (2014)
Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf (2017)
Judge Dredd: Deviations (2017)
Judge Dredd: Emerald Isle (1993)
Judge Dredd: Legends of the Law (1994)
Judge Dredd: Mechanismo (1993)
Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters (2010)
Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland (2012)
Judge Dredd: The Complete Carlos Ezquerra (2013)
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files (2005)
Judge Dredd: The Daily Dredds (2014)
Judge Dredd: The Early Cases (1986)
Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest (1984)
Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection (2015)
Judge Dredd: The Restricted Files (2010)
Judge Dredd: Toxic (2018)
Judge Dredd: Year One (2013)
Judge Dredd's Crime File (1989)
Judge Dredd's Crime Files (1985)
Judge Dredd's Hardcase Papers (1991)
Judge Dredd's Mega-City Vice (1990)
Lenny Zero and the Perps of Mega-City One (2011)
Low Life (2011)
Mars Attacks Judge Dredd (2013)
Mean Machine (1993)
Mega Komiks (1999)
Mega-City Undercover (2008)
New Scientist (1956)
Predator Versus Judge Dredd (1997)
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (2016)
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens (2017)
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Incubus and Other Stories (2014)
Raptaur (1993)
Starlord (1978)
Strontium Dog: The Final Solution (2008)
The Batman/Judge Dredd Files (2004)
The Best of 2000 AD Special Edition (1993)
The Best of Judge Dredd (2009)
The Best of Judge Dredd Special Edition (1999)
The Chronicles of Judge Dredd (1981)
The Collected Judge Anderson (1995)
The Complete Judge Dredd (1992)
The Complete Ro-Busters (2008)
The Dead Man (2009)
The Hunt for Black Widow (1993)
The Judge Dredd Collection (1985)
The Judge Dredd Mega Collection (1990)
The Law of Dredd (1989)
The Making of Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death (2003)
The Midnight Surfer Special (1986)
The Simping Detective (2007)
Thought Bubble Anthology (2011)
Time Twisters (1987)
Verhalen uit de Mega-Steden (1992)
Young Death (1991)
Zarjaz (2005)

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