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Bloodlines: Earthplague
Search for 'Bloodlines: Earthplague' on Amazon

The planet is being invaded by parasitic shape-changing aliens who have a taste for spinal fluid. While many of their victims die, the survivors find themselves with superpowers. These new heroes (among them Tommy Monaghan) must band together with the old to repel the alien invasion.

This is the 2nd Chapter of the Bloodlines cross over. It continues from OutBreak and continues in DeathStorm. The reading order for this arc is as follows:
Part 1) Robin Annual #2
Part 2) Action Comis Annual #5
Part 3) Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #4
Part 4) Green Arrow Annual #6
Part 5) Detective Comics Annual #6
Part 6) Justice League America Annual #7
Part 7) Adventures of Superman Annual #5
Part 8) Hawkman Annual #1

Issues (8):
Action Comics (1938) Annual 05
Adventures of Superman (1987) Annual 05
Detective Comics (1937) Annual 06
Green Arrow (1988) Annual 06
Hawkman (1993) Annual 01
Justice League America (1989) Annual 07
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) Annual 04
Robin (1993) Annual 02

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Andromeda (DC) (SW6)
Apparition (SW6)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Jean-Paul Valley)
Bibbo Bibbowski
Bloodwynd (DC)(02 - Jacob Whitney)
Blue Beetle (DC)(02 - Ted Kord)
Booster Gold (DC)
Harvey Bullock (DC)
Lt. James 'Jim' Cameron
Channel (DC)
Collector (DC)
Cosmic Boy (DC)(SW6)
Count Viper (DC)
Dawnstar (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Dragonmage (SW6)
George Emmett
Sarah Essen-Gordon
Fire (DC)
Jacques Foccart (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Harry Force
Lauren Gand
Joseph Gardner
Geist (DC)
James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post-Crisis)
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Oliver Queen)
Hackrat (DC)
Hawkman (DC)(Post Crisis)(04 - Katar Hol)
Hawkwoman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Shayera Thal)
Hook (DC)(03 - Kieron Masterson)
Rodney James
Jamm (DC)
Lydda Jath Krinn (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Rock Khan
Stanley Lawrence Kitch
Krag (DC)
Pol Krinn II
Krypto (02 - Bibbo's dog)
The Last Son of Krypton
Rex Leech
Roxy Leech
Lefty (DC)
Andrea Lencioni
Steve Lombard (Post-Crisis)
Loose Cannon
Maxwell 'Max' Lord, IV
Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor (DC)(Post Crisis)
Tasmia Mallor (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Matter-Eater Lad (SW6)
Maxima (DC)
Mongrel (DC)
Renee Maria Montoya
Oberon (DC)
The Ray (02 - Ray Terrill)
Toby Raynes
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Tim Drake)
Margaret 'Maggie' Sawyer (DC)(Post Crisis)
Drura Sehpt (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Richard Kent Shakespeare
Slingshot (DC) (02)
Sparx (DC)(02 - Donna Force)
Superboy (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Conner Kent)
Supergirl (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Matrix)
Timber Wolf (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Dan 'Terrible' Turpin
Valor (DC)
Rond Vidar (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Diana)
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