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    Reviews - Batman - TPB

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Not as great as first thought - Thai
In hindsight I think I may have also looked at this book through rose tinted glasses due to the fact that I am such a big Jim Lee fan (Although Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair inking & colour respectively deserve a big mention)
You see I still think the art is unbelivable and can't really be faulted so it's really the story that I have a few gripes with.

The coincidence's & part holes within the book are quite frequent when re-reading the book.
The fact that Thomas Elliott somehow appears in Metropolis for no other reason then progressing the story a long &
Elliott taking Catwoman on a date amongst many other unexplained coincidence's.
It also seems Loeb has a checklist of every member of Batman's rogue gallery to include in this story and there presence doesn't bring the story along at all, in fact some of there appreances actually degrade the character a little.
The Joker's presence for instance doesn't fit and is certainly not my favourite Joker appearence.
In the Knightfall story line every Character involved had a reason for being there (escaping Arkham)but why would all these major players get involved with the people behind the plot?
A villain now demoted to B status (although the end scene is still great) and a complete newcomer.
The main problem with this though is the reason for Elliott's hatred of Batman.
It's seems strange that a guy would want to kill his childhood friend just because his Father saved the life of Elliott's Mother and he had to wait longer for his inheritance.
Pretty weak to be honest.
The are things to like with this book though, the dialogue is well written, the art as mentioned is fantastic.

Really this is the comic equvelent of a hollywood action movie, great effects with big explosions but little plot.
All together a recomended read if your a Batman fan but there is as much hear to annoy as excite you.

7.0 out of ten

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