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Caliber Comics or Caliber Press was an American comic book publisher founded in 1989 by Gary Reed. Reed, who had a chain of bookstores, began publishing with the release of two titles acquired from Arrow Comics - Deadworld and The Realm. Other initial launches included Caliber Presents featuring Vince Locke, Mark Bloodworth, Tim Vigil, James O'Barr, and Guy Davis; the first issue of Baker Street co-created by Reed and Guy Davis, and the initial appearance of O’Barr’s The Crow.

Reed arranged with "POCKET CLASSICS", a series of illustrated books similar in design to Classics Illustrated to be released to the direct market via Caliber Press. Over 40 titles were distributed. The interest in literary works continued for Caliber when in 1991, a new imprint designated as Tome Press was launched. Tome featured material centered on history and biography in addition to literature. Over 65 different Tome Press titles would be released on subjects as diverse as the Russian Revolution, The Alamo, Amelia Earhart, El Cid, Jack London stories, reprints of classic art print series, and dozens of others.

After the initial launch, Caliber expanded by bringing in new creators and projects. Jim Calafiore was first published with his graphic novella, Progeny. In Grafik Muzik, Mike Allred introduced his Madman character, Kevin VanHook's Frost series which was the storyline for the film released in 2002, Ted Slampyak's Jazz Age Chronicles, Philip Hester's Fringe, Stuart Immomen's Playground, John Bergin's Ashes, and other titles such as Go-Man, Northguard, Varcel’s Vixens, and more.

Caliber had ventured into licensed comics with their early release of Moontrap, the science fiction film starring Star Trek’s Walter Koenig and the production of a comic for Troma Films called Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo, but it was the full color adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that proved the most successful. Another licensed property was Mechanoids from Palladium Books.

The expansion of Caliber continued with some notable projects including Michael Lark's Airwaves, Silencers from Mark Askwith and R.G. Taylor, and Negative Burn, the anthology title that would run for 50 issues.

In the early 1990’s, Caliber launched two new imprints, Gauntlet and Iconografix. Gauntlet was an action based line and the leading titles were U.N. Force, Bezerker featuring work from Rob Liefeld and Angel Median, Patrick Zircher's Samurai Seven, and Serpent Rising based on the stage play. Iconografix dealt with more obscure and cutting edge material that included humor comics as well as comics often referred to as the "slice of life." Included here were the first issues of Ed Brubaker's Lowlife, Meatcakes from Darcy Megan, Bound & Gagged from Michael Aushenker, and a number of projects from Dave Cooper, Jason Lutes, and Matt Howarth.

In late 1993, Caliber merged with the Stabur Corporation. Reed became President of Stabur as well as staying on with Caliber. Caliber began to produce special comics for Wal-Mart including the series of Big Bang Comics (which later would have a long run at Image Comics), Stormquest, and a number of literary adaptations including a version of Frankenstein. Caliber also produced some records and a specialty magazine, ARC, for distribution outside of comics.

In 1993, the principles of Stabur were involved in starting up a new toy company with Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane. Reed is named Vice-President of McFarlane Toys while still running Stabur and Caliber. Jim Pruett was hired to take over some of the editorial duties of Caliber. Reed would stay with McFarlane Toys until May of 1996.

Caliber expanded in the mid-1990’s with titles such as David Mack's Kabuki, Brian Bendis' AKA Goldfish and Jinx, Mark Rickett's Nowheresville, Mike Carey and Michael Gaydos on Inferno, and in 1995, Caliber launched the sub imprint of New Worlds. These were titles that loosely connected and included Raven Chronicles, Helsing, Seeker, Saint Germaine, Red Diaries, Black Mist, and others. Although not an actual shared universe, the settings and characters could crossover with each other and often did.

As Caliber expanded, more editorial staff was hired to handle the growing line of comics. Moebius Comics launched and fan favorites Mr. Monster and Maze Agency returned. Caliber handled the distribution of Amazing Comics that featured the work of Mike Deodato. Brian Lumley’s Necroscope and Whitley Streiber's Communion series were signed on for comic releases. Jon Sable from Mike Grell was announced but never came out.

Caliber also started a new imprint in 1997, Tapestry Comics, that featured an "all ages" approach and the initial releases were Explorers, Patty Cake, Pakkins' Land, Dreamwalker, and others. The line was heavily praised but sales were disappointing.

As the overall comic market declined with the consolidation of the distribution system, Caliber slowly cut back on the number of titles. Caliber found some success of producing comics that appealed outside of the usual comics market with some of the Tome Press titles including Sherlock Holmes Reader, which had the majority of its sales outside of the traditional comic stores.

The demise of Caliber can be attributed primarily to the problems associated with the Spawn Power Cardz game. Caliber had invested heavily in time and money to launch the collectible card game and had great potential with purchase orders. However, the printer of the card game was running behind in production and outsourced the collation of the game to another printer who didn’t understand the random assortment of the cards. When the game appeared with improper collation, the purchase orders, which exceeded over two million dollars, were cancelled. Although a lawsuit was filed and Caliber won, by the time the judgment came, it was too late. In addition, the printer declared bankruptcy and Caliber was left only with portions of the unusable product.

In 2000, Caliber released the last of its titles and Gary Reed moved on to concentrate on teaching college biology courses. Recently, Reed has been reviving many of the Caliber titles with reprints of collections and all new series, initially from Image Comics, then from Transfuzion Publishing.

Caliber Core
Caliber Fantasy
Gauntlet Comics
New Worlds
Tome Press

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A.K.A. Goldfish (1994)
Adventure of the Copper Beeches (1992)
Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual (1992)
Adventure of the Naval Treaty (1992)
The Adventures Of Tad Martin: Average American Teenager (1991)
Airwaves (1991)
Alan Moore's Songbook (1998)
Ali-Baba Scourge of the Desert (1992)
Angryman (1992)
The Apparition (1996)
The Apparition: Abandoned (1995)
The Apparition: Visitations (1995)
Apple, P. I. (1996)
The Art of Heath Robinson (1990)
Arthur - King of Britain (1993)
Ashes (1990)
Atomic Overdrive (1997)
Autumn (1995)

Badger's Comics and Computers (1997)
Baker Street (1989)
Baker Street Graffiti (1991)
Baker Street Sketchbook (1993)
The Bandy Man (1996)
Batch (1991)
Beck & Caul Investigations (1994)
Berzerker (1993)
Beyond Communion (1997)
Big Bang Comics (1994)
A Big Someplace (1992)
Billy Nguyen, Private Eye (1990)
Black Mist (1994)
Black Mist: Blood of Kali (1998)
Boneshaker (1994)
Boof (1992)
Book of Angels (1997)
The Book of Genesis (1991)
The Book of the Apocrypha (1991)
Book of the Tarot (1991)
The Book of Twilight (1994)
Boondoggle (1997)
Boondoggle Special (1996)
Boston Bombers (1990)
Boston Bombers Special (1997)
Buried Treasure (1990)

A Caliber Christmas (1989)
Caliber Comics 1996 Calendar (1995)
Caliber Core (1998)
Caliber Presents (1989)
Caliber Presents: Romantic Tales (1995)
Caliber Rounds (1997)
Caliber Rounds (2015)
Caliber Spotlight (1995)
Caliber Summer Special (1991)
Calibrations (1992)
Calibrations (1996)
Camelot Eternal (1990)
Cavewoman: Odyssey (1999)
Cavewoman: Rain (1996)
Cheerleaders from Hell (1989)
Chillers (2012)
Chinago and Other Stories (1991)
Construct (1996)
Creatures of the Id (1990)
Crime Wave (1999)
The Crow (1989)

Daemonstorm (1997)
Daemonstorm: Stormwalker (1997)
Dante's Inferno (1992)
Dark Oz (1997)
Day Brothers Present (1990)
Dead Killer (1992)
Dead World (1988)
Deadtales (1991)
Deadworld (1986)
Deadworld (1988)
Deadworld (1993)
Deadworld - Necropolis (1995)
Deadworld -- Bits and Pieces (1991)
Deadworld Archives (1992)
Deadworld Chronicles: Plague (1994)
Deadworld Coloring Book (2017)
Deadworld: Daemonstorm (1997)
Deadworld: To Kill A King (1992)
Deathman (1991)
The Devil's Armchair (2017)
Dicks (1997)
Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Guide (1991)
The Dire Wolves: A Chronicle of the Deadworld (1994)
Disciples (2001)
Diva's (1991)
Django and Angel (1990)
Dominique: Family Matters (1994)
Dominique: Killzone (1995)
Dominique: Protect & Serve (1995)
Dominique: White Knuckle Drive (1994)
Doorman: Family Secrets (1995)
Dr. Faustus (1997)
Dr. Weird (1994)
Dr. Weird Special (1994)
Dragon's Star 2 (1994)
DreamWalker (1996)

Edgar Allen Poe's The Bells (1999)
Equinox Chronicles Special Edition (1993)
Ert! (1995)
ESPers (1986)
Exit (1992)
Exit (1995)
Explorers (1996)

The Falling Man (1998)
Femina Two: More Dream Girls (1994)
Femina: Dream Girls (1992)
Fire (1993)
Flaxen: Alter Ego (1995)
Frankenstein: Or The Modern Prometheus (1994)
Freedom Fighters (1995)
Fringe (1990)
Frost (1989)
Fugitive (1989)

Gabriel (1995)
Gaijin (1990)
Gestalt (1998)
Go-Man (1988)
Goblin Market (1991)
God's Hammer (1990)
Golgothika (1996)
Grafik Muzik (1990)
Gringo (1990)
Grumble (1997)
Guns of Shar-Pei (1991)
Gutter Rat (1993)

The Hanged Man (1998)
Happy The Clown (1993)
Harlequin (1993)
Helsing (1998)
Helsing: Dawn Of Armageddon (1999)
High Caliber (1997)
High Caliber: An Anthology of Original Visions (1994)
The Honest Thief (1994)
Horror Show (1991)

Iconografix Special (1992)
In Thin Air: The Mystery of Amelia Earhart (1991)
Inferno (1995)
An Introduction to Caliber Comics (1996)
Invert (1991)

Jack the Ripper (1998)
The Jam (1989)
Jason and the Argonauts (1991)
Jazz Age Chronicles (1990)
Jinx (1996)
Jinx Special (1997)
Joe Sinn (1993)

Kabuki (1994)
Kabuki 1996 Calendar (1995)
Kabuki Color Special (1996)
Kabuki Compilation (1995)
Kabuki Gallery (1995)
Kabuki: Circle of Blood (1995)
Kabuki: Dreams of the Dead (1996)
Kabuki: Masks of the Noh (1996)
Kabuki: Skin Deep (1996)
Kafka (1987)
Kaos Moon (1996)
Killing Castro (2015)
Kilroy (1998)
Kilroy Is Here (1995)
Kilroy Revelations (1994)
Kilroy: Daemonstorm (1997)
Kilroy: The Short Stories (1995)
King Zombie (1998)
Kingdom of the Wicked (1996)
A Kiss on the Lips (1992)
Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift (1994)
Knights of the Round Table (1998)
Krey (1992)

The Last Generation (1986)
The League of Rats and other fables (1991)
Legendlore (1996)
Legendlore: Daemonstorm (1997)
Legends of Camelot (1999)
Lemon Custard (1996)
Level X (1996)
Life and Death of Jesus Christ (1991)
Lifequest (1997)
Little White Mouse (1997)
Little White Mouse Series 2 (1998)
Little White Mouse Series 3 (2000)
Lori Lovecraft (1997)
Lori Lovecraft: Repression (1998)
Lori Lovecraft: The Big Comeback (1999)
Lori Lovecraft: The Dark Lady (1997)
Lost Angel (1991)
The Lost (1996)
Lovely Ladies (1991)
Lowlife (1991)
Mack the Knife: Monochrome Memories (1990)
Mackenzie Queen (1985)
Magnesium Arc (1993)
Magus (1998)
The Man Who Would Be King (1993)
The Marquis: Les Preludes (1997)
The Maze Agency (1997)
Meatcake (1992)
Mike Deodato's Fallout 3000 (1996)
Mike Deodato's Jonas (1996)
Mike Deodato's Protheus (1996)
Mike Deodato's Ramthar (1996)
Mike Deodato's Razor Nights (1996)
Mister X (1996)
A Modest Proposal (1991)
Moebius Comics (1996)
A Moment of Freedom (1997)
Moontrap (1989)
Mr. Monster Presents: (crack-a-boom) (1997)
Mr. Trianglehead (1992)
Mythology's Mistresses (1998)
Mythos: Lovecraft's Worlds (2016)

Nature of the Beast (1991)
Necroscope (1997)
Negative Burn (1993)
New Worlds Anthology (1996)
Nightlinger (1993)
Northguard (1989)
Nosferatu (1991)
Nosferatu (1995)
Nostradamus Chronicles (1997)
Nowheresville (1995)
Nowheresville: Death by Starlight (1995)
Nowheresville: The History of Cool (1997)

Orlak Redux (1991)
Orlak: Flesh & Steel (1991)
Othello (1993)
Oz (1994)
Oz Special (1995)
Oz: Daemonstorm (1997)
Oz: Romance in Rags (1996)
Oz: Straw & Sorcery (1997)

Pakkins' Land (1996)
Pakkins' Land: Forgotten Dreams (1998)
Pakkins' Land: Quest For Kings (1997)
Paradigm (1993)
Parts of a Hole (1991)
Patty Cake (1996)
A Patty Cake Christmas (1996)
Phenomerama (1997)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1991)
Plague (1991)
Planet 29 (1991)
Plasma Baby (1991)
Private Pages (1992)
Professor Challenger: The Poison Belt (1997)
Progeny (1989)

Quivers (1991)

Raider 3000 (1992)
Random Thoughts on life, death, the church and state (1992)
Raven Chronicles (1995)
Realm of the Dead (1993)
The Realm (1986)
The Realm (1993)
The Red Diaries (1997)
The Red Revolution (1992)
Renfield (1994)
The Return of Happy the Clown (1995)
Rib (1997)
The Ripper Legacy (1999)
Roadkill -- A Chronicle of the Deadworld (1993)
Robyn of Sherwood (1998)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Comic Book (1990)
Roulette (1990)

Saga Of The Realm (1992)
Saint Germaine (1997)
Saint Germaine: Casanova's Lament (1998)
Saint Germaine: Restoration (1997)
Saint Germaine: The Man in the Iron Mask (1999)
Savage Henry (1994)
Savage Henry: Headstrong (1995)
Scarlet in Gaslight (1987)
The Scary Book (1992)
The Searchers (1996)
The Searchers: Apostle of Mercy (1997)
Seeker (1998)
Seeker: Dawn of Armageddon (1999)
Serpent Rising (1992)
Shades of Gray Comics and Stories (1996)
Shadowtown (1992)
Sherlock Holmes Reader (1998)
Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Opera Ghost (1994)
Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Holmes (1998)
Ship of Fools (1996)
Ship of Fools (1997)
Silencers (1991)
The Silent Invasion, Abductions (1998)
The Silent Invasion (1996)
Silverfawn (1989)
Sin Eternal: Return To Dante's Inferno (2016)
Sinergy (1993)
Sirens (1993)
Skin Graft (1992)
Snarl (1990)
Song of the Cid (1991)
Startling Crime Illustrated (1991)
Steel Angel (1992)
Stormquest (1994)
Storyville the prostitute murders (2014)
Strange Attractors: Moon Fever (1997)
Strange Detective Mysteries (2014)
Stratosfear (1994)
Street Shadows (1996)
Sudden Gravity (1998)
Suppressed! (1991)
The Sussex Vampire (1996)
Swords Of Shar-Pei (1991)

Taken Under (1992)
Tapestry Anthology (1997)
Tatters (1996)
Tattoo (1996)
Technopolis (1997)
Temptress: The Blood of Eve (1997)
Terror Tots (1996)
The Three Voices (1992)
Through the Wood, Beneath the Moon: a dark poem (1997)
Thundergod (1997)
The Tiger Woman: The Last Place On Earth (2000)
Totentanz (1992)
Triarch (1990)
Triggerman (1996)
Trollords (1997)
Troy (1997)
Twilight People (1993)

U.N. Force (1993)
U.N. Force Files (1993)
The Underside (1996)
Untouchables (1997)

Varcel's Vixens (1990)
Vengeance of the Aztecs (1994)
The Verdict (1987)
Virage (1992)
Visions (1992)

The War of the Worlds (1996)
Warpwalking (1991)
Wordsmith (1996)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: Arthur Jermyn (1993)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1998)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: Dagon (1993)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Alchemist (1997)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Lurking Fear (1997)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Music of Erich Zann (1993)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Picture in the House (1993)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Statement of Randolph Carter (1996)
The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Tomb (1997)
The Wretch (1996)

Young Dracula (1992)

Zone Continuum (1992)
The Zone Continuum (1994)
Zulunation (1991)


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