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ThunderCats (1985) #24 - Comic Book DB

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ThunderCats (1985) - #24
"Through a Dark Glass"
Star Comics (Marvel)

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Gerry Conway

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Cover Date: June 1988
Cover Price: US $ 1.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Things start out in the Forest of Silence, with the Thunderkittens chatting away as they collect berries and such for a peace treaty meeting between the warring factions of the Hill Tribes (goat and sheep derived clans o' critters). They come upon some cocoons that hold duploids of all the ThunderCats. The adult duploids hatch and tie up the real Thunderkittens before heading off to cause trouble betwen the warring clans.
Obviously, Mumm-Ra is behind the scheme, hoping to spark a war that the ThunderCats will be blamed for and caught up in, ultimately destroying them. In the meantime, the real Lion-O makes some headway with the tribe leaders in a prelimenary meeting. All that was undone when the duploids stole into the camps of the tribes overnight, and appealed to each of their own sources of pride and prejudice. As a result, they declared war on one another, which would begin at dawn. And since the ThunderCats 'started' it all, they vowed to destroy the ThunderCats as well. The real Thunderkittens have since broke free, but then so have their pod duploids. Luckily, they defeated the fakes and arrive on the scene with the other duploids - convincing them their the fake Kit and Kat. This ruse comes in handy, of course, when the 'darker sides' of the Thundercats face off against the real set. Ultimately, though, it's the sword of omens that sheds the light of truth and saves the day.

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