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All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006) - #11
"Stranger to Ultimo"

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Chad Anderson
Chris Biggs
Ronald Byrd
Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Mike Fichera
Anthony Flamini
Richard Green
Michael Hoskin
Bill Lentz
Sean McQuaid
Eric J. Moreels - 'Comixfan'
Mark O'English
Al Sjoerdsma
Stuart Vandal

UDON Studios
Adrian Alphona
Brent Eric Anderson
Eduardo Barreto - 'Luis Eduardo Barreto'
Chris Batista
Mark D. Bright - 'Doc Bright'
Mat Broome
Eliot R. Brown
Mark Buckingham
John Buscema
John Byrne
Dennis Calero
Sean Chen
Jim Cheung
Ian Churchill
Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'
Chris Cross - 'ChrisCross / Christopher Emmanuel Williams'
Gabriele Dell'Otto
Steve Ditko
Andrea DiVito
Jan Duursema
Scot Eaton
Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'
Leandro Fernandez
David Finch
Dan Fraga - 'FRAGABOOM'
Ronald 'Ron' Frenz
Tom Grummett
Michael 'Mike' Gustovich
Gene Ha
Don Heck
Dave Hoover
Richard Howell
Stuart Immonen
Georges Jeanty
Phil Jimenez
Jack 'King' Kirby
Tyler Kirkham
Scott Kolins
Jae Lee
Rick Leonardi
Richard 'Rik' Levins
Rob Liefeld
Ron Lim
Jorge Lucas
Tom Stanford Lyle
Leonardo Manco
Mike Manley
John McCrea
Todd McFarlane
Ted McKeever
Bob McLeod
Paco Medina
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Takeshi Miyazawa - '宮沢武史, Tak'
Jim Muniz
Ariel Olivetti
Carlos Pacheco
Paul Pelletier
Jorge Luis Pereira - 'Jorge Lucas / Lucas'
George Pérez
Stephen Platt - 'Splatt'
Frank Quitely - 'Vincent Deighan'
Pablo Raimondi
Khary Randolph
Darick Robertson
John Romita Jr.
Gregg Schigiel
Kevin Sharpe
Walter 'Walt' Simonson
Andy Smith
Jim P. Starlin - 'Sam Jiltirn / Ms. Natjiril / J.L. Minirats'
Greg Titus
Mike Wieringo
Pete Woods
Mike Zeck
Patrick Zircher - 'Patch Zircher'

Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'

Tom Smith

Jennifer 'Jen' Grünwald
Michael Short
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Keu Cha
Tom S. Chu

Rating (out of 10):
from 5 votes

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Cover Date: January 2007
Cover Price: US $ 3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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None entered.

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An image for Fenris (Andreas Strucker) exists Fenris (Andreas Strucker)
Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble (Marvel)
He Who Remains (Marvel)
An image for Justice Hope (Marvel) exists Justice Hope (Marvel)
Justice Liberty
An image for Justice Love (Marvel) exists Justice Love (Marvel)
Justice Might
Justice Truth
An image for Lord Templar (Marvel) exists Lord Templar (Marvel)
An image for Mobius M. Mobius (Marvel) exists Mobius M. Mobius (Marvel)
Mr. Alternity (Marvel)
Mr. Tesserect (Marvel)
An image for Oracle of Siwa exists Oracle of Siwa
An image for Mr. Orobourous (Marvel) exists Mr. Orobourous (Marvel)
An image for Pagan (Marvel) exists Pagan (Marvel)
An image for Mr. Paradox (Marvel) exists Mr. Paradox (Marvel)
An image for Reignfire exists Reignfire
An image for Chase Stein (Marvel) exists Chase Stein (Marvel)
An image for Stranger (Marvel) exists Stranger (Marvel)
An image for Strong Guy (Marvel) exists Strong Guy (Marvel)
An image for Stryfe (Marvel)(01 - Clone) exists Stryfe (Marvel)(01 - Clone)
An image for William Stryker (Marvel) exists William Stryker (Marvel)
An image for John Sublime (Marvel) exists John Sublime (Marvel)
An image for Suma-Ket exists Suma-Ket
An image for Sun Girl (Marvel)(01 - Mary Mitchell) exists Sun Girl (Marvel)(01 - Mary Mitchell)
An image for Sundown (Marvel) exists Sundown (Marvel)
An image for Sunspot (Marvel) exists Sunspot (Marvel)
An image for Sunturion (01 - Arthur Dearborn) exists Sunturion (01 - Arthur Dearborn)
An image for Super-Skrull (Marvel) exists Super-Skrull (Marvel)
  An image for Superia (Marvel) exists Superia (Marvel)
An image for Swarm (Marvel) exists Swarm (Marvel)
An image for Swordsman (Marvel)(05 - Andreas von Strucker) exists Swordsman (Marvel)(05 - Andreas von Strucker)
An image for T-Ray (Marvel) exists T-Ray (Marvel)
An image for Taskmaster (Marvel) exists Taskmaster (Marvel)
An image for Terminatrix exists Terminatrix
An image for Thanatos (Marvel) (02 - R. Jones) exists Thanatos (Marvel) (02 - R. Jones)
An image for Thanos (Marvel) exists Thanos (Marvel)
An image for Thor (Marvel)(26th Century)(Dargo Ktor) exists Thor (Marvel)(26th Century)(Dargo Ktor)
An image for Thousand exists Thousand
An image for Thunderbird (Marvel)(03 - Neal Shaara) exists Thunderbird (Marvel)(03 - Neal Shaara)
An image for Tiboro exists Tiboro
An image for Timeslip exists Timeslip
An image for Tinkerer (Marvel) exists Tinkerer (Marvel)
An image for Titania (Marvel)(02 - Mary MacPherran) exists Titania (Marvel)(02 - Mary MacPherran)
An image for Titanium Man (Marvel)(01 - Boris Bullski) exists Titanium Man (Marvel)(01 - Boris Bullski)
An image for Titannus exists Titannus
An image for Toad (Marvel) exists Toad (Marvel)
An image for Tombstone (Marvel)(01 - Lonnie Lincoln) exists Tombstone (Marvel)(01 - Lonnie Lincoln)
An image for Torgo (Marvel)(01 - Robot) exists Torgo (Marvel)(01 - Robot)
An image for Jonathon Tremont exists Jonathon Tremont
An image for Turbo (Marvel)(01 - Mickey Musashi) exists Turbo (Marvel)(01 - Mickey Musashi)
An image for Turbo (Marvel)(02 - Mike Jeffries) exists Turbo (Marvel)(02 - Mike Jeffries)
An image for Two-Gun Kid (Marvel)(02 - Matt Hawk) exists Two-Gun Kid (Marvel)(02 - Matt Hawk)
An image for Typeface exists Typeface
An image for Typhon (Marvel) exists Typhon (Marvel)
An image for Tyrant (Marvel) exists Tyrant (Marvel)
An image for Ultimo (Marvel) exists Ultimo (Marvel)

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That Which Endures
Those Who Sit Above in Shadow
  Time Variance Authority (Marvel)

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