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Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse (2015) - #1

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Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Anthony Cotilletta
Patrick Duke
Mike Fichera
Kevin Garcia
Daron Jensen
Rob London
Chris McCarver
Sean McQuaid
Mike O'Sullivan
Roger Ott
Markus Raymond
Marc Riemer
Jacob Rougemont
Stuart Vandal

Arthur 'Art' Adams
Michael Dalton 'Mike' Allred - 'Doc'
Brent Eric Anderson
Kaare Kyle Andrews
Mahmud A. Asrar
Chris Bachalo
Mark Bagley
Chris Batista
Simone Bianchi
Nick Bradshaw
Doug 'Dougie' Braithwaite
James Brock
Mark Brooks
Reilly Brown
John Buscema
Jeffery Scott Campbell - 'J. Scott Campbell'
Giuseppe Camuncoli - 'Cammo'
Howard V. Chaykin
Marco Checchetto
Brian Ching
Matthew Clark
Olivier Coipel
Colleen Coover
Valentine De Landro
Mike Deodato Jr. - 'Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho'
Carmine Di Giandomenico
Nick Dragotta
Dale Eaglesham
Scot Eaton
Richard Elson
Steve Epting
Salvador 'Salva' Espin
Duncan Fegredo
Pasqual Ferry - 'Pasqual Ferrandiz / Pascual / Pascal / Paschalis'
David Finch
Gary Frank
Lee Garbett
Ron Garney
Alejandro Garza - 'Alé Garza'
Mark Gruenwald
Bryan Hitch
Stuart Immonen
Jeevan J. Kang
Karl Kerschl
Leonard Kirk
Scott Kolins
Alan Kupperberg
Steve Kurth
Marc Laming
Greg Land
Salvador Larroca
Ken Lashley
Bob Layton Sr.
Peter Ledger
John Paul Leon
Rick Leonardi
Rob Liefeld
Joseph Michael Linsner
Jose Angel Cano Lopez - 'Kano'
Aaron Lopresti
Arturo Lozzi
Emanuela Lupacchino
David Marquez
Luke McDonnell
Ed James McGuinness
Mike McKone
Steve McNiven
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Jorge Molina
Rags Morales - 'Ralph Morales'
Marat Mychaels
Jerry Ordway
Siya Oum
Carlos Pacheco
Carlos 'Carlo' Pagulayan
Yanick Paquette
George Pérez
Brandon Peterson - 'Brando'
Sara Pichelli
Mike Ploog
Javier Pulido - 'Francisco Javier Pulido Rodriguez'
Tom Raney
Esad T. Ribic
Giuseppe Rinaldi - 'Pino'
John Romita Jr.
Alex Ross
Luke Ross - 'Luciano Queiroz'
Philip Craig Russell - 'P. Craig Russell'
Paul Ryan
Rafa Sandoval - 'Rafael Sandoval'
Marco Santucci - 'mrno74'
Gregg Schigiel
Valerio Schiti
Miguel Angel Sepulveda
Marie Severin
Walter 'Walt' Simonson
Andy Smith
Paul Martin Smith - 'PMS'
Dalibor Talajic
Herb Trimpe
Timothy Webster 'Tim' Truman
Alessandro Vitti
Kevin 'Kev' Walker
Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Anthony Williams
Ron Wilson
Leinil Francis Yu
Michael J. Zeck - 'Mike Zeck'

(Uncredited Creator but a Confirmed Credit)

Gally Articola
Anthony Cotilletta
Mike Fichera
Mike O'Sullivan
Roger Ott
Emily Schmidt


Axel Alonso
Mark D. Beazley
Sarah Brunstad
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Mike Fichera
Jennifer 'Jen' Grünwald
Mike O'Sullivan
Alex Starbuck
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Adam Del Re
Mike McKone
Rachelle Rosenberg

Rating (out of 10):
from 5 votes

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Search for 'Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse' on Amazon

Cover Date: December 2015
Cover Price: US $ 4.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 64 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

None entered.

No ads.
Clip art inkers and colorists are uncredited.
Colorists listed above are credited with Image Refurbishment/Production Assistance.

As with all "Handbooks", characters and groups listed below should only be those with their own entries, not those that may appear or be named (or both) in other entries.

Non-character/group entries:
* Age Of Ultron
* Egyptia (Earth-9105)
* Incusions
* Secret Wars II
* Spider-Verse
* Ultimate Universe (Reality-1610)
* Weirdworld

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Amphibian (Marvel)(Earth 712 - Squadron) exists Amphibian (Marvel)(Earth 712 - Squadron)
An image for Bentley 23 (Marvel) exists Bentley 23 (Marvel)
An image for Chief Examiner exists Chief Examiner
An image for Ghost Rider (Marvel)(04 - Alejandra Blaze) exists Ghost Rider (Marvel)(04 - Alejandra Blaze)
An image for Impossible Boy exists Impossible Boy
An image for Korr (Marvel) exists Korr (Marvel)
An image for Kurse (Marvel)(01-Algrim) exists Kurse (Marvel)(01-Algrim)
An image for Lady Deadpool (Marvel)(Earth-3010) exists Lady Deadpool (Marvel)(Earth-3010)
An image for Logan (Marvel)(Old Man Logan) exists Logan (Marvel)(Old Man Logan)
An image for Magni (Marvel)(Earth-3515) exists Magni (Marvel)(Earth-3515)
An image for Maker (Marvel)(02 - Reed Richards) exists Maker (Marvel)(02 - Reed Richards)
An image for Mik (Marvel) exists Mik (Marvel)
An image for Nightcrawler (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse) exists Nightcrawler (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
An image for Obnoxio the Clown exists Obnoxio the Clown
An image for Onome exists Onome
An image for Puff (Marvel) exists Puff (Marvel)
An image for Red King (Marvel)(02 - Angmo-Asan II) exists Red King (Marvel)(02 - Angmo-Asan II)
  An image for James 'Jim' Patrick Scully (Marvel) exists James 'Jim' Patrick Scully (Marvel)
An image for Shiklah (Marvel) exists Shiklah (Marvel)
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(07 - Miles Morales) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(07 - Miles Morales)
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(India) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(India)
An image for Tyler Stone (Marvel)(2099) exists Tyler Stone (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Ruby Summers (Marvel) exists Ruby Summers (Marvel)
An image for Tarianna exists Tarianna
An image for Teen-Hulk (Marvel) exists Teen-Hulk (Marvel)
An image for Throg (Marvel)(Earth-97161) exists Throg (Marvel)(Earth-97161)
An image for Thunderball (Marvel) exists Thunderball (Marvel)
An image for Tong (Marvel) exists Tong (Marvel)
An image for Turg (Marvel) exists Turg (Marvel)
An image for Vil (Marvel) exists Vil (Marvel)
An image for Volcana (Marvel) exists Volcana (Marvel)
An image for Wild Thing (Marvel)(Nikki Doyle) exists Wild Thing (Marvel)(Nikki Doyle)
An image for Wu (Marvel)(01 - Uhari) exists Wu (Marvel)(01 - Uhari)
An image for Zsaji exists Zsaji

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Cabal (Marvel)(02 - Time Runs Out/Secret Wars)
Children of the Secret Wars
Fearsome Four (House of M)
Iron Avengers (Marvel)(Earth-9997 - Earth X)
  Killraven's Freemen
Moloids (Marvel)
Uhari (Marvel)

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