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Judge Dredd Epics (1991) - TPB
"The Collected Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth"
Titan Publishing Group Ltd.

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Pat Mills
John Wagner

Brian Bolland
Michael McMahon - 'Mick, Mike'

Brian Bolland
Michael McMahon - 'Mick, Mike'

(Story is monochromatic)

John Aldrich
Paul Bensberg
Tom Frame
Dave Gibbons
Pete Knight
Steve Potter

(Unknown Creator)

Cover Artist(s):
Brian Bolland

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: May 1994
Cover Price: UK £ 9.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Trade Paperback; 160 pages

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The Cursed Earth

None entered.

2000 AD (1977) #61
2000 AD (1977) #62
2000 AD (1977) #63
2000 AD (1977) #64
2000 AD (1977) #65
2000 AD (1977) #66
2000 AD (1977) #67
2000 AD (1977) #68
2000 AD (1977) #69
2000 AD (1977) #70
2000 AD (1977) #73
2000 AD (1977) #74
2000 AD (1977) #75
2000 AD (1977) #76
2000 AD (1977) #79
2000 AD (1977) #80
2000 AD (1977) #81
2000 AD (1977) #82
2000 AD (1977) #83
2000 AD (1977) #84
2000 AD (1977) #85

Introduction by Nick Landau.

Cover title is "Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth", but the indicia states "The Collected Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth".

The original part 19 (Loser's Leap) and part 20 (The God Judge!) from 2000 AD (1977) #79 & 80 are collected together as chapter 15, written by John Wagner.
Differing credits as opposed to the original chapters' credits according to Nick Landau's introduction:
Chapter 15: Loser's Leap - letters by Paul Bensberg
Chapter 16: Tweak's Story - inks and letters by Dave Gibbons
Chapter 17: Tweak's Story - letters by Steve Potter
Chapter 19: Dredd's Last Stand! - letters by Tom Frame

As with all other reprints of the Cursed Earth Saga so far, four chapters are excluded from this edition as well due to the extended use of advertising trademarks and the complaining of their owners after these stories' original appearance in 2000 AD (1977) #71, 72, 77, 78:
Chapter 11: Battle of the Burger Barons
Chapter 12: Burger Law!
Chapter 17: Giants Aren't Gentlemen!
Chapter 18: Soul Food

Judge Solomon and Old One Eye only appear in flashback.

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The Alien Catcher General
Robert L. Booth
Crackle (2000 AD)
An image for Judge Dredd exists Judge Dredd
Judge Fodder
Judge Gradgrind
Judge Jack
Judge McArthur
Judge Mills
  Judge Patton
Judge Solomon
Old One Eye
Pop (2000 AD)
Red (2000 AD)
Satanus (2000 AD)
Snap (2000 AD)
Spikes Harvey Rotten

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