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Steve Ditko Omnibus (2011) - HC vol. 01
DC Comics

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David Allikas
Mike W. Barr
Otto Oscar Binder - 'Eando Binder'
Joey Cavalieri
Gary Cohn
John Marc 'J.M.' DeMatteis
Steve Ditko
Arnold Drake
Michael Lawrence Fleisher
Jack C. Harris
Robert M. Ingersoll
Robert 'Bob' Kanigher
George Kashdan
Paul Levitz
Sheldon Mayer
Dan Mishkin
Jack Oleck
David Vern Reed
Steve Skeates
Stan Timmons
Steven Utley
Len Wein
Dave Wood

Steve Ditko

Ernesto 'Ernie' Chan - 'Ernie Chua'
Vincent Joseph Colletta - 'Vince / Vinnie / P. Zorito'
Steve Ditko
Wayne Howard
Gary Martin
Michael W. 'Mike' Royer
Sal Trapani
Wallace 'Wally' Wood

(Unknown Creator)
Digikore Studios

(Unknown Creator)

Mike W. Barr
Jack C. Harris
Paul Levitz
Dave Manak
Scott Nybakken
Joe Orlando
Ian Sattler
Jack Schiff
Len Wein

Cover Artist(s):
Steve Ditko
Allen Passalaqua - 'Allen Passalaqua as I.L.L.'

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: 2011
Cover Price: US $ 59.99

Issue Tagline: Starring Shade, The Changing Man

Format: Color; Hardcover; 478 pages

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None entered.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade (1978) #2
Ghosts (1971) #77
Ghosts (1971) #111
House of Mystery (1951) #236
House of Mystery (1951) #247
House of Mystery (1951) #254
House of Mystery (1951) #258
House of Mystery (1951) #276
House of Secrets (1956) #139
House of Secrets (1956) #148
Mystery in Space (1951) #111
Mystery in Space (1951) #114
Mystery in Space (1951) #115
Mystery in Space (1951) #116
Plop! (1973) #16
Secrets of Haunted House (1975) #9
Secrets of Haunted House (1975) #12
Secrets of Haunted House (1975) #41
Secrets of Haunted House (1975) #45
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #1
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #2
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #3
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #4
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #5
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #6
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #7
Shade, the Changing Man (1977) #8
Stalker (1975) #1
Stalker (1975) #2
Stalker (1975) #3
Stalker (1975) #4
Strange Adventures (1950) #188
Strange Adventures (1950) #189
Time Warp (1979) #1
Time Warp (1979) #2
Time Warp (1979) #3
Time Warp (1979) #4
The Unexpected (1968) #189
The Unexpected (1968) #221
Weird War Tales (1971) #46
Weird War Tales (1971) #49
Weird War Tales (1971) #95
Weird War Tales (1971) #99
Weird War Tales (1971) #104
Weird War Tales (1971) #105
Weird War Tales (1971) #106

Introduction by Jonathan Ross

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An image for Abel (DC)(Biblical) exists Abel (DC)(Biblical)
An image for Atom (DC)(01 - Al Pratt) exists Atom (DC)(01 - Al Pratt)
Sgt. Barak
An image for Black Condor (DC)(01 - Thomas Wright) exists Black Condor (DC)(01 - Thomas Wright)
An image for Blockbuster (DC)(01 - Mark Desmond) exists Blockbuster (DC)(01 - Mark Desmond)
Mylock Bloodstalker (DC)
An image for Ben Boxer exists Ben Boxer
Brother Eye (DC)
An image for Brute (DC)(01 - The Dreaming) exists Brute (DC)(01 - The Dreaming)
An image for Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical) exists Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical)
Doctor Canus
An image for Chronos (DC)(01 - David Clinton) exists Chronos (DC)(01 - David Clinton)
An image for Winston Leonard Spencer- Churchill exists Winston Leonard Spencer- Churchill
An image for Clarice (DC) exists Clarice (DC)
Mrs. Claus
Cloak (DC)
Commander Steel
An image for Copperhead (DC)(01 - Unknown) exists Copperhead (DC)(01 - Unknown)
Cousin Bruce
An image for Creeper (02 - Pre-Crisis) exists Creeper (02 - Pre-Crisis)
An image for Cynthia (DC) (01 - Three Witches) exists Cynthia (DC) (01 - Three Witches)
An image for Deadman (DC) exists Deadman (DC)
An image for Death (DC)(01 - Pre Crisis) exists Death (DC)(01 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Doctor Mid-Nite (DC)(01 - Charles McNider) exists Doctor Mid-Nite (DC)(01 - Charles McNider)
An image for Doll Man (01 - Darrel Dane) exists Doll Man (01 - Darrel Dane)
Dr. Z. Z.
Dr. Eler
An image for Eve (DC)(01 - Biblical) exists Eve (DC)(01 - Biblical)
An image for Firebrand (DC) (01 - Rod Reilly) exists Firebrand (DC) (01 - Rod Reilly)
An image for Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick) exists Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
An image for Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen) exists Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
An image for Floronic Man exists Floronic Man
An image for Glob (DC) (01 - The Dreaming) exists Glob (DC) (01 - The Dreaming)
Jake Gole
Rodney Gotrox
Titus Gotrox
An image for Adolf Hitler (DC) exists Adolf Hitler (DC)
An image for Human Bomb (DC)(01 - Roy Lincoln) exists Human Bomb (DC)(01 - Roy Lincoln)
An image for Johnny Quick (DC)(Earth-3 - Pre Crisis) exists Johnny Quick (DC)(Earth-3 - Pre Crisis)
Morge Kale
An image for Kamandi exists Kamandi
Captain Kel
Khaos (DC)
An image for Killer Moth (DC)(01 - Drury Walker) exists Killer Moth (DC)(01 - Drury Walker)
  Dr. Kozen
Kabe Kross
Colonel Lopak
Agam Loron
Mellu Loron
Mira Loron
Captain Majan
An image for Mildred (DC) (Three Witches) exists Mildred (DC) (Three Witches)
Dr. Miraco
An image for Mirror Master (01 - Sam Scudder) exists Mirror Master (01 - Sam Scudder)
An image for Mordred (DC) (01 - Three Witches) exists Mordred (DC) (01 - Three Witches)
Mr. Big (DC)
An image for Mr. Terrific (DC)(01 - Terry Sloane) exists Mr. Terrific (DC)(01 - Terry Sloane)
Nightmare Wizard
An image for Odd Man exists Odd Man
President Olon
An image for OMAC (01 - Buddy Blank) exists OMAC (01 - Buddy Blank)
An image for Phantom Lady (DC)(01 - Sandra Knight) exists Phantom Lady (DC)(01 - Sandra Knight)
An image for Prez (DC) exists Prez (DC)
An image for Professor Zoom (DC) exists Professor Zoom (DC)
Quakemaster (01 - Robert Coleman)
An image for The Ray (01 - 'Happy' Terrill) exists The Ray (01 - 'Happy' Terrill)
Dr. Sagan
Samantha (DC)
An image for Sandman (DC)(02 - Garrett Sanford) exists Sandman (DC)(02 - Garrett Sanford)
An image for Santa Claus (DC) exists Santa Claus (DC)
An image for Shade, The Changing Man (DC) exists Shade, The Changing Man (DC)
Silver Ghost (DC)(Earth-X - Quality)
Spirit (DC)
An image for Stalker (DC)(01 - Elpis) exists Stalker (DC)(01 - Elpis)
An image for Star Sapphire (DC)(03 - Deborah Darnell) exists Star Sapphire (DC)(03 - Deborah Darnell)
Steve (DC)
An image for Uncle Sam (DC)(01 - Sam Wilson, WWII) exists Uncle Sam (DC)(01 - Sam Wilson, WWII)
An image for Vixen (DC) exists Vixen (DC)
An image for Jed Walker exists Jed Walker
An image for Wizard (DC)(01 - William Zard) exists Wizard (DC)(01 - William Zard)
An image for Wizor exists Wizor
Gola Zae

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