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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update (2010) #5 - Comic Book DB

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Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update (2010) - #5
"Beetles to Witness"

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Chris Biggs
Ronald Byrd
Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Mike Fichera
Matt Forbeck
Kevin Garcia
Michael Hoskin
Rob London
Sean McQuaid
Mike O'Sullivan
Markus Raymond
Gabriel 'Gabe' Shechter
Stuart Vandal
David Wiltfong
Jeph York

Wellinton Alves
Murphy Anderson
Richard 'Dick' Ayers - 'Richard B.'
Chris Bachalo
Mark Bagley
Joe Bennett - 'Benedito Jose Nascimento'
John Bolton
Daniel 'Dan' Brereton
June Brigman
John Buscema
John Byrne
Marco Checchetto
Ian Churchill
Scott Clark
Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'
Gavin Curtis
José Delbo
Gabriele Dell'Otto
Mike Deodato Jr. - 'Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho'
Terry Dodson
Bill Everett
Ronald 'Ron' Frenz
Tom Grummett
Jackson 'Butch' Guice
Andres Guinaldo
Michael 'Mike' Gustovich
Gary Hallgren
Gabriel Hardman - 'Gabriel Gecko'
Don Heck
Carmine Infantino
Georges Jeanty
Jeff Johnson - 'Angel Warrior'
Staz Johnson
Karl Kerschl
Jack 'King' Kirby
Barry Kitson
Scott Kolins
Rob Liefeld
Ron Lim
David López
Arturo Lozzi
Jorge Lucas
Greg S. Luzniak
Marcos Martin
Ed James McGuinness
Bob McLeod
Adriana da Silva Melo
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Karl Moline
Jeffrey 'Jeff' Moore
Miguel Munera
Paul Pelletier
George Pérez
Marshall Rogers
John Romita Sr.
John Romita Jr.
Luke Ross - 'Luciano Queiroz'
Werner Roth
Steve Rude - 'The Dude'
Paul Ryan
Rafa Sandoval - 'Rafael Sandoval'
Sean Harrison Scoffield
Stephen 'Steve' B. Scott
Liam Roger Sharp
Walter 'Walt' Simonson
Andy Smith
Jim P. Starlin - 'Sam Jiltirn / Ms. Natjiril / J.L. Minirats'
Mark Texeira - 'TEX'
Herb Trimpe
Jim Valentino
Gus Vasquez
Brad Walker
Kevin J. West
Chris Weston
Mike Wieringo

Gus Vazquez

Gally Articola
Tom S. Chu
Mike Fichera
Tom Smith


Mark D. Beazley
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
James Emmett
Jennifer 'Jen' Grünwald
Joel 'Joe' Hochstein
Theodore W. Kutt
Mike O'Sullivan
Nelson Ribeiro
Alex Starbuck
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Kalman Andrasofszky
Spring Hoteling

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: December 2010
Cover Price: US $ 3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 64 pages

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An image for Advisor exists Advisor
An image for Beetle (Marvel)(03 - Civil War, First Costume) exists Beetle (Marvel)(03 - Civil War, First Costume)
An image for Beetle (Marvel)(04 - Civil War, Second Costume) exists Beetle (Marvel)(04 - Civil War, Second Costume)
An image for Beetle (Marvel)(05 - Civil War, Third Costume) exists Beetle (Marvel)(05 - Civil War, Third Costume)
An image for Black Knight (Marvel)(02 - Nathan Garrett) exists Black Knight (Marvel)(02 - Nathan Garrett)
An image for Blackout (Marvel)(01 - Marcus Daniels) exists Blackout (Marvel)(01 - Marcus Daniels)
An image for Blue Blade (Marvel) exists Blue Blade (Marvel)
An image for Boomerang (Marvel) exists Boomerang (Marvel)
An image for Death Adder (Marvel)(01 - Roland Burroughs) exists Death Adder (Marvel)(01 - Roland Burroughs)
An image for Death Adder (Marvel)(02 - Theodore Scott) exists Death Adder (Marvel)(02 - Theodore Scott)
An image for Dragonfly (Marvel)(01 - Veronica Dultry) exists Dragonfly (Marvel)(01 - Veronica Dultry)
An image for Faceless Man exists Faceless Man
An image for Robert Hellsgaard exists Robert Hellsgaard
An image for Hiro-Kala exists Hiro-Kala
An image for Icemaster (Marvel) exists Icemaster (Marvel)
An image for Lucas Jackson exists Lucas Jackson
An image for Kaluu exists Kaluu
An image for Leech (Marvel) exists Leech (Marvel)
An image for Major Victory (Marvel) exists Major Victory (Marvel)
  An image for Martha the Mutant Brain (Marvel) exists Martha the Mutant Brain (Marvel)
An image for Mayhem (Marvel)(MC2)(April Parker) exists Mayhem (Marvel)(MC2)(April Parker)
An image for Mentor (Marvel)(01 - A'Lars) exists Mentor (Marvel)(01 - A'Lars)
An image for Mesmero (Marvel) exists Mesmero (Marvel)
An image for Mort the Dead Teenager exists Mort the Dead Teenager
An image for Obliterator (Marvel)(01 - Maht Pacle) exists Obliterator (Marvel)(01 - Maht Pacle)
An image for Prince of Orphans (Marvel) exists Prince of Orphans (Marvel)
An image for Quicksand (Marvel) exists Quicksand (Marvel)
An image for Raptor (Marvel)(03 - Damon Ryder) exists Raptor (Marvel)(03 - Damon Ryder)
An image for Ravage (Marvel)(2099) exists Ravage (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Red She-Hulk (Marvel) exists Red She-Hulk (Marvel)
An image for Ricochet (Marvel)(03 - Johnny Gallo) exists Ricochet (Marvel)(03 - Johnny Gallo)
An image for Michael Rossi exists Michael Rossi
An image for Scramble exists Scramble
An image for Talon (Marvel) exists Talon (Marvel)
An image for Ultimus exists Ultimus
An image for White Wolf (Marvel) exists White Wolf (Marvel)
An image for Witness (Marvel)(01 - The Twelve) exists Witness (Marvel)(01 - The Twelve)

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Heavy Mettle (Marvel)
Intelligencia (Marvel)
Kree Sentries
  Maggia (Marvel)
Rising Sons
Universal Church of Truth

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