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Wolverine: Weapon X Files (2009) - One-Shot
"Wolverine: Weapon X Files"

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Chad Anderson
Ronald Byrd
Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Mike Fichera
Michael Hoskin
Sean McQuaid
Eric J. Moreels - 'Comixfan'
Mike O'Sullivan
Markus Raymond
Jacob Rougemont
Stuart Vandal
Jeph York

Yoshitaka Amano - '天野 喜孝'
Brent Eric Anderson
Kaare Kyle Andrews
Chris Bachalo
Joe Barney
Bret Blevins
Reilly Brown
John Buscema
John Byrne
Howard V. Chaykin
Jim Cheung
Dave Cockrum - 'David Emmett Cockrum'
Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'
Simon Coleby
Kelly P. Corvese
Clayton Crain
Alan Davis
Steve Dillon
Steve Ditko
Terry Dodson
Michael Dutkiewicz - 'Mike'
Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'
Steve Epting
Todd Fox
Dan Fraga - 'FRAGABOOM'
Ron Garney
Paul Gulacy
Bryan Hitch
Dave Hoover
Georges Jeanty
Jeff Johnson - 'Angel Warrior'
Scott Kolins
Adam Kubert
Andy Kubert
Jose Omar Ladrönn - 'Ladrönn / J.O. Ladrönn'
Salvador Larroca
Jim Lee
Ron Lim
Paco Diaz Luque
Paco Diaz Luque
Cynthia Martin
Thomas Mason
Jeff Matsuda
Vatche Mavlian
Walter Antonio McDaniel
Luke McDonnell
Ed James McGuinness
Paco Medina
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Mike S. Miller
Shin ''Jason'' Nagasawa
Tsutomu Nihei - '弐瓶 勉'
Mark Pacella
Yanick Paquette
Jason Trent Pearson
Khoi Pham
Adam Pollina
Joe Quesada
Humberto Ramos
Nelson Ribeiro
John Romita Jr.
Melvin Rubi
Javier Saltares
Wilfred Santiago
Stephen Jorge Segovia
Liam Roger Sharp
Bill Sienkiewicz
Marc Silvestri
Walter 'Walt' Simonson
Steve Skroce
Paul Martin Smith - 'PMS'
Joe St. Pierre
Jim P. Starlin - 'Sam Jiltirn / Ms. Natjiril / J.L. Minirats'
Mark Texeira - 'TEX'
Harvey Montecillo Tolibao
Kent Robert Williams
Pete Woods
Leinil Francis Yu

Tom Smith

Mark D. Beazley
John Denning
Jennifer 'Jen' Grünwald
Cory Levine
Brian Overton
Alex Starbuck
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Frank Martin Jr.

Rating (out of 10):
from 6 votes

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Cover Date: April 2009
Cover Price: US $ 3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 64 pages

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None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Wolverine: Weapon X Files (2009) TPB

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An image for Aria (Marvel) exists Aria (Marvel)
An image for Big (Marvel) exists Big (Marvel)
An image for Blob (Marvel) exists Blob (Marvel)
An image for Brass (Marvel)(01 - Sean Watanabe) exists Brass (Marvel)(01 - Sean Watanabe)
An image for Edward Brecker exists Edward Brecker
An image for Charlemagne exists Charlemagne
An image for Chimera (Marvel)(03 - Sisterhood of Mutants) exists Chimera (Marvel)(03 - Sisterhood of Mutants)
An image for Avery Connor exists Avery Connor
An image for Nguyen Ngoc Coy exists Nguyen Ngoc Coy
An image for Daken (Marvel) exists Daken (Marvel)
An image for Deadpool (Marvel)(01 - Wade Wilson) exists Deadpool (Marvel)(01 - Wade Wilson)
An image for Dirt Nap exists Dirt Nap
An image for Dogma exists Dogma
An image for Doombringer (02) exists Doombringer (02)
An image for Gambit (Marvel) exists Gambit (Marvel)
An image for Cameron Hodge (Marvel) exists Cameron Hodge (Marvel)
An image for Horde (Marvel) exists Horde (Marvel)
An image for Hungry (Marvel) exists Hungry (Marvel)
An image for Kimora exists Kimora
An image for Amiko Kobayashi (Marvel) exists Amiko Kobayashi (Marvel)
An image for Steven Lang exists Steven Lang
An image for Lazaer exists Lazaer
An image for Tigon Liger exists Tigon Liger
An image for Lord Dark Wind exists Lord Dark Wind
An image for Mana (Marvel) exists Mana (Marvel)
An image for Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde) exists Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde)
An image for Maverick (Marvel)(01 - Christoph Nord) exists Maverick (Marvel)(01 - Christoph Nord)
  An image for Meltdown (Marvel)(01 - Russian) exists Meltdown (Marvel)(01 - Russian)
An image for Muramasa exists Muramasa
An image for Orphan-Maker (Marvel)(01- Peter) exists Orphan-Maker (Marvel)(01- Peter)
An image for Phaedra exists Phaedra
An image for Donald Pierce (Marvel) exists Donald Pierce (Marvel)
An image for Poison (Marvel)(01 - Cecilia Cardinale) exists Poison (Marvel)(01 - Cecilia Cardinale)
An image for Psi-Borg (02 - Aldo Ferro) exists Psi-Borg (02 - Aldo Ferro)
An image for S'ym exists S'ym
An image for Sabretooth (Marvel) exists Sabretooth (Marvel)
An image for Saint Cyrus Leviticus exists Saint Cyrus Leviticus
An image for Sapphire Styx exists Sapphire Styx
An image for Seraph (Marvel)(02) exists Seraph (Marvel)(02)
An image for Shiva (Marvel) (02 - program) exists Shiva (Marvel) (02 - program)
An image for Shredder (Marvel) exists Shredder (Marvel)
An image for Silver Fox (Marvel) exists Silver Fox (Marvel)
An image for Spore (Marvel) exists Spore (Marvel)
An image for William Stryker (Marvel) exists William Stryker (Marvel)
An image for Bolivar Trask exists Bolivar Trask
An image for Tribune (Marvel)(03 - Tane) exists Tribune (Marvel)(03 - Tane)
An image for Tyger Tiger exists Tyger Tiger
An image for Uncegila exists Uncegila
An image for Lt. Ethan Warren exists Lt. Ethan Warren
An image for Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett) exists Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
An image for Wolverine (Marvel)(04 - Daken Akihiro) exists Wolverine (Marvel)(04 - Daken Akihiro)
An image for John Wraith (Marvel) exists John Wraith (Marvel)
An image for Shingen Yashida (Marvel) exists Shingen Yashida (Marvel)

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Landau, Luckman and Lake
Purifiers (Marvel)
  X-Force (Marvel)(04 - Wolverine's Team)

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