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Star Wars (1998) - Clone Wars v. 7
"When They Were Brothers"
Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics Inc.)

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Sno-Cone Studios
Michael Atiyeh

Michael David Thomas

Jeremy Barlow - 'Thomas Andrews'
David 'Dave' Marshall
Randy Stradley

Cover Artist(s):
Tomás Giorello

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: November 2005
Cover Price: US $ 17.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 144 pages

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None entered.

Star Wars: Free Comic Book Day 2005 Special (2005) One-Shot
Star Wars: Obsession (2004) #1
Star Wars: Obsession (2004) #2
Star Wars: Obsession (2004) #3
Star Wars: Obsession (2004) #4
Star Wars: Obsession (2004) #5

ISBN-10: 1-59307-396-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59307-396-1

This is the only TPB flying under the Clone Wars banner that doesn't collect any issues of Republic. However, Obsession is rightly considered a Republic mini-series.

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An image for Mas Amedda exists Mas Amedda
Soon Bayts
An image for Count Dooku exists Count Dooku
An image for Durge exists Durge
An image for Kit Fisto exists Kit Fisto
An image for Adi Gallia exists Adi Gallia
An image for General Grievous exists General Grievous
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An image for Obi-Wan Kenobi exists Obi-Wan Kenobi
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  Drama Korr
Sly Moore
Odd Ball/Davijaan
An image for Bail Organa exists Bail Organa
An image for Palpatine/Darth Sidious exists Palpatine/Darth Sidious
An image for R2-D2 exists R2-D2
An image for Aayla Secura exists Aayla Secura
An image for Anakin Skywalker exists Anakin Skywalker
An image for Saesee Tiin exists Saesee Tiin
An image for Asajj Ventress exists Asajj Ventress
An image for Mace Windu exists Mace Windu
An image for Yoda exists Yoda

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Haden W. Blackman - 'Shug_Ninx'

Brian Ching

Brian Ching

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Convinced the Asajj Ventress is still alive, Obi-Wan uses his "leave" time from his normal war duties to go on a full-time search for her. Anakin, meanwhile, immediately uses his leave to steal away to Naboo and his wife.

Eventually seeing the wisdom of Aayla Secura's advice to "get help", Obi-Wan goes to Naboo and surprises the couple. He asks his friend to join him on the mission, because now he has proof that an "operative" is planning to kill innocents onboard a luxury liner. Padmé urges him to go use his powers to save people, but Anakin, believing himself to have killed Ventress once, is clearly reluctant to go chasing a ghost.

But go he does, and as Ventress' trail starts to warm, Skywalker's reluctance fades. Unfortunately, while the likelihood of Ventress remaining alive appears to grow, the intel on her precise location is shown to be a trap. The luxury liner turns out to be empty--save for the menace of Durge. While Kenobi goes to search the rest of the ship for any other sign of Ventress, Skywalker is left to take on the very powerful Durge himself. In the end, he must kill Durge--by sending the ship on a collision course with a star. Anakin and Obi-Wan must flee the ship, having obtained nothing from Durge but his apparent death.

The Jedis' two lone ships find themselves vulnerable in the vast expanse of space, when a huge Republic vessel, apparently under the nominal command of Bail Organa, rescues them. Onboard, Kenobi's disappointment over the conclusion of the Durge incident turns into renewed hope. He discovers Jedi previously unavailable now ready to join his quest.

Ventress' trail has lead them, it seems, to Boz Pity. Careful viewers of Revenge of the Sith will know that a major Jedi offensive was ongoing in this system at the time, so Kenobi sort of accidentally picks up an army to help him.

And he needs a bit of luck. Ventress is indeed alive, as he is soon to discover. Finding Dooku, the now-combined Republic forces see that he has, with the help of a whole lot of bacta--managed to save and reanimate Ventress, following Anakin's battle with her at the end of the first volume of the Clone Wars cartoon. She bursts out of the bacta tube, only to immediately begin exploring her hatred for Obi-Wan and Anakin.

In the ensuing battle--which involves Grievous, Dooku and Ventress against the several featured Jedi--we come to understand, at last, what has made Obi-Wan obsess over Ventress. "Anakin," he poignantly asks while trying to stop his former padawan from killing Ventress a second time, "imagine what you would have become if--instead of Qui-Gon, that other Sith had found you on Tatooine."

While much of the book seems determined to give us a view of Obi-Wan that is more aggressive and determined--closer, indeed, to the dark side--we see in the final battle that he is ever the faithful student of the Force. He intends to convert Ventress, not to kill her.

Dooku, though, sees Ventress being contained by Anakin's battle and Obi-Wan's words. He deems it likely she will end up a Republic prisoner. Not wishing to have her fall into enemy hands, he tells his own troops to kill her before she becomes a liability.

Seeing that the only father figure she's ever had, Dooku, has now turned on her, Ventress' full hate is released on Anakin, who again proves her superior in battle. Instinctively, and against Obi-Wan's wishes, he deals her a blow which apparently leads to her death. With her dying words, though, something of what Obi-Wan was trying to tell her hits home, and she gives the duo some vital intel for the war. (They and the Jedi Council ultimately fail to interpret it properly, but it's actually the key to the whole war.)

Obi-Wan orders her put onto a medical ship quickly, but he apparently believes that this time she's died for good.

Instead, she overtaxes the life support system of the ship and, somewhere en route and far away from the eyes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, she is shown to live once more. What she will do with this new life, though, is unknown.

The bulk of the trade is created by the people listed for the volume as a whole.

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Miles Lane

Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott

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The final 22 pages are still a part of the story told in the rest of the volume, but they have a different and more "personal" feel.

Anakin and Obi-Wan, on Dooku and Grievous' trail following the events of the main story, crash land on Ruhe near--but not near enough--Dooku's citadel. They must devise a way to get into the Citadel to capture the two CIS leaders. Along the way, we're allowed a glimpse into the relationship of the two men, as equal Jedi Knights, and come away understanding a little better why the volume is called, When They Were Brothers.

Oddly, the story never shows Grievous or Dooku, and the "mission" is ultimately abandoned. For reasons slightly unclear, they suffer no particular rebuke from the Council for badly fumbling their brief, but instead are seen to end the story being sent on a new mission to Cato Nemoida, This mission, which has yet to be portrayed in comics or novels, is referenced by a line in Revenge of the Sith.

Creators given here are only those that differ from those in the main story in this volume.

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