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    Vince Fago
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Date of Birth: 1914
Date of death: 2002

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Graphic Classics (2001)
SFA's Atomic Mouse (2001)

Four Teeners (1948)
The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics (2010)
Happy Comics (1943)
Kid Komics (1943)
Krazy Krow (1945)
SFA's Atomic Mouse (2001)
Silly Tunes (1945)

Four Teeners (1948)
The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics (2010)
Happy Comics (1943)
Kid Komics (1943)
Krazy Krow (1945)
SFA's Atomic Mouse (2001)
Silly Tunes (1945)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1973)
All Winners Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009)
All-Select Comics (1943)
All-Winners Comics (1941)
Amazing Comics (1944)
Animated Movie Tunes (1945)
Captain America Comics (1941)
Comedy Comics (1942)
Comic Capers (1944)
Comics for Kids (1945)
Complete Comics (1944)
Daring Comics (1944)
Dolly Dill (1945)
Dopey Duck Comics (1945)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1973)
Flashback Golden Age Comic Reprints (1970)
Funny Frolics (1945)
Funny Tunes (1944)
Gay Comics (1944)
Georgie Comics (1945)
The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1974)
Helen Keller: The Story of My Life (1974)
The Human Torch (1940)
Ideal Comics (1944)
Joker Comics (1942)
Junior Miss (1944)
Kid Komics (1943)
Kid Movie Komics (1946)
Komic Kartoons (1945)
Krazy Komics (1942)
Krazy Krow (1945)
Marvel Classics Comics Series Featuring... (1976)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age All Winners (2005)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age U.S.A. Comics (2005)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Young Allies (2009)
Marvel Mystery Comics (1939)
Mighty Mouse (1946)
Millie the Model (1945)
Miss America (Vol. 1) (1944)
Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009)
Miss Fury (1942)
Movie Tunes Comics (1946)
Mystic Comics (1944)
Nellie The Nurse (1945)
Patsy Walker (1945)
Pendulum's Illustrated Stories (1990)
Powerhouse Pepper Comics (1943)
Silly Tunes (1945)
Sub-Mariner Comics (1941)
Super Rabbit (1944)
A Tale of Two Cities (1974)
Tessie the Typist (1944)
Treasure Island (1973)
USA Comics (1941)
Young Allies Comics (1941)
Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics (1944)

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