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    Brian Pulido
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Since the early nineties, Brian Pulido's words and creations have been infecting the wild world of comics and beyond, creating a legacy of edgy characters and stories with a dark, rock and roll sensibility that has influenced pop culture and made underground images mainstream.

Pulido graduated New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Motion Picture and Television Department and went to work in the motion picture business as his short film, Nightfall, funded in part by the Louis B. Meyer foundation, played in ten film festivals and won several awards.

Starting out as a production assistant on movies like Batteries not Included and Bright Lights, Big City, he moved onto Def Jam records where he was first Assistant Director (AD) on the Company's Tougher Than Leather starring Run-DMC and the Beastie boys.

Pulido went on to AD videos for a who�s who of the time: Kiss, Queensryche, Blues travelor, Roy Orbison, Heavy D & the Boys, Lenny Kravitz, Joan Jett, C & C Music Factory and Hall & Oates and others. Pulido's commercial clients included Coca Cola, Sprite and Avon.

In the nineties, Pulido co-founded Chaos! Comics with artist Steven Hughes and Francisca Pulido. As the President of Chaos! Comics, Pulido was the leading independent comic publisher of the 1990's, achieving over thirty million dollars in sales in eight languages.

His real joy came from dreaming up stories and creating wild, never-before-seen characters. Chaos! was one of the main instigators of the "Bad girl" craze in comics. To outshine the big companies, Chaos! introduced comics with leather, velvet and chromium covers and set off a chain reaction of collectors hungry for the madness.

Chaos! employed some of the finest independent artists ever to draw comics including, but not limited to - the magnificently talented Steven Hughes, a master storyteller who breathed life in the undead Evil Ernie and Lady Death , Jason Jensen, perhaps the finest colorist in Indy comics ever and the mysterious Justiniano, whose unparalleled artwork captivated a generation.

Later artists like Al Rio and Ivan Reis, David Brewer and Jerry Beck continued the tradition of ground-breaking illustration. At its best, Chaos! was like a rock and roll band that made comics. Readers knew it and jumped on board.

As creative director of Chaos! Comics, Pulido won twelve international printing awards and oversaw hundreds of licensed items including posters, prints, sculptures, action figures, apparel, trading cards and drinkware Chaos! became a lifestyle for its fans who got tattoos of the characters.

Not content with any single form of creativity , Pulido has designed a major haunted attraction for Rawhide Western town, created Tour T-Shirts for the bands Megadeth, Insane Clown Posse and Static X and created close to fifty character Avatars for Tiger Electronics.

Chaos!, along with Clayburn Moore's Moore Creations was among the first to market with astounding collectible action figures for the collector�s market.

Pulido received the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Defender of Liberty award for his fundraising efforts in support of first amendment issues. This would not have been possible without the support of all the Chaos! Comics employees, artists and fans.

On the motion picture front, Pulido created, produced and wrote the story for ADV Film's animated feature, Lady Death. Recently he wrote, produced and directed the award winning short horror film, There's Something out There, which has played at twenty five film festivals and has eight wins.

Pulido has created, written or co-written over 260 comic books including: Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity, Smiley, the Psychotic button, Bad kitty, Jade, Lady Demon, Bedlam and The Undead among many other titles.

He's written or published stories for World Wrestling Entertainment, Universal�s The Mummy, Halloween, Megadeth and Insane Clown Posse. Besides Chaos! Comics, his stories have been published by Marvel and Dark Horse comics, among others.

Pulido's current comics work includes all new stories based on New Line Cinema's Nightmare on Elm St, Friday The 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre from Avatar Press, as well as the monthly Lady Death and Medieval Lady Death, a Wizard book of the month. With Avatar, he launched all new supernatural creations Belladonna, Gypsy, War Angel, Killer Gnomes and Unholy.

Out of a sheer love of the genres, Pulido co-founded the upcoming International Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival which is a competitive three day event in Phoenix Arizona, produced in cooperation with the Phoenix Film Festival. He is also the festival Director.

He is the co-owner of a comic book collectibles web site, specializing in all his works.

Pursuing a life long goal, Pulido has formed the production company, Eternal Entertainment, LLC. to produce high quality, low budget feature films for mass audiences. Eternal's first feature, Gone is a thriller written by Pulido and eight time New York Times best-selling author, Michael A. Stackpole.

Pulido resides in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife Francisca and their dogs, Raven and Midnight.

Date of Birth: November 30


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Brinke of Eternity (1994)
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Chaos! Crossover (2000)
Chaos! One-Shot (2000)
Chaos! Quarterly (1995)
Chastity (2000)
Chastity: Shattered (2001)
Chastity: Theater der Qualen (1998)
Chastity: Theatre of Pain (1997)
Chucky Comic Book (2007)
Comic Talk (1993)
Cremator: Hell's Guardian (1998)
Cryptic Writings of Megadeth (1997)
Detonator (1994)
Evil Ernie (1991)
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Evil Ernie / Lady Death Ashcan Preview (1994)
Evil Ernie 1: Die Auferstehung (1998)
Evil Ernie Special Limited Edition (1992)
Evil Ernie vs. the Superheroes (1995)
Evil Ernie Youth Gone Wild Director's Cut (1995)
Evil Ernie: Depraved (1999)
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Evil Ernie: Pieces of Me (2000)
Evil Ernie: Relentless (2002)
Evil Ernie: Returns (2001)
Evil Ernie: Revenge (1994)
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Evil Ernie: The Resurrection (1993)
Evil Ernie: War of the Dead (1999)
Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild - Encore Presentation (1996)
Five Years of Pain (1997)
Friday the 13th Special (2005)
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Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss (2016)
Lady Death: Origins (2010)
Lady Death: Pin Ups (2011)
Lady Death: River of Fear (2001)
Lady Death: Scorched Earth (2019)
Lady Death: Sworn! (2018)
Lady Death: The Rapture (1999)
Lady Death: The Rapture (2010)
Lady Death: The Reckoning - 25th Anniversary Edition (2019)
Lady Death: The Reckoning #1: Encore Presentation (1996)
Lady Death: The Wicked (2005)
Lady Death: Tribulation (2000)
Lady Death: Unholy Ruin (2017)
Lady Death/Bad Kitty (2001)
Lady Death/Medieval Witchblade (2001)
Lady Death/Shi (2006)
Lady Death/Vampirella (1999)
Lynch Mob (1994)
Marvel Mega Hors Série (1997)
Medieval Lady Death (2010)
Mischief Night Special (2006)
NightCry (1996)
A Nightmare On Elm Street Fearbook (2006)
A Nightmare on Elm Street Special (2005)
Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid (2005)
Nightmare Theater (1997)
Purgatori: Love Bites (2001)
Purgatori: Prelude (1996)
Purgatori: The Hunted (2001)
Purgatori: The Vampires Myth (1996)
Purgatori: Vampirmythos (1998)
Queens of Halloween (1996)
Rack & Pain (1994)
Rack & Pain: Killers (1996)
Stan's Soapbox: The Collection (2009)
Static-X: Machine (2002)
The Supernaturals (1998)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special (2005)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Grind (2006)
Tribute to Steven Hughes (2000)
The Undead (2002)
UnHoly (2016)
Untold Tales (2001)
Vampirella Crossover (2000)
Wizard Ace Edition (1996)
World Record Attempt (2014)
Zack, The Zombie Exterminator (2015)


Aftermath (2000)
Bad Kitty (2001)
Bad Kitty: Mischief Night (2001)
Bad Kitty: Reloaded (2001)
Brinke of Eternity (1994)
Chaos! Chronicles (1999)
Chaos! Monster Matinee (1997)
Chastity: Love Bites (2001)
Chastity: Lust For Life (1999)
Chastity: Re-Imagined (2002)
Chastity: Rocked (1998)
Chastity: Rocked and Cremator: Hell's Guardian Preview Book (1998)
Chastity: Shattered (2001)
Chyna II (2001)
Cremator: Hell's Guardian (1998)
Cryptic Writings of Megadeth (1997)
Detonator (1994)
Evil Ernie (1998)
Evil Ernie vs. the Movie Monsters (1997)
Evil Ernie: Pieces of Me (2000)
Evil Ernie: Returns (2001)
Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell (1995)
Evil Ernie: War of the Dead (1999)
The Haunted (2002)
The Haunted: Gray Matters (2002)
Homicide: Tears of the Dead (1997)
Jade (2001)
Jade: Redemption (2001)
La Muerta: Ascension (2019)
La Muerta: Black & White (2019)
La Muerta: Retribution (2018)
La Muerta: Vengeance (2017)
Lady Death (1994)
Lady Death (1997)
Lady Death and Jade (2002)
Lady Death II: Between Heaven & Hell (1995)
Lady Death IV: The Crucible (1996)
Lady Death vs. Purgatori (1999)
Lady Death vs. Vampirella II (2000)
Lady Death: Alive (2001)
Lady Death: Dark Alliance (2002)
Lady Death: Dark Millennium (2000)
Lady Death: Echoes (2013)
Lady Death: Goddess Returns (2002)
Lady Death: Heartbreaker (2002)
Lady Death: Judgement War (1999)
Lady Death: Last Rites (2001)
Lady Death: Love Bites (2001)
Lady Death: Mischief Night (2001)
Lady Death: Moments (2009)
Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss (2016)
Lady Death: Re-Imagined (2002)
Lady Death: Retribution (1998)
Lady Death: Swimsuit 2001 (2001)
Lady Death: The Gauntlet (2002)
Lady Death: The Rapture (1999)
Lady Death: The Rapture (2010)
Lady Death: Tribulation (2000)
Lady Death/Bedlam (2002)
Lady Death/Medieval Witchblade (2001)
Lady Death/Vampirella (1999)
Lady Demon (2000)
Legend of the Sage (2001)
The Omen (1998)
The Omen: Vexed (1998)
Pandemonium (1998)
Purgatori (1998)
Purgatori vs. Chastity (2000)
Purgatori vs. Lady Death (2001)
Purgatori vs. Vampirella (2000)
Purgatori: God Hunter (2002)
Purgatori: Darkest Hour (2001)
Purgatori: Empire (2000)
Purgatori: God Killer (2002)
Purgatori: Goddess Rising (1999)
Purgatori: Heartbreaker (2002)
Purgatori: Love Bites (2001)
Purgatori: Mischief Night (2001)
Purgatori: The Hunted (2001)
The Rock (2001)
Smiley Anti-Holiday Special (1999)
Smiley's Spring Break (1999)
The Supernaturals (1998)
The Undead (2002)
Undertaker (1999)
Untold Tales of Chastity (2000)
Untold Tales of Purgatori (2000)
Vampirella: The New Monthly (1997)
Vampirella/Lady Death (1999)
Vandala (2000)
WWF Presents (2000)

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