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    John Ostrander
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John Ostrander is an American writer of comics. Originally an actor in a Chicago theatre company, he moved into writing comics in 1983. His first published works were stories about "Sargon, Mistress of War" published in the First Comics series "Warp", based on a series of plays by that same Chicago theatre company. He is co-creator of the character Grimjack with Timothy Truman, published originally as a back up story in the First Comics title, Starslayer, before going on to appear in a comic of the same name, again published by First Comics in the mid 1980s. First Comics ceased publication in 1991, and Ostrander went on to work at other comics companies.

Prior to his career in comic books, Ostrander studied theology with the intent of becoming a Catholic priest. His in-depth explorations of morality were later used in his work writing The Spectre, a DC Comics series about the manifestation of the wrath of God. His focus on the character's human aspect, a dead cop named Jim Corrigan, and his exploration of moral and theological themes brought new life to a character often thought of as impossible to write. He has also worked on Firestorm, Justice League, Martian Manhunter, Manhunter, Suicide Squad, and Wasteland for DC.

From the mid-1980s until her death from breast cancer in 1997, Ostrander frequently co-wrote with his wife Kim Yale. It was while working with her that he made what is probably his most lasting contribution to the DC Universe: the recasting of Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl, into the information and computer specialist Oracle.

At Marvel comics, Ostrander has also worked on X-Men, Bishop, Quicksilver, Heroes for Hire and the Punisher.

He has had a significant career at Dark Horse Comics as well, writing (or co-writing) the overwhelming majority of the company's Star Wars titles set in the prequel trilogy era, most notably the flagship title, Star Wars: Republic. His most significant contribution at Dark Horse is arguably his help in creating Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos, the only two characters who were created in comics and then moved to a Star Wars feature film.

Ostrander has also written for other comics companies: Hotspur for Eclipse Comics; Lady Death for Chaos! Comics; Magnus, Robot Fighter, Rai and the Future Force, and Eternal Warrior for Valiant Comics.

Date of Birth: April 20, 1949


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  • 1997 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Writer: (The Spectre [DC])
  • 1998 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best Writer: (The Spectre; Kents; Tangent Comics: Nightwing [DC])

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52 Sonderband: World War III (2007)
52: La III Guerra Mundial (2008)
52/WW III (2007)
9-11 (2002)
All American Comics (1989)
All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant (1999)
The Amalgam Age of Comics (1996)
Anthologie DC: Légendes (2008)
Apache Skies (2002)
Aquaman (1994)
Aquaman (2003)
Aquaman (2011)
Aquaman (2012)
Aquaman [MEX] (2012)
Aquaman and the Others (2014)
Armageddon: Inferno (1992)
Avengers Assemble (2004)
Avengers: Quicksilver (2015)
Batman (1940)
Batman - No Man's Land (2014)
Batman [GER] (2007)
Batman [ITA] (1995)
Batman [ITA] (2007)
Batman [SPA] (1987)
Batman Album (1989)
Batman Arkham: Penguin (2018)
Batman Black & White (2001)
Batman Black and White (1996)
The Batman Chronicles (1995)
Batman Sonderband (1989)
Batman Sonderband (1997)
Batman Special (1997)
Batman: Gotham Knights (2000)
Batman: Gotham Nights II (1995)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989)
Batman: Niemandsland (2017)
Batman: No Man's Land (1999)
Batman: Penguin Triumphant (1992)
Batman: Seduction of the Gun (1993)
Bishop (1994)
Bishop: X.S.E. (1998)
Blackhawk (1989)
Blaze of Glory (2000)
Bullets and Bracelets (1996)
Cable (1994)
Cable & X-Force: Onslaught Rising (2018)
Captain Atom (1987)
Catwoman (1993)
Chaos! One-Shot (2000)
Combo (1995)
Countdown Special: Eclipso (2008)
Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics: Justice League (2017)
Dark Horse Extra (1998)
DC Collection (1994)
DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection [GER] (2015)
DC Comics Presents: Brightest Day (2010)
DC Comics Presents: Superman - The Kents (2012)
DC Comics: The New 52 Villains Omnibus (2013)
DC gegen Marvel (1996)
DC One Million Omnibus (2013)
DC Prestige (1994)
DC Versus Marvel Comics (1997)
DC versus Marvel Comics (1997)
DCU Villains Secret Files (1999)
Deadpool Classic (2008)
Deadpool Special (2014)
Deadpool trifft Luke Cage und Iron Fist (2016)
Deadshot (1988)
Deadshot: Beginnings (2013)
Deathmate (1993)
Demon Knight: A Grimjack Graphic Novel (1989)
Detective Comics (1937)
Die Cosmic-Ranger (1985)
Die neue Suicide Squad (2016)
Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular (2012)
Doctor Who Omnibus (2013)
Doctor Who: Autopia (2009)
Doctor Who: Through Time and Space (2009)
Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special (1988)
Double Edge (1995)
Dynamo Joe (1986)
ElfQuest: Jink (1994)
Especial Día de San Valentín (1998)
Essential Wolverine (1997)
Eternal Warrior (1992)
Excalibur Visionaries: Warren Ellis (2010)
Fashion In Action (2018)
Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (1986)
First Adventures (1985)
Flush Man (1991)
Forever Evil (2014)
The Fury of Firestorm (1982)
The Gift: A First Publishing Holiday Special (1990)
Golden Age Secret Files (2001)
Gotham Nights (1992)
Grandes Historias (1994)
Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (1992)
Grimjack (1984)
Grimjack Casefiles (1990)
Grimjack: Killer Instinct (2005)
Grimjack: The Manx Cat (2009)
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Quarterly (1996)
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Vol. 2 (2007)
Hawkman (1993)
Hawkworld (1990)
Heroes For Hire (1997)
Heroes For Hire/Quicksilver '98 (1998)
Heroic Age: One Month To Live (2010)
Hotspur (1987)
Iron Man (1998)
Iron Man by Kurt Busiek & Sean Chen Omnibus (2013)
JLA (1997)
JLA - Die neue Gerechtigkeitsliga Special (1998)
JLA [GER] (2001)
JLA 80-Page Giant (1998)
JLA Versus Predator (2001)
JLA: Incarnations (2001)
JLA: Légendes (2004)
JSA (1999)
JSA Secret Files (1999)
Justice League - La Tour de Babel (2012)
Justice League Adventures (2002)
Justice League International (2008)
Justice League International Omnibus (2017)
Justice League Quarterly (1990)
Kauhu (2000)
The Kents (1997)
Kros (2017)
La Cible de Deadshot (2014)
La Légende de Darkseid (2014)
Lady Death: Dark Alliance (2002)
Lady Death: Der Fehdehandschuh (2002)
Lady Death: Die letzte Ölung (2002)
Lady Death: Die Rückkehr der Göttin (2002)
Lady Death: Goddess Returns (2002)
Lady Death: Heartbreaker (2002)
Lady Death: Last Rites (2001)
Lady Death: Mischief Night (2001)
Lady Death: The Gauntlet (2002)
Lady Death: The Mourning (2002)
Lega della Giustizia (1990)
The Legend of Grimjack (2005)
Legends (1986)
Luke Cage, Iron Fist & The Heroes For Hire (2016)
Magnus Robot Fighter (1991)
Manhunter (1988)
Mars (1984)
Martian Manhunter (1998)
Marvel (1997)
Marvel Crossover (1995)
Marvel Holiday Special (1991)
Marvel Special (1997)
Marvel Superhelden (1979)
Marvel Top (1997)
Marvel Valentine Special (1997)
Munden's Bar (2007)
Munden's Bar [Webcomic] (2007)
Munden's Bar Annual (1988)
New America (1987)
Onslaught (1996)
Out of the Vortex (1993)
Predator vs. Magnus Robot Fighter (1992)
Punisher (1995)
Punisher vs. the Marvel Universe (2016)
Quicksilver (1997)
Rai and the Future Force (1993)
Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword (2010)
Secret Origins (1986)
Secret Six (2008)
Secret Six [TPB] (2015)
Showcase '95 (1995)
Spécial DC (1997)
Spectacular Spider-Man (2003)
The Spectre (1992)
The Spectre (2001)
Spider-Man [ITA] (2008)
Spider-Man Universe (2012)
The Spirit: The New Adventures (1998)
Star Wars (1998)
Star Wars [GER] (1999)
Star Wars Comic-Kollektion (2016)
Star Wars Dziedzictwo (2008)
Star Wars Komiks (2008)
Star Wars Komiks Wydanie Specjalne (2009)
Star Wars Legends: Legacy - Epic Collection (2016)
Star Wars Legends: The Clone Wars - Epic Collection (2016)
Star Wars Legends: The Empire - Epic Collection (2015)
Star Wars Omnibus (2006)
Star Wars Sonderband (1999)
Star Wars Tales (1999)
Star Wars Vector (2009)
Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection (2007)
Star Wars: Agent Of The Empire - Hard Targets (2012)
Star Wars: Agent Of The Empire - Iron Eclipse (2011)
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Agent of Doom (2000)
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Man With a Mission (2007)
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi (2012)
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm (2012)
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force War (2013)
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Prisoner of Bogan (2012)
Star Wars: Jedi (2003)
Star Wars: La Guerra de Los Clones (2006)
Star Wars: Le Guerre dei Cloni (2008)
Star Wars: Legacy (2006)
Star Wars: Legacy War (2010)
Star Wars: Legacy: One for One (2010)
Star Wars: Purge (2005)
Star Wars: Purge (2013)
Star Wars: Purge - Seconds to Die (2009)
Star Wars: Republic (2002)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Wind Raiders of Taloraan (2009)
Starjammers (2019)
Starslayer (1982)
Suicide Squad (1987)
Suicide Squad (2016)
Suicide Squad Special: War Crimes (2016)
Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag (2007)
Superhéroes Marvel (1994)
Superman: The Man of Steel (2003)
Tangent Comics (1997)
Tangent Comics (2007)
Tangent Comics/ Nightwing (1997)
Tangent Comics/ Nightwing: Night Force (1998)
Tangent Comics/ Tales of the Green Lantern (1998)
Teen Titans Spotlight (1986)
Thunderbolts Classic (2011)
Universo DC (1989)
Warp (1983)
Wasteland (1987)
The Whisper Campaign (2015)
Who's Who in the DC Universe (1990)
Who's Who In The DC Universe Update 1993 (1992)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
Who's Who: Update '87 (1987)
Wolverine (1988)
Wolverine (1989)
Wolverine (1990)
Wolverine [GER] (1997)
Wolverine Epic Collection (2014)
Wolverine: Knight of Terra (1995)
Wonder Woman (2011)
X-Man (1995)
X-Man: The Man Who Fell To Earth (2012)
X-Men [FRA] (1997)
X-Men Extra (1997)
X-Men Unlimited (1993)
X-Men vs. The Brood (1996)
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic (2008)
X-Men: The Road to Onslaught (2014)
X-Men/Avengers: Onslaught Omnibus (2015)
XSE (1996)
XSE (1997)

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