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Dusk (Marvel)(04 - Cassandra St. Commons)
Real Name: Cassandra St. Commons
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Her powers were never revealed when she was alive, but after she ''died'' she had the ability to teleport.

She's dead.

She is the most mysterious member of the Slingers, a poor goth girl who adopted the identity of Dusk, in Slingers #0 while the team was training, Dusk fell off a building and died. She was taken to the morgue but came alive again. She tried to help her friends save a man and a head on train collision but she was to late. However she did save a young boy from falling after reaching for a gun on a beam.

Spider-Man found the costume in Spider-Man issue #90. A rift appeared to the Negative Zone and three kids were sucked into it. Spider-Man had to go after them, so he jumped in. Shoc (a hero Spidey helped out once) stopped him because there would be no way back. Shoc attached part of his Dark Force to Spider-Man (Like a diver attaching himself to a boat) and he jumped in. After appearing at the other end of the rift he appeared in some sort of civil war. A guy in a Dark costume called Dusk gets shot and they go back to his HQ. Dusk tells Spidey the true Dusk disappeared and Spider-Man has to take over. He sneaks into the enemy fortress and confronts Lord Blastaar. After saving the day he returns to Earth with the three kids, not before the new Dusk asks Spidey to find the true original Dusk. Cassie recieved a copy of this costume from the Black Marvel

First Appearance: Slingers (1998) #0

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider (2017)
Contest of Champions II (1999)
Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt (2011)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Ms. Marvel (2006)
New Warriors (1999)
Slingers (1998)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)

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