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Earth-Lord (Marvel)(01 - Ralphie Hutchins)
Real Name: Ralphie Hutchins
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Earth-Lord was literally the earth surrounding the compound of the She-Hulk enemy known only as Doc. As he was the earth itself, he was able to move as the earth (forming a face made out of the earth, or a hand made out of rock) and transfer his specific consciousness into anything of the earth (attacking She-Hulk as a specific tree for example).

As Earth-Lord was the earth itself and could draw upon himself for strength, it's assumed he possessed incalculable strength. During the battle in which he was psychically destroyed, he was also trying to push his consciousness through higher levels of awareness, so that would suggest some psychic abilities as well although they were never displayed in battle, just as a way to try to stop another psychic being from destroying him through the pain he was sending out.

Earth-Lord was really a man named Ralphie Hutchins, who was a student attending the medical college of Los Angeles, when his best friend, Daniel "Zapper" Ridge gave him a blood sample to analyze. Zapper was the boyfriend of She-Hulk, and the blood sample he gave to Hutchins was that of She-Hulk, this was unknown to Hutchins at the time.

After he discovered that the blood was taken from the woman who transformed into She-Hulk, Hutchins confronted Zapper with this knowledge. It was revealed also, that Hutchins had given the blood sample to a man known only as Doc. Doc wanted She-Hulk brought to him, claiming he was fascinated by her recuperative powers, but really wanted to clone an army of superhumans from her.

She-Hulk was brought in, and managed to escape. During her escape, a sample of her blood was injected into Hutchins, mutating him for the first time into Brute. During a battle with She-Hulk, Brute was literally torn to pieces.

Although it was unknown to all but Doc at the time, Ralphie was continually used by Doc and transformed into four more beings, all sent to battle or kill She-Hulk.

Hutchins first morphed into the Seeker, and set up a battle between Seeker and She-Hulk to demonstrate his power. During the battle, the Seeker absorbed too much electricity, and not being able to control it, was buried in an explosion.

Surviving, Hutchins morphed from the Seeker into Raidus and was once again sent by Doc to kill She-Hulk. Nearly being defeated by She-Hulk, Radius ran from the battle and returned to Doc. Doc, seeing that Radius had failed and was damaged during the battle, terminated Radius.

Hutchins once again morphed, this time from Radius into a being called Torque. Yet again, Torque was sent to kill She-Hulk. She-Hulk, unwittingly increased Torque's power, and unable to control his increased power levels, Torque exploded.

Later, Hutchins morphed into the last of Doc's creations for him, Earth-Lord. Earth-Lord was actually the Earth that surrounded Doc's compound, which Doc had seemingly brought to life (although a life without consciousness) having saturated the earth with a solution that induced a cellular mutation in the soil itself. All it needed was the proper stimulus to become active which Doc would provide through use of his organic stimulator helmet. Doc put on the helmet, attuned the ground to his will and basically had complete physical control of the earth itself, or at least a part of it. As soon as Earth-Lord was brought to life, Kyr, another creation of Doc with vast psychic powers who was battling She-Hulk at the same time, took partial control of Earth-Lord, while still trying to fight She-Hulk. Kyr had a power dampening device attached to his skull which She-Hulk pulled off thinking it was the source of his power, when the removal in fact made him more powerful. His consciousness, his anger at having been created and abandoned by Doc, expanded, causing extreme pain to all of Los Angeles. Earth-Lord tried to raise his consciousness to another level as well, but found with each higher level Kyr's pain was more. Eventually Earth-Lord succumbed to it and in essence died. The battle knocked Kyr unconscious as well. As Earth-Lord died, instead of simply dying like all of Hutchins mutations previously, he reverted back through all of them, right in front of She-Hulk, allowing her to figure out exactly what had happened.

Hutchins barely conscious, once again began transforming through his mutations. Attacking She-Hulk as Brute, Seeker and Radius before turning on Doc after he had retaken on the identity of Torque. As Torque, he was killed by Doc who was using a helmet that amplified his brainwaves and allowed him to fire a single mental blast at him.

In death, Ralphie mutated once more, this time into an unnamed entity capable of existing on a mental plane. From there, his consciousness invaded Doc's mutates, giving them a sense of purpose. He was also able to increase the determination and courage of all those around at the time to come together to face Doc. They did and were able to defeat Doc.

Hutchins, and/or his last mutation into the unnamed entity, have not been seen since


First Appearance: The Savage She-Hulk (1980) #24

Other Identities:
Brute (Marvel)(02 - Ralphie Hutchins)
Ralph 'Ralphie' Hutchins
Radius (Marvel)(01- Ralphie Hutchins)
Seeker (Marvel)(04 - Ralphie Hutchins)
Torque (Marvel)(01 - Ralphie Hutchins)

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Issue Appearances:
The Savage She-Hulk (1980)

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