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Battalion (Wildstorm)
Real Name: Jackson King
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* Attractive Male
* Electricity Control
* Force Field (and Psi-Shield)
* Leadership
* Marksmanship
* Possession
* Postcognition
* Ciber-Tran Power Suit
* Psionic (he can activate his power suite).
* Super Speed
* Super Strength
* Telekinesis
* Telepathy
* Unarmed Combat
* Weapon Master

*** ORIGIN ***
The first iteration of the Stormwatch Program was known as Stormwatch Prime and consisted of Battalion, Flashpoint, Nautica, Sunburst and Backlash. Backlash was made team leader because of his strong psionic powers, his athletic physique and his ability to keep a cool head under pressure. He led Stormwatch Prime on many successful missions until an accident in at the end of Desert Storm. In their first confrontation with Deathtrap and the MERCS, Flashpoint, Nautica and Sunburst fell before the enemy and were presumed dead. Only Backlash and Battalion escaped, but the loss dealt a heavy blow to Battalion. Between that loss and the evil path his father took, self-doubt started to form in ’s mind.

From the ashes of Stormwatch Prime, Stormwatch One was assembled. Tragedy struck again though, and on one of their first missions, ’s friend and mentor, John Windsor, was killed by Deathtrap. King thought about leaving Stormwatch after this but was convinced to stay by teammate Synergy. Not only did she make him realize that as a man of action, he needed Stormwatch as much as it needed him, but she activated his younger brother Malcolm. She did it to save his life, but it gave Battalion another reason to stay Now Battalion could keep an eye on his brother since he'd now have to be trained on Skywatch.

Around this time Battalion and Synergy’s mutual interest in each was growing (though they denied it when asked). However, during an incident in another dimension to stop the sorcerer known as Argus, Battalion put a strain on that relationship. Though he’d followed Argus to his home dimension for the sole purpose of saving Christine, he met a princess there and they spent the night together. He almost stayed with her on her world but Argus killed her and so went back to his dimension, but the damage was done and he and Christine weren't very close for a while.

After an incident on Skywatch where Daemonites released the WarGuard, Battalion led Stormwatch One into a mission in Gamorra where they faced up against Deathtrap yet again. This time the confrontation with the deadly mercenary ended in victory even though the entire situation was a trap. Battalion found out that his teammates from Stormwatch Prime had survived and they were able to be rescued; though he had to disobey orders to do it. His teammates had been held captive for quite some time and while Nautica and Sunburst would eventually come to thank Battalion for finally saving them, Flashpoint, who had already resented Battalion never did, and his hatred for burned hotter.

Some time and several missions later, Battalion was met in his quarters by a time traveler named Timespan who took him a year into the future. There he saw everything he knew in ruins. Skywatch had been destroyed, his team still existed but it was little more than a small resistance led by Spartan (now that the Wildcats were dead), and his father Despot was on the cusp of taking over the world. On top of that, it appeared that he himself had died. After returning from the future he told no-one what he had seen and continued going on missions. Not knowing exactly when he would die, he was more determined than ever to make a difference before he did, repeatedly disobeying orders and putting himself in dangerous positions that he didn't have to, but surviving and gaining victory. During this time he finally allowed himself to act on his feelings for Synergy and they got very close, acting like a couple both on and off duty, though that was somewhat affected by her becoming Weatherman after Henry Bendix was fired for defending Battalion's rash decisions.

Field leader of Stormwatch supergroup of heroes.

First Appearance: Stormwatch (1993) #1

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Avengers (1996)
Backlash (1994)
Captain America (1996)
Codename: Strykeforce (1994)
Coup D'Etat: Afterword (2004)
DC/WS DreamWar (2008)
Deathmate (1993)
DV8: Gods and Monsters (2010)
Fantastic Four (1996)
Gen13 (1995)
Inside Image (1993)
Iron Man (1996)
Number of the Beast (2008)
Sleeper: Season Two (2004)
Stormwatch (1993)
Stormwatch: P.H.D. (2007)
Stormwatch: P.H.D.: Armageddon (2008)
Supreme (1992)
The Authority (1999)
The Authority (2008)
The Authority [GER] (2001)
The Authority [GER] (2006)
The Authority: Human on the Inside (2004)
The Authority: Prime (2007)
The Authority: The Lost Year (2010)
The Monarchy (2001)
Union (1993)
Union (1995)
Wetworks (2006)
Wildcats (1999)
WildCats (2008)
Wildstorm Rarities (1994)
Wildstorm Revelations (2008)
WildStorm Universe (2009)
Wildstorm Universe 97 (1996)
Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years (2017)
Wildstorm: After the Fall (2010)
Worldstorm (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Stormwatch (Wildstorm)
Stormwatch: P.H.D.

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