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Spoiler (DC)
Real Name: Stephanie Brown
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The Spoiler began her career as a crimefighter as a skilled gymnast with some aikidō training; she was unusually strong for a girl her size and age, able to physically subdue fully-grown men with comparative ease (although admittedly with a fondness for using blunt objects like propane tanks or large gemstones when available). She was also nearly able to sneak up on Batman despite a lack of formal training. Subsequently, she was taken in by the Batman and given training in various martial arts, and underwent additional training with the Birds of Prey and Batgirl.

Initially she wore a costume -- coloured eggplant, not purple -- she'd sewn herself, supplying herself with gear bought from Radio Hut. After she began dating Robin, he supplied her surreptitiously with additional gear (e.g., regurgitant gas grenades, flashbang grenades, &c.); later, after being adopted into the Batman family, she was equipped with a Kevlar-reinforced uniform (still eggplant, not purple), Starlite night-vision lenses, an encrypted radio comm-link, and the usual family gear, including Batarangs, de-cel lines, shuriken, bolos, spiked jacks, and a grapnel gun. On at least one occasion she carried a wakizashi.

Spoiler had a short temper and a general lack of empathy for criminal offenders; she tended to be impulsive and make hasty judgments on incomplete evidence, more than once entering into situations she wasn't prepared for. She occasionally slipped while roof-crawling or swing-lining, and despite her insistence on using her code name while in costume could at times be careless about protecting her secret identity.

Stephanie Brown was the daughter of Arthur "Cluemaster" Brown, a second-string costumed Gotham City criminal. After her father's release from Blackgate Penitentiary and relapse into recidivism, she created a costumed identity for herself and left clues for the Gotham City Police Department in order to "spoil" the Cluemaster's robbery of a charity telethon at the Castleland Park Mall in Evanstown. In the course of this caper, she met both the Batman and Robin for the first time (her first encounter with Robin concluded with hitting him in the face with a brick after he unmasked her), and Batman had to talk her out of killing her father for having ruined her life with his endless schemes.

Stephanie returned to the cape and cowl business when her father escaped from prison, leading to another run-in with Robin -- this time culminating in her rescuing him from dying in an armoured car buried in cement, and a "thank you" kiss from the Boy Wonder. As time went on, she became more active as a costumed crimefighter in the suburbs surrounding her home in Widowstone Creek, often working with Robin despite Batman's stern disapproval and Robin's own half-hearted efforts to convince her to quit. After a lengthy flirtation, she and Robin began dating, although she did not yet know his secret identity (he had deduced hers soon after their first encounter).

At around the time of the cataclysmic earthquake that devastated Gotham City, Stephanie learned she was pregnant by her previous boyfriend, forcing her to temporarily retire the Spoiler. Ultimately, Stephanie gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she put up for adoption, having decided she didn't want the child to grow up without a father the way she had. She resumed active duty as the Spoiler, and eventually Batman revealed Robin's secret identity to her and decided to begin training her. She formed a close friendship with the new Batgirl, and worked for a time as a protégée to Oracle's Birds of Prey. Although she did attend a party at the Justice League Watchtower and participated in Young Justice's invasion of Zandia, the Spoiler's activities tended to be limited to the greater Gotham area.

Batman abruptly cut off her training without explanation around the time that Bruce Wayne was charged with the murder of Vesper Fairchild. Some time later he formally "fired" her, trying once again to force her to quit being a vigilante. Overwhelmed with other duties, the Birds of Prey also decided to stop mentoring her, although Black Canary did emphasize that they hadn't intended to try to force her out of the cape and cowl business altogether. At roughly the same time, she received word that her father had died while on a mission for the U.S. Government's secret Suicide Squad, bringing her to lash out with uncharacteristic severity at the usual fare of Gotham City street skels. She suffered a broken leg in a fight with a recent addition to Robin's rogues gallery, the supernaturally-fueled Johnny Warlock.

When her boyfriend quit as Robin, Stephanie snuck into the Batcave in a homemade Robin costume and was appointed by Batman as his new apprentice in recognition of her persistence. She underwent a second, more rigourous training period, and resumed active patrols of the city, working in tandem with either Batman or Batgirl. After disobeying an order in the field on day 49 of her training, she was fired as Robin on day 71, and again "ordered" to quit as Spoiler. She stole a contingency war plan from the Batcomputer and inadvertently set into motion a violent three-day gang war that ultimately resulted in her own capture by gangster Black Mask, at whose hands she suffered severe torture. Stephanie Brown ultimately died of her injuries; her funeral was attended by most of the Batman family in their civilian identities.

Stephanie was survived by her parents Crystal Brown and Arthur "Cluemaster" Brown (who had in fact only been seriously injured in his Suicide Squad mission), and by her daughter whose name she never learned; at her deathbed Batman promised her daughter would never want for anything. After her death, she twice appeared as a ghost to her best friend Batgirl during near-death experiences, serving as a kind of guardian angel and revealing part of Batgirl's past to her. Robin briefly considered using a Lazarus pit to restore her to life. But this proved to be unneccesary as it was recently revealed she had faked her death and been on a leave of absence with Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She returned to Gotham City, and is now back in active duty, and appears to know Batman's secret identity. She and Tim are still experiencing tension over how she lied about her death, though.

The Spoiler stands 5'5" and weighs 110 lbs. She tends to operate in the suburbs, especially in the neighorhoods of Gotham Heights and Widowstone Creek. She trained with Batman for three months, and although she never learned his secret identity, she did know the location of the Batcave (ten miles from her house), and also knew the secret identity and headquarters of Oracle. She is a superb pianist, despite having been out of practice for four years. Upon her return from the dead, she discovered Batman's secret identity. The War Crimes story event revealed that Stephanie was sixteen at her time of death, and indicated that Dr Leslie Thompson had deliberately withheld appropriate medical treatment in order to teach Batman a lesson; in the aftermath of the gang war, her father (under the alias "Aaron Black") publicly revealed her identity as the Spoiler and as the fourth Robin. The story event (and with it, her death by neglect and the revelation of her secret identities) was retconned as a side-effect of the Infinite Crisis. Despite her service as the fourth Robin, there is no monument to her in the Batcave (the Robin who is so commemorated, Jason Todd, is not dead).Batman later revealed this is because he suspected she wasn't really dead, and was proven right. When the magic-powered Bedlam altered reality to prevent the formation of Young Justice, Stephanie became Robin instead of Tim Drake, and encountered Tim while rescuing him from a bizarre cult. The implication seems to be that Stephanie was fated to be a costumed crimefighter, and that to some extent her meeting Tim Drake in some shape or form was inevitable.

First Appearance: Detective Comics (1937) #647

Other Identities:
Batgirl (DC)(04 - Stephanie Brown)
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(04 - Stephanie Brown)

Favorite Characters:
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Batgirl (2000)
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Batman [BRA] (2002)
Batman and the Outsiders (2007)
Batman Secret Files (1997)
Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins 2005 (2005)
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Cover Story: The DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland (2011)
DC Comics Presents: Young Justice (2010)
DC Comics: The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner (2012)
Detective Comics (1937)
Gotham Gazette (2009)
Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? (2009)
Gotham Underground (2007)
Green Arrow (2001)
JLA: The Ultimate Guide to The Justice League of America (2002)
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Showcase '95 (1995)
Teen Titans (1996)
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The Batman Chronicles (1995)
The Batman Chronicles Gallery (1997)
Wonder Woman (1987)
Young Justice (1998)

Group Affiliation(s):
Batman Family

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"Well, gotta go. Have to thwart the forces of evil and watch TV and stuff."

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