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Blaquesmith (Marvel)
Real Name:
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Blaquesmith's main superpowers are telepathic and telekinetic in nature. In addition, he possesses the ability to time travel, allowing him to make short jumps in time, sent other people in the far future and act as an anchor for time-travelers. Blaquesmith is also a mechanical genius, which is possibly another part of his mutation. He often carries a staff, both used as a walking stick and as a weapon.

Born into a post-apocalyptic alternate future, Blaquesmith was the first male to be admitted into the Askani sisterhood, a group of warrior women opposed to the rule of Apocalypse. In return for this deed, the Askani charged him with the task of mentoring the Chosen One of the Askani, the Askani'son, who happened to be Nathan Summers, later known as Cable. Captured and imprisoned for rebellion, he found Nathan, another inmate who was captured by the New Canaanites. He told Nathan where the last Askani enclave was located, and together, they escaped from the jail. For unexplained reasons, Blaquesmith was forced to twist and corrupt his mortal form in order train Nathan in the ways of the Askani. Nevertheless, he did so willingly. When Nathan, now using the alias Cable, traveled to the 20th century to stop the rise of Apocalypse, Blaquesmith traveled back in time as well to assist the hero. Unlike Cable, who was dependent on his space station, Greymalkin, to travel in time, Blaquesmith could do so under his own power, he was even capable of sending other people through time by meditating.

Blaquesmith made his base inside a ship, docked at the Baltimore Harbor. He would often provide Cable with technology and weaponry, though Cable also bought weaponry from Advanced Idea Mechanics. Despite being longtime allies, Cable and Blaquesmith had their problems; Cable didn't fully trust Blaquesmith and Blaquesmith thought that Cable was not doing enough to stop Apocalypse. After the destruction of Greymalkin and the departure of Cable's other mentor, Professor, Cable came to rely more and more on Blaquesmith. During the Onslaught-conflict, Blaquesmith was apparently killed when his ship exploded.

Blaquesmith hadn't died though, but had been taken prisoner by the time-traveler Rama-Tut. Rama-Tut's time-machine had been destroyed and he was stranded in the 20th century. He demanded that Blaquesmith built him a new one, but Blaquesmith was rescued by Cable. Pleased to see that Cable had now become more devoted to his mission, Blaquesmith returned to assist him, though he would have many arguments with Cable's friend and chronicler, Irene Merryweather. During the Twelve, Apocalypse absorbed the powers of Twelve Mutants and had to take over a new host body. He took over the body of Cyclops, Cable's father. Cyclops disappeared and Cable and Cyclops' wife Jean Grey went to search for him. Blaquesmith decided that Apocalypse was too dangerous though, and hired the assassin Gauntlet to hunt down the merged Cyclops/Apocalypse being. Gauntlet failed and Apocalypse was driven from Cyclops' body and destroyed, but Blaquesmith's involvement remained unknown.

After Apocalypse's demise, Cable and Blaquesmith started to look for a new mission in their life. They were forced to combat the Dark Sisterhood who wanted to kill Cable. During this battle, Blaquesmith was thought killed again, but his body was never found. Cable didn't seem to be too concerned as Blaquesmith had disappeared before.

An impostor tried to manipulate Cable for a short while (see below), but the real Blaquesmith returned and became a member of Cable's Underground, a group gathered to stop Weapon X. The Underground failed and disbanded and Blaquesmith hasn't been seen since. Apparently, Blaquesmith retained his mutant powers after the M-Day.


First Appearance: X-Men Prime (1995) #1

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Askani'son (1996)
Avengers: X-Sanction (2012)
Cable (1993)
Cable (2017)
Cable And X-Force (2013)
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second (2015)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Ryhmä-X / X-Men (1984)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Weapon X (2002)
Wolverine (1988)
X-Force (1991)
X-Force (2019)
X-Man (1995)
X-Men Prime (1995)
X-Men: Books of Askani (1995)
X-Men: Future History - The Messiah War Sourcebook (2009)
X-Men: Millennial Visions (2000)
X-Men: Phoenix (1999)
X-Men: The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (2014)
X-Men: The Search for Cyclops (2000)

Group Affiliation(s):
Clan Askani
The Underground

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