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Desak (Marvel)
Real Name: Desak Sterixian
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Desak possessed superhuman strength, endurance and his stone-like skin provided him with an extremely high resistance to injury. Desak had the ability to fly, teleport, shoot energy beams from his eyes, and survive indefinitely in the void of space. He could sense all aspects of godliness, including immortality, in an individual, and he was given power equal to any god. With his Amulet of Power, he could also absorb their life force into the gem adding the defeated god’s power to his own. It had not been revealed to what limit the amount of power Desak could attain. However, Desak had destroyed whole populations of gods single-handedly.

The threat of Desak was first foretold when the Silent One appeared in Olympus, home to Zeus and the mighty Hercules. The Silent One showed of a possible future where Olympus lie in ruins and Zeus was dead. The God of thunder, Thor, along with Beta Ray Bill were present when the Silent One conjured an image of how Desak came to be.

On another world, standing in front of a sacrificial fire pit, a holy man with many followers awaited the sacrifice to their god, Kronnitt. Loatia Sterixian, daughter of Desak, was to be their offering when, suddenly, a ghostly female image appeared before the masses and presented Desak with a choice. She presented Desak an amulet of great power which would enable him to save the life of his daughter, and protect his people from a furious god. Desak refused thinking it was an honor to participate in the sacrifice. Ultimately, his daughter was cast into the pit of fire, and the Spirit insisted Desak made a grave mistake. That night, as Desak was arguing with his wife over the loss of their child, their village was attacked. Kronnitt, not satisfied with the citizens of this world, decided to destroy them. Confused, Desak sat helplessly on the sidelines and watched as the mad god unleashed his fury upon the world until the Spirit of the Jewel, as Desak called her, appeared to him once more. Again, she offered up the Amulet of Power, and with it, the promise of power equal to the very gods themselves. Desak did not refuse, now wanting to alter his misguided views, and it was on this day that Desak, Destroyer of Gods was born. After his transformation into a supremely powerful being, Desak promised that all who dare to control the fates of men would fall before him. Thor, Hercules and Beta Ray Bill traveled hundreds of galaxies away to intercept Desak before he could let loose his wrath upon Olympus. They arrived on a strange world just as Desak was about to eradicate two more benevolent beings called Tae and Pennsu. It wasn't until these cruel gods attempted to destroy the people who worshiped them that Thor realized he was helping the wrong side. Together with Desak, they saved the planet and eliminated Tae and Pennsu. Desak noticed something noble in Thor and decided to let him live, but told him he would be watching.

Desak returned when Thor inherited the power from his deceased father, Odin, and became Lord of Asgard. Odin had recently separated Thor form his mortal counterpart, Jake Olsen, but the Enchantress used a magic mirror to allow Olsen to become Thor once more. Now having two individuals sharing the power of Thor, one on Earth and one in Asgard, neither one was completely whole and they were operating in a weakened state. Zarrko showed Desak a glimpse into the future where Thor would attempt to subjugate mankind to his rule, and this made him an immediate enemy to the Destroyer of Gods. Traveling to Earth, Desak, looking for The Designate, encountered Thor and the Grey Gargoyle, who had recently defeated Thor Girl and stolen her hammer. Desak, not knowing that the Designate and Thor Girl is the same person, easily defeated the Gargoyle before setting his sights on Thor. In the midst of battle, Desak's benefactor, the Spirit of the Jewel, appeared to him to enforce his belief that he is doing the right thing in killing Thor. Unfortunately for Desak, Thor, Lord of Asgard, returned to Earth and took back the power Jake Olsen had borrowed from him making him more powerful than ever. Desak fought hard and shrugged off even the fiercest blows Thor could dish out by absorbing every bit of Odin Force that was thrown at him. In the end, it was the axe of Skurge, the Executioner that proved to be Desak's undoing. As he attempted to behead Thor, Thialfi, loyal friend and advisor to Thor, arrived on Earth with the enchanted weapon and placed it in the hands of his king. Succumbing to the evil within the axe, Thor buried the weapon into the chest of Desak, killing him. Still, the Spirit of the Jewel had other plans as she took Desak's body and set him on the way to recovery.

It wasn’t until the year 2170, that Desak would plague the gods yet again. The son of Thor and the Enchantress, Magni, God of strength, opposed the will of his king and challenged him to prove his worthiness by lifting his long-lost mallet, Mjolnir. It was during this confrontation that Desak came to Asgard. The army met him head on, but they were no match for one such as he. Even the Warriors Three could not slow his progress. Both Thor, and eventually, Magni joined the fight, but Desak proved even more powerful than their combined might. It was then the trickster, Loki, set loose the Destroyer in hopes of it saving Asgard. During the climactic battle with the Destroyer, Desak sensed a familiarity in the life force that empowered it. Soon, he realized the Destroyer did not want to hurt him at all, so Desak placed the Amulet of Power around the Destroyer's neck and released the essence within. The life force being used to power the armor was that of Thor Girl who was evolving into the Designate who was also known to Desak as the Spirit of the Jewel. The Destroyer armor became one with Desak, and he, along with the Spirit of the Jewel, were ready to finish off the Asgardians. Because it was Loki who imprisoned her, the Spirit of the Jewel sought to create a guardian for her, so she traveled to the distant past where she found one in Desak. With the added power of the Destroyer armor and an ally by his side, victory was almost assured for Desak. As the battle raged on, Thor began to change his way of thinking, and in the end, proved himself worthy of lifting Mjolnir as he did so long ago. He took the hammer, empowered with the Odin Force, and threw it straight through Desak's head punching it clean off his body. Desak was returned to the land of the dead, and Asgard was saved.


First Appearance: Thor (1998) Annual 2001

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Avengers Prime (2010)
Marvel Legends (2007)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Thor (1998)

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