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Ereshkigal (01 - Deviant)
Real Name: Unrevealed Hecate, Lisa, Queen of Darkness, Holly Debra 'H.D.' Steckley
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Ereshkigal could alter her shape to assume a number of human forms. In her natural form, she possessed bat-like wings which enabled her to fly. She may have had some degree of superhuman strength and/or durability, and likely had an extended lifespan. She had access to the advanced technology of the Deviants, and used a number of energy weapons. One of her guns could encase its target in ice. She used a Dimensional Harness to navigate among the dimensions.
After obtaining the Star Brand, she had virtually limitless power on a cosmic scale. This power was so great that she could challenge the Living Tribunal, one of the most (if not actually THE most) powerful beings known in existence. She may not have been able to defeat him, but the energy released would have devastated the Multiverse.

Ereshkigal is a Deviant, part of an offshoot of humanity created by the Celestials. She claimed to be many milennia old, and to have much experience manipulating others. She assumed many forms over the centuries, usually appearing as the Mesopotamian death goddess Ereshkigel. She also posed as the goddess Hecate.

(Quasar#50(fb) - BTS) - Ereshkigal became an explorer of dimensions like her parents. These journeys made her aware of the existence of the Living Tribunal. She realized that she and everyone else was a slave to the system: the Multiverse as it is. She felt that the rules governing everything inhibited herself and others from reaching their true potential.

(Thor#283-284) - After the Celestials destroyed the undersea city of the Deviants, their leader, Brother Tode sent Ereshkigal to the City of the Space Gods to find out what the Celestials were up to. To this end, she took the form of a human woman she called "Lisa," and was part of a flight chartered to fly over the Andes Mountains. The plane was snatched from the air by the Celestial Gammenon the Gatherer and brought into the otherwise hidden city.
Also aboard that plane was Don Blake, who was called upon by Ajak to help Dr. David Damian, who had feigned illness to gain an outsider's ear to pass word on to his daughter that he was alright (too much Eternals history to explain here). "Lisa", along with another passenger, pretended to be indignant at being left behind and followed Ajak and Blake into the depths of the city. The other passenger revealed himself to be a SHIELD I (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division) agent, and Lisa revealed herself as Ereshkigal. She tried to stop Thor from leaving by covering him in ice, but he broke free, and she was knocked out in the ensuing shrapnel. Thor left her in the city for Ajak to deal with.

(Quasar#30, [32], 35-48) - Ereshkigal joined the Delta Network and assumed the form of H. D. Steckley, an identity previously used by Moondragon as an employee of Vaughn Security Systems. She pretended that she was actually part of the company the whole time, and that there never was another. Because the head of the company, Quasar, was always zipping away on other missions, she managed to get away with it, and became an accepted part of the company. Her initial plan was to somehow steal Quasar's Quantum Bands, but after she detected the power of the Star Brand (from the "New Universe"), she set her sites on it instead. She detected the power of the Star Brand within Kayla Ballantine, and made efforts to befriend her to steal the power for herself when opportunity arose. She convinced Kayla to become her apartment roommate.

The Chief Examiner sought the Star Brand power to defend the planet Scadam from the Black Fleet which was decimating it. He sent his agent, Quagmire, to abduct Kayla, and "HD" managed to go as well. This brought them to the planet Scadam, where they were nearly killed until Kayla tapped into the Star Brand power to destroy the fleet. HD pushed Kayla to use the power to fly them back to Earth, and with some assistance from the enigmatic group known as the Dance, they made it back.

(Quasar#49-50) - The power within Kayla drew the attention of Kismet/Her, who wished to examine it. Kayla was fed-up with being examined and fought Kismet, badly injuring her. Kayla was distraught and wished she didn't have the power. HD said she'd take it, so Kayla passed it on to her. HD then revealed herself as Ereshkigal.

She traveled to Earth's Nexus of Realities in Citrusville, Florida to begin her plans to takeover the Multiverse. She was assaulted by the Nexus's protector, tha Man-Thing, but she easily blew him to pieces. She used the Nexus to access the Nexus Interzone, the crossroads of all realities, and sent a pulse of energy into the infinite number of portals, as a proclamation that she had come and wished an audience. This drew the attention of the Congress of Realities, who wished to know her purpose, since her power was from an outside multiverse. She challenged the status quo that the Congress endured, and offered them the chance for real power. By joining with her, they could destroy the central authority of the "overseers of the multiverse" and gain the freedom to make their realities in their own, independent fashion. Several joined her, and the others she destroyed with a single burst of energy.
Ereshkigal brought her allies in the Congress to the Cosmic Axis, where they aligned themselves and began to release their nexus energies. This drew the attention of the Living Tribunal, the final overseer of the Multiverse, as well as of Lord Chaos and Master Order. She challenged them to surrender their rule to her, or risk destruction of the Multiverse in the ensuing battle. She used her power to magnify the substance of Lord Chaos, simultaneously shrinking Master Order. Realizing the threat she posed, and the problems a struggle could cause, the Living Tribunal agreed to a tournament where they each chose a champion to represent them. If Ereshkigal's champion would win, the Living Tribunal would see her unopposed in her plan of Multiversal modification. If the Tribunal's champion would win, Ereshkigal would surrender her power to the Tribunal.

Kayla Ballantine told Quasar what had happened, and he followed Ereshkigal's trail to the Interzone. The Silver Surfer, meanwhile, sensed the shifting of the Cosmic Access, and made his way to the Interzone as well. These two were chosen as the champions of Ereshkigal and the Living Tribunal, and told that they fought for the Multiverse, but not told who represented whom. The two heroes fought, each believing himself to be fighting for the Multiverse, and the other to be the champion of Ereshkigal. However, Quasar observed that each time he gained ground, Lord Chaos would swell in power, and Master Order would shrink, and the opposite would occur when the Silver Surfer had him on the ropes. Realizing that he himself was Ereshkigal's champion, Quasar threw the fight, and allowed the Silver Surfer to defeat him. Understanding her defeat, Ereshkigal chose to annihilate herself rather than surrender the Star Brand to the Tribunal. The Tribunal removed the Star Brand from her remains.


First Appearance: Thor (1966) #283

Other Identities:
Holly Deborah 'H.D.' Steckley

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Quasar (1989)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
Thor (1966)
Thor: The Deviants Saga (2012)

Group Affiliation(s):
Deviants (Marvel)

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