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Jayna (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
Real Name: Johanna Fleming
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When she comes into physical contact with her brother, Jan, she can transform herself into any animal. Somewhat differently than Beast Boy, this transformation does not rob her of the ability to speak in her normal voice.

Misconception about her powers:
According to The Super Friends (1976) It is not necessary for her to say "Wonder Twin powers: ACTIVATE" in order for her transformations to occur.

Physical separation from her sibling would ostensibly render her powerless to transform. The exact dimensions of a nullifying distance from Jan are unclear. Do they have to be in direct contact, or is "in the same room" good enough? If she's in a transformed state, does she lose that shape if he wanders off too far?

Jayna was a mutant from the planet Exor, so far removed from the current evolutionary "norm" on the planet that no one would take she and her brother, Jayna, when they became orphans.

Instead of finding a loving new Exorian home, she and her brother were packed off to a Space Circus, whose owner had legally adopted them. For a time, they were pressed into his service as "sideshow freaks". There was little to make this life anything but miserable, but the love of one of the Circus' clowns. Though the Circus owner had legally adopted them, the clown became their de facto father, and taught them the harsh facts of their life. In time, he would give them a "space monkey" named Gleek as a pet.

As they grew into teenagers, the Circus life became increasingly untenable. They escaped eventually to a planet they thought would be safe.

Unfortunately, it was the temporary hideout of Grax, a rival of someone called "Superman". Discovering that Grax intended to destroy Superman's home, Earth, they bravely journeyed to the strange, alien world so they could warn its inhabitants of the impending doom.

Tracing this "Superman" to a place known as "The Hall of Justice", the Wonder Twins and their pet, Gleek, landed their craft nearby. Well, crash-landed, anyway. Wendy and Marvin, monitoring the craft's arrival, were the first Super Friends to meet the Exorians.

It was a fateful first encounter. Following the adventure that ensued, Marvin and Wendy graduated from the Super Hero Academy, leaving Zan and Jayna free to take their place. Perhaps out of gratitude, the Super Friends took the Wonder Twins under their wings and began to mentor them on the best application of their unique powers. Knowing they could not always be there for Zan and Jayna, the Super Friends paired the Twins with a kindly old scientist, Professor Carter Nichols. He taught them about humanity while the Super Friends continued to tutor them on heroism. Under Nichols' tutelage, they took the secret identities of Johan and Johanna Fleming, two exchange students from Esko, Sweden. As a part of the identity, they both became blondesóZan through the use of a wig, and Jayna by literally becoming human. In this more human form, they attended Gotham City High School.

Exor or Exxor?
There is some confusion over how, exactly, to spell the name of the Wonder Twins' home planet. Specifically, writer E. Nelson Bridwell used one less x than the cartoon. There, careful viewers will have noted it spelt Exxor in the title of an episode produced for All New Super Friends (but aired as a part of Challenge of the Super Friends) called "The Demons of Exxor".

The issue is more than one of semantics. While it is somewhat unclear whether the cartoon appearance of Exxor or the comic book origin of Zan and Jayna came first, it's obvious that Exxor is a very different place from Exor. This is unsurprising, however, as the cartoons as a whole stand in marked contrast to the comic book.

This character was created for the cartoon series, The Super Friends. She has no existence in the pre-Crisis DCU outside of the cartoon's accompanying comic book. This "Hanna-Barbera Earth" was never named or numbered, but the comic on which its based can reasonably be said to be Earth-1. For more details, please see the title notes for The Super Friends (1976).

First Appearance: The Super Friends (1976) #7

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Issue Appearances:
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye (2016)

DC Goes Ape (2008)
Superfreunde (1980)
The Best of DC (1979)
The Super Friends (1976)

Group Affiliation(s):
Super Friends

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