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Doll Woman (DC)(Earth-10)
Real Name: Donna Caprese
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Doll Woman is able to shrink down to roughly six inches tall, but retains the strength and force she would have at full size.

Doll Woman is from Earth-10, the reality where the Nazis won the war and America surrendered. A pacifist until the Nazis killed her husband, Doll Woman now fights alongside the superhero group known as The Freedom Fighters, dedicating her life to revenge.

In The Multiversity: Mastermen (2015) issue #1, Uncle Sam calls Doll Woman "Martha" (the original Doll Girl in the DC Universe was named Martha Roberts). The character saw no appearances between that issue, published in April of 2015, until Freedom Fighters (2019) #1, published in February of 2019. There is a DC Nation interview with Freedom Fighters series writer Robert Venditti that was published at the back of the issue that names the character as Donna Caprese. Since there were no changes to continuity (no reboots or restarts) that anyone is currently aware of for Earth-X, it's assumed they're the same character at this point. The different name currently has no explanation, unless it turns out they are indeed two different characters, at which time a new entry can be added.

First Appearance: The Multiversity: Mastermen (2015) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Freedom Fighters (2019)
The Multiversity: Mastermen (2015)

Group Affiliation(s):
Freedom Fighters (DC)(Earth-10 - Nazi Earth)

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