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Savant (Wildstorm)
Real Name: Kenesha
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Savant's real name is Kenesha. She is the daughter of Lord Majestros (aka Mr. Majestic) and Lady Zannah, better known as Zealot. However Zannah, wanting to be a warrior, could not be a mother. Zannah chose not to kill her child, but to ensure her daughter's happiness, Zannah's mother offered to pass the child off as her own instead. She named the child Kenesha, which means "The Survivor". This has lead Kenesha to believe she is actually Zannah's sister, rather than daughter.

Like the other Kherubim on Earth, Kenesha and her mother Zannah were stranded thousands of years ago when their Explorer ship crashlanded after a battle with a Daemonite warship. Kenesha and the other survivors were scattered, forced to hide themselves amongst the human population. Their enemies had likewise been forced down, and though less humanoid, the Daemonites used their powers of possession and shapeshifting to blend in too. For the next few millenia, a secret war raged, with the Kherubim defending the vulnerable and oblivious humans from their would-be conquerors.

Kenesha's mother, Zannah, embraced the Coda, a warrior lifestyle, and took the name Zealot. However Kenesha chose another path, becoming interested in archaeology. At one point subsequent to this, Kenesha was poisoned, and in order to save her life, Zealot made a deal with a Witch named Tapestry. The witch healed Kenesha, but took a century of servitude from Zealot in return. Realising Tapestry was trying to reshape her personality to make them more alike, Zealot made her sister promise to kill her should the witch succeed. Over the years she eventually began a love of history and became a pioneer in the field of archaeology. During this period she discovered the legendary 7 League Boots which allow Savant to run increadibly fast and teleport herself to various locations. She also came into possession of a mystic bag that seemingly has no bottom. She uses the bag to store many of her treasured finds, which usually she can somehow find and pull out of the bag's opening no matter what size or length the item inside seems to be.

In modern times, Zealot helped found a team of warriors, the WildC.A.T.S., to fight the Daemonites. When the original team appeared to have been killed, Kenesha (now calling herself Savant) joined forces with another Kherubim, Majestros (a.k.a. Mr. Majestic), and formed a new team to carry on their legacy. At the time both Savant and Majestic were oblivious to their relation to one another. The team was however short lived, but Savant stayed with and helped out the WildC.A.T.S. on occasion.

Savant joined Majestic and Zealot to fight Nemesis. She also joined up with Backlash (Jodi Slayton). Nemesis later confronted Savant and Backlash for help after seeing a devastating future (foreshadowing of "World's End") courtesy of Void. Zealot later revealed that Savant was her daughter.

Following the devastation of World's End, Savant joined Majestic in Hawaii in the hopes of getting shelter. Instead, she was his captive in what he called his "utopia of New Khera" and she was to be a mother of a new race of pure-blood Kherubim that he was planning. When Nemesis and Jodi Slayton of the Wildcats joined him after he gave them the option of staying with him, they discovered Savant and called their fellow Wildcats for assistance. Savant was freed and flew to L.A. with the Wildcats, being followed by an angered Majestic. Besides dealing with him, they also had to deal with attacking Daemonites.

Later, Savant and the Wildcats teamed up John Lynch and Team 7 to deal with a power-hungry Tao. The first battle at Tao's base in Salt Lake City resulted in a failure. In a second battle, Tao had acquired god-like powers, making him even more dangerous. However, Savant and the others were able to gain power from the Creation Wheel. Eventually, they were able to defeat Tao.

Bio from Wikipedia

First Appearance: WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams (1992) #11

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Issue Appearances:
Alan Moore's The Complete WildC.A.T.s (2007)
Backlash (1994)
DC/WS DreamWar (2008)
Divine Intervention/Gen13 (1999)
Divine Intervention/WildCats (1999)
Divine Right (1997)
Fire From Heaven (1996)
Gamorra Swimsuit Special (1996)
James Robinson's The Complete WildC.A.T.s (2009)
Majestic (2005)
Mars Attacks Image (1996)
Overstreet's FAN (1995)
Point Blank (2002)
Savant Garde (1997)
Savant Garde: Fan Edition (1997)
Shattered Image (1996)
Stormwatch (1993)
Superman (1987)
Travis Charest Sketchbook (2005)
Union (1995)
Wetworks (1994)
WildC.A.T.s Sourcebook (1993)
WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams (1992)
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Silver Age (1998)
WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Silver Age (1997)
WildCats (2008)
Wildcats: Nemesis (2005)
Wildstorm Chamber of Horrors (1995)
Wildstorm Revelations (2008)
Wildstorm Rising (1995)
Wildstorm Swimsuit Special (1994)
Wildstorm Universe 97 (1996)
Wildstorm Winter Special (2005)
Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years (2017)
Worldstorm (2006)
X-Men/WildC.A.T.s: The Dark Age (1998)
Zealot (1995)

Group Affiliation(s):
Halo Corporation
Kherubim (Wildstorm)
Savant Garde

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