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Michael Korvac (Marvel)

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Korvac was originally a normal man until his upper body and nervous system were grafted onto a specialized computer module capable of siphoning energy from virtually any source. After downloading information from Galactus' ship and acquiring the Power Cosmic, Korvac was capable of many feats on par with other cosmic entities, such as matter alteration; teleportation; massive energy projection and manipulation of time and space.

Michael Korvac was a computer technician born on an alternate Earth in the year 2997. Due to events surrounding his birth, Michael's father was killed and he was raised by his mother to have a hateful and vengeful attitude. When the Sol System and its colonies were conquered by the alien Brotherhood of Badoon, Korvac became a collaborator and traitor to the human race. Caught asleep at a machine while working, the Badoon grafted Korvac's upper body to a machine, effectively making him a cyborg.

Korvac is then transported through time by the game-playing Grandmaster, and battles the hero Doctor Strange. Korvac deliberately loses the fight, so as to be able to discretely scan and analyze the Grandmaster's cosmic power. Gaining several new abilities from this analysis, Korvac then kills his Badoon masters and plans to conquer the cosmos, but is defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy and the time-traveling Thunder God Thor. Soon after this defeat Korvac flees across time and space to the Earth-616 mainstream Marvel universe. Upon arrival, Korvac discovers the space station of the cosmic entity Galactus. Attempting to download the knowledge of Galactus from the station into his own system, Korvac is imbued with the Power Cosmic and becomes a god-like being. Korvac then recreates himself as a perfect humanoid form, and posing as an human called Michael, travels to Earth with the intent of reshaping it into a utopia.

Korvac is pursued by the team the Guardians of the Galaxy, who join forces with the superhero team the Avengers in a bid to stop Korvac. Guardian member Starhawk finds Korvac and battles him in secret. Korvac, however, disintegrates Starhawk and then recreates him, but removes from the hero the ability to perceive Korvac in any way so as to avoid future detection. The Elder of the Universe known as the Collector foresees the coming of two beings that would be capable of challenging the Elders (Korvac and Titan Thanos), and remakes his own daughter Carina into a being of incredible power to use as a weapon against them. Although Carina does meet Korvac, the two fall in love and she begins to sympathize with him. The Collector himself is defeated by the Avengers after a failed bid to "collect" and protect them from Korvac, who upon discovering the Collector's plot disintegrates the Elder.

The hero Iron Man eventually tracks Korvac to a residential neighborhood in Forest Hills Gardens. The entire Avengers roster, with the heroine Ms. Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy confront Korvac and Carina, who pose as a middle class couple. Korvac's deception is revealed when Starhawk states he cannot see the man called "Michael". Realizing that he has been discovered, and that cosmic entities such as Odin and the Watcher are now aware of his existence, Korvac is forced into battle.

Korvac slays wave after wave of heroes, and is finally caught off guard and weakened by Captain America and then Wonder Man. Although able to kill the heroes, Korvac is weakened further by the combined efforts of Starhawk, Iron Man, the Vision and Thor. Sensing that Carina now doubts him, Korvac dies. An angered Carina then attacks the surviving heroes, and is finally slain by Thor. The entire battle is watched by part-time Avenger Moondragon, who realizes that Korvac only wanted to help mankind, with his dying act being to restore the Avengers and Guardians to life.

Years later, it is revealed that Korvac discarded his power upon his death and that it inhabits his father, Jordan, who is then killed in battle with the Guardians. This is the catalyst that drives Korvac as an adult to hate the Guardians.

Korvac, in his cyborg form, briefly battles Captain America and the villain the Red Skull in the 31st century. Korvac is scattered across six dimensions by the Red Skull, who is in possession of a Cosmic Cube.


First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders (1974) #3

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Avengers Academy (2010)
Avengers Finale (2005)
Captain America (1968)
Captain America (1998)
Fantastic Four (1961)
Giant-Size Avengers (2008)
Giant-Size Defenders (1974)
Guardians 3000 (2014)
Guardians of the Galaxy (1990)
Guardians of the Galaxy (2008)
Marvel Age (1983)
Marvel Comics (2019)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2002)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions (1982)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Quasar (1989)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
The Avengers (1963)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
Thor (1966)
Vision (2016)
What If? (1977)

Group Affiliation(s):
Legion of the Unliving (Marvel)(01)

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