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Reaper (Marvel)(02 - Pantu Hurageb)
Real Name: Pantu Hurageb
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Reaper possessed the power to secrete paralytic neurotoxins through his skin. When introduced into a victim's bloodstream, their muscles locked down and they could not move without extreme pain. Reaper used a specially designed scythe to channel his powers into the bodies of anyone cut by its blade. Reaper had two cybernetic hands and a cybernetic leg. None of these artificial limbs seemed to have any superhuman abilities. While in the Ultraverse, Reaper was actually able to injure Juggernaut by simply slashing him with his scythe.

However, when he entered the Weapon X Program, he received upgrades to his mutant abilities and/or appearance like all new operatives. For Reaper, it was finally having organic limbs again, but these limbs also contained the added ability of being able to morph into a scythe-like blade for him to conduct his power through.

Reaper is a mutant terrorist in the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF), and routinely fought the X-Men and X-Force. During X-Force's first mission against the MLF, Shatterstar fought Reaper and cut off one of his hands. His hand was replaced by a cybernetic prosthesis. In an attempt to flee from X-Factor, the MLF's teleporter Zero opened a portal for Reaper and his teammates to escape through, but when Havok attacked Zero, Zero was forced to close the portal while Reaper was still in it, causing him to lose a leg as well. The leg was also replaced with a prosthetic. When the MLF was arrested during the X-Cutioner's Song, Reaper and three of his teammates were transferred to a special prison. They were freed by Reignfire and made part of his new MLF. During an attempt to kidnap Henry Peter Gyrich, Reaper faced Shatterstar again and lost his other hand. He was thought to have been killed in the fight, but he survived.

An attempt to recruit Siena Blaze for the MLF, resulted in Siena's powers somehow transporting Reaper and Siena to the Ultraverse. There he joined the Exiles along with other Marvel Universe refugees Juggernaut and Siena Blaze. Reaper bargained with the alien race known as the Tradesmen for a new upgraded version of his scythe, but the Tradesman was murdered during the deal. The Tradesmen returned to demand a life in exchange for the Tradesman they lost and Reaper turned his scythe on Juggernaut, sending him back to the Marvel Universe. The Tradesmen accepted and left, but Reaper's teammates were less than happy with Reaper's actions. Reaper started to like life in the Ultraverse and slowly became a reluctant hero.

Eventually Reaper returned to the Marvel Universe and was one of the mutants incarcerated by Weapon X at Neverland, their mutant death camp. Reaper was offered to work for Weapon X and he accepted. Reaper and former MLF teammate Wildside would pose as mutant terrorists and attack civilians to increase the anti-mutant sentiment, thus reducing public backlash against the unlawful arrests committed by Weapon X. Cable's Underground captured the two and during a telepathic interrogation Cable accidentally damaged Reaper's brain, leaving him in a coma.

However, he was still alive and in New Avengers #18 he was confirmed to be depowered by the events of M-Day, in which the Scarlet Witch erased the mutant genome from over 90% of the world's mutant population. Recently, in Son of M #6, Quicksilver, who had gained the power to give depowered mutants their powers back, found Reaper begging on the streets. Reaper was the very first mutant to regain his powers and now has the Weapon X implanted scythe at his control. With his powers back, Reaper joined the X-Cell.

Reaper's powers started to become unstable and he was pulled into the Brimstone Dimension with Abyss and Fatale to prevent a death similar to that of X-Cell leader Elijah Cross.

Reaper, Abyss and Fatale were pulled from the dimension by A.I.M. scientist Terrance Hoffman, who drained them of their powers for himself. They were rescued by X-Factor and Hoffman was defeated. Reaper attempted to kill Hoffman but was stopped by Quicksilver. He then turned his anger on Quicksilver for what had happened to him. He remains depowered because of Hoffman.


First Appearance: The New Mutants (1983) #86

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Issue Appearances:
Age of X: Universe (2011)
All-New X-Factor (2014)
Black September (1995)
Cable - Blood and Metal (1992)
Cable: Second Genesis (1999)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Legacy: The 1990's Handbook (2007)
Marvel Limited: X-Men Famous Firsts (1995)
Mutants Vs. Ultras: First Encounters (1995)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004 (2004)
Son of M (2006)
The All New Exiles (1995)
The All New Exiles Vs. X-Men (1995)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The New Mutants (1983)
The Phoenix Resurrection (1996)
The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (1996)
The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (1995)
UltraForce (1995)
Ultraverse Unlimited (1996)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men (2019)
Weapon X (2002)
What If...? (1989)
Wolverine: Weapon X (2009)
X-Factor (1986)
X-Factor (2006)
X-Force (1991)
X-Force Megazine (1996)
X-Men (1991)
X-Men: Mutant Empire (1996)
X-Men: The Ultra Collection (1994)

Group Affiliation(s):
Exiles (Ultraverse)
Mutant Liberation Front (Marvel)
Weapon X Project (Marvel)

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