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Scourge (Marvel)(01 - Jack Monroe)
Real Name: Jack Monroe
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Years after Nomad was placed in cryogenic hibernation, he was awakened by Henry Peter Gyrich, head of the Commission on Super-Human Activities. Gyrich outfitted Monroe with the costume and identity of Scourge in reminiscence of the agents of the organization Scourge of the Underworld, who would kill superhuman criminals. Monroe, as Scourge, was charged with the task to hunt down and eliminate the members of the team Thunderbolts, former super-villains who once posed as heroes to take over the world but later aimed to become champions. In the course of his task, Monroe killed the Thunderbolts' Jolt, Baron Zemo, and Techno. Before he died, Techno resurrected Jolt so that she would confront Monroe, who immediately began to battle the Thunderbolts' Atlas. Atlas' body was unstable, and he threatened to destroy the surrounding area. Monroe helped contain Atlas' destruction but in so doing appeared to have killed him as well.

The Thunderbolts tracked down and defeated Scourge, revealing him to be Monroe. They discovered that Monroe was actually being controlled by nanotech, microscopic probes that controlled his actions but allowed him to be aware of his actions. With the limited amount of free will afforded to him, Monroe tried to hunt down those Thunderbolts that seemed either irredeemable or easily resurrected. Monroe revealed the truth about Gyrich, that he hoped to use the destructive power of the nanoprobes to wipe out all super-humans on Earth. Freed of the nanoprobes with help of the Thunderbolts, Monroe allied with the team to confront Gyrich and his own team of super-humans, the Redeemers. The Thunderbolts ultimately discovered that Gyrich himself was being controlled by the nanoprobes, and they freed everyone from the thrall of the nanotech. Monroe, using the holographic disguise in his Scourge arsenal, disappeared during the denouement to once again wander the roads.

Identity revealed in Thunderbolts #49.

First Appearance: Thunderbolts (1997) #34

Other Identities:
Bucky (Marvel)(03 - Jack Monroe)
Nomad (Marvel)(03 - Jack Monroe)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (2005)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Thunderbolts: From the Marvel Vault (2011)

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