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Balder the Brave (Marvel)
Real Name: Balder Odinson
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* Agility
* Divine Powers
* Healing
* Heat Generation
* Invulnerability (He is unaffected by all known substances other than mistletoe)
* Leadership
* Light Projection
* Longevity
* Magic (he can talk bird's tongue eg he could talk with Agnar, King of Eagles)
* Stamina (His body tissue is 3 times thicker than normal humans, this contributes to his strength and weight)
* Super Hearing
* Super Sight
* Super Speed
* Super Strength (he can lift around 50 tons)
* Swordsmanship
* Unarmed Combat
* Weapon Master (he is an expert in plenty weapons, spear, sword and bow)

Like all Asgardians, Balder possesses' superhuman strength, endurance and longevity (courtesy of the Golden Apples of Idun). Courtesy of a spell cast by the Asgardian goddess Frigga to try and avert Rangnarok, Balder is almost totally invulnerable and is only susceptible to mistletoe. Being the Asgardian god of light, Balder can also generate intense light in a wide arc. He is also a highly skilled weapons master and tactician, and has been entrusted with several special missions by Odin.

In Norse mythology, Balder is the son of Odin, the Lord of Asgard. The Norse god of light, noble Asgardian warrior, and biological son of All-Father Odin and All-Mother Frigga, as well as half-brother and good friend of Thor. He is one of the bravest warriors of Asgard., the Warriors Three and a loyal follower of Odin. Balder has aided Thor against many of his foes, such as Skagg the Storm Giant and Surtur; Loki; the Executioner and Enchantress; the Enchanters Three and the Wrecker.

In her early years a young Balder would often spend time with Thor and Sif, adventuring, training, fighting and laughing. He is beloved across Asgard, by all creatures large and small. He's a natural warrior with skills that surpass even my own.

Like the mythological version, the Marvel Balder is the catalyst that will trigger Ragnarok and end Asgard. This almost happened when Loki had the blind god Hoder accidentally kill Balder, but is averted by the planning of Odin, who later restores Balder to life.

Balder once traveled alone in the land of the dead, seeing many horrifying things, including souls of some of the men he had personally killed. Returning to Asgard, he was a traumatized shell of his former self. His recovery was supervised by Volstagg, a member of the Warriors Three.

Balder also has a love-hate relationship with Karnilla, the Queen of the Norns, who has aided both Loki and Asgard at times. Karnilla's lust for Balder inadvertently causes the death of Balder's current love, Nanna - an act that Balder has never forgotten.

Balder would spend time as a loyal companion of Eric Masterson, who was wielding the power of Thor. In one incident, as Eric battles the murderous Blooddaxe, Balder runs interference, saving the lives of many nearby policemen. Soon after this battle, Balder and Eric willingly enter Mephisto's realm, to assist Sif. This was done despite both knowing Eric had lost his powers after the battle with Bloodaxe.

With the exception of Thor, Volstag, Hogun, Fandral and Heimdal, Balder and all other Asgardians are currently dead, having died during the final Ragnarok.

*** IN ASGARD ***
Balder remained in Asgard for many years and fought alongside Thor for many more battles.

He even helped out Greyval Grimson returning the Raven Banner of Asgard, because Greyval's wife, valkirior Sygnet request he could talk with lord Odin. The banner was lost in the Battle of Ida Plain and Greyval is heir to be the bearer.

He also helped out Thor's replacement Thunderstrike and later Red Norvell, a human whom took the role of defender of the earth when Thor was seemingly lost and killed in the battle against Onslaught. Thor eventually returned from his seeming death and returned to Asgard. Balder helped Thor deal with the loss of his father after he had been slain by Surtur. As of these events, Thor became the ruler of Asgard. A difficult task in witch Balder helped him to make the decisions that he stood for as a king. Eventually Thor brought Asgard to Earth, hoping to inspire the people living there. While Balder was not sure of this decision, he supported Thor anyway. Eventually, the kingdom returned to it's former place, leaving Earth once again.


First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #85

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Group Affiliation(s):
Asgardians (Marvel)
Council of Godheads

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