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Lady Sif (Marvel)
Real Name: Sif
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* Agility
* Dimensional Manipulation
* Divine Powers
* Energy-Enhanced Strike
* Healing
* Intellect
* Invulnerability
* Longevity
* Magic
* Power Item
* Stamina
* Super Hearing
* Super Sight
* Super Speed
* Super Strength
* Swordsmanship (she even can use two swords at the sime time).
* Teleport
* Unarmed Combat
* Weapon Master

The raven haired Shield-Maiden of Asgard and lover of Thor, and Beta Ray Bill. Sif is a skilled warrior and staunch defender of the innocent. And an ally to The Warriors Three.

*** ORIGIN ***
Lady Sif and her brother, Heimdall, were born of the second generation gods of Asgard, although their parentage has yet to be revealed. During their childhood, Sif was a constant companion of Thor, Balder, and Loki. Upon reaching her adolescence, Sif and Thor seemed to develop a romantic relationship, which even Odin approved of, deeming her worthy to one day become the wife of her childhood friend. However, Loki, who grew jealous of Sif's affection towards Thor, decided to play a foul prank on the Asgardian when he cut off the golden hair for which she was renowned. This misdeed was quickly discovered when Sif awoke and Thor forced Loki to restore her hair. Loki attempted to create a bargain with the trolls Brokk and Eitri, who made the hair out of pure gold. Unfortunately, Loki stole the newly created hair before it was able to be treated with a special potion and upon placing the hair on Sif's head, it grew darker by the minute before finally turning as black as night. Sif continued to grieve over the loss of her golden hair until her parents finally tired of her vanity and sent her to learn the way of the warriors by having her train to become a shield maiden.

During her time in training, Sif still accompanied Thor and Loki on adventures, although she never forgave Loki for his cruel prank. Sif often attempted to get romantically closer to Thor and even developed a brief rivalry with Amora the Enchantress and Brunhilde, the future Valkyrie, when she was tricked by the former and Loki into stealing the Mirror of Mycha from Karnilla's palace. Amora and Loki both told Sif that she would be able to use the mirror to permanently capture Thor's affections, but Amora used the mirror on Thor before Sif had the opportunity. Brunhilde eventually came to Sif's aid when the two put aside their differences to work together and release Thor from the mirror's enchantment. Although Thor was disappointed in Sif's initial attempts to use the mirror, the two quickly made up and rekindled their budding relationship.

*** CREATION ***
Sif is a Marvel comics character based on and inspired by the mythological Norse goddess of the same name, Marvels Sif was adapted/created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 which was released in 1964. A supporting character of Thor's stories in Journey into Mystery Sif would naturally continue this supporting role when the title would change to simply Thor two years later in 1966. Sif would make regular appearances in this title as a valued warrior of Asgard, and also a romantic context with Thor but eventually Sif would also be starring in her own plots and story-lines. In 2012, Sif would undertake a significant new chapter and for the first time would be the starring and leading protagonist of a book in Journey Into Mystery written by Kathryn Immonen. Speaking of the character she would write "Sif's got her origin story, but beyond that she's really kind of a blank slate aside from the broad strokes of her personality," Immonen says. "It's thrilling that the real estate has been put aside to develop her character in a way that hasn't really been done before."The mythological Sif is first attested to in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda from the 13th century. Sif is also associated with the earth, hunting, harvest and fertility.

*** SILVER AGE ***
Sif first appeared in the Thor title as it was written under Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With some fifty issues of Thor already under their collective belt, the two creators had already had and introduced a variety of supporting characters for the titles main protagonist the mighty Thor, including the books main romantic interest for the protagonist Jane Foster. They would introduce Sif in the modern area (Sif's first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #102 was a flashback) with a storyline wherein Jane Foster would travel to Asgard with Thor, Thor hoping that she would met Odins approval and be transformed into a god so the two could marry. Jane would fail Odins test also earning failing to impress the all father. Sif would be introduced in this arc to essentially add another potential romantic interest for Thor as well as add another Asgardian supporting character as well as one adapted from the real world Norse mythology like Thor. Sif would enter the scene with the Thor character heartbroken after losing Jane Foster. Sif would be introduced as an immortal and warrior to contrast against Fosters mortality and all to human fragility. Aiding Thor in battle against the Lurking Unknown would spark new hope, romance and enthusiasm in the thunder god, and would also mark the beginning of Sif's role in the Marvel Universe. After Jane Foster failed Odin's tests to win Thor's love, Sif was introduced, and she joined Thor on many adventures as a fellow warrior.

In her early years a young Sif would often spend time with Thor and Balder, adventuring, training, fighting and laughing. One particular source of amusement for young Sif would be watching Thor fruitlessly struggling to lift the mighty enchanted uru hammer Mjolnir. She would still empathize with the son of Odin when he failed to lift it, pointing out that he may still wield the weapon in the future and that she laughs at his inability to give up. The three would discuss Mjolnir and Sif would point out how she didn't like how the inscription on Mjolnir specified the male gender when she might be just as worthy to lift it one day. Balder and Thor would agree with her idea, possibly not wishing to incur Sif's wrath. Loki overhearing the three would be annoyed by Sif's negativity towards him and so set about using magics to increase the size of three common spiders causing them to grow incredibly massive. Sif, Balder and Thor would grab more common weapons and slay the massive spiders much to Odin's pride as he would enter the room as the three teens would finish their battle. Acknowledging their teamwork and battle prowess Odin would reward the trio with a challenge, a quest and an adventure. Odin has set the objective for Sif, Balder and Thor to gather magical and rare materials that Odin shall forge into a legendary sword that shall be gifted upon a deserving Asgardian warrior. They trio are to gather a scale from the dragon Hakurei from the land of Nastrand. To acquire a feather from the massive snow eagle Gnori, residing in Jotunheim, a precious jewel from Jennia, and a vial of water from Lake Lilitha in Lilitha.


First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #102

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Group Affiliation(s):
Asgardians (Marvel)
League of Realms
War Avengers

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