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Anole (Marvel)
Real Name: Victor Borkowski
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Reptilian mutation gives him green skin, a spiked carapace instead of hair, a prehensile and elastic tongue, the ability to stick to solid surfaces, enhanced agility and the ability to camouflage himself, blending into his surroundings. Anole seemingly has trouble controlling his powers when emotionally unstable.

Anole-like Physiology:
-Spiked Carapace on Head
-Enhanced Agility
-Long Elastic Tongue: incredibly long tongue (apparently longer than his own body length) which he is capable of rapidly and abruptly extending out of the mouth. The tongue has a sticky tip on the end, which serves to catch anything that he would otherwise never be able to reach.

Victor is a sixteen-year-old mutant. Born and raised in small-town America, he lived a normal life despite his reptilian features. The close-knit community accepted the boy for who he was until anti-mutant sentiment began to spread. For his own safety, his parents sent him to the Xavier Institute where he quickly excelled academically.

When the advisor system was set up at the Xavier Institute, Victor chose Karma as his advisor. However, during the formation of training squads throughout the school, he was reassigned to Northstar's Alpha Squadron. At first, he was quite friendly with Hellion and the other Hellions, but now seems closer to his teammates. He was especially close to Northstar and was deeply affected by his death. (He, like most of the students, is unaware of Northstar's resurrection until Northstar was sent by Serafina to kill the X-Men.) Victor is gay, and Northstar helped him to come to terms with his sexuality. It is uncertain whether or not he has yet come out to the rest of the school. Victor's chosen foreign language is French.

Anole was one of only 27 students at the Institute who didn't lose his mutant powers in the event known as the M-Day. The squad system was dissolved, and the remaining students were merged into one group. Shortly afterwards, Emma Frost set up an all-out brawl amongst the remaining students to determine who would become the team of X-Men trainees; Victor was not selected, yet still resides and trains at the Institute.

When Northstar attacked the Institute, Anole found him and was able to temporarily snap him out of the mind control set in place by the Children of the Vault. However, Victor's joy at seeing his former mentor was short-lived, as Jean-Paul returned to his mind-controlled status and viciously beat him.

Victor is seen with many of the other "supporting cast" of students and Rockslide, all listening to a tale Blindfold is making up for them. Soon they realize that her story isn't make-believe, and she apologizes just before the group is sucked down into the dimension of Limbo. They are attacked by a large group of demons, and Victor argues with Rockslide, saying that he's supposed to lead them, since he's a "New X-Man". When Rockslide mysteriously is shattered, Victor attempts to take charge, rallying the students around the defenseless Blindfold, only to have his right arm severed at the shoulder by a demon. Apparently Anole has a ability shared by some reptiles that has allowed him to "regrow" his severed arm.

Despite only rare appearances, Anole seems to have developed quite a fan following and has been the student outside of the New Mutants and Hellions squads to be featured regularly. It is unclear what direction Anole's character will take under the new creative staff, but he appeared in New X-Men #21 alongside the regular cast members. In the New X-Men: Yearbook Special #1 it's listed he likes theatre, frisbee and basketball and dislikes traditions and bad action movies. He was voted Best Actor by the student body. Anole was supposed to commit suicide in a jettisoned New Mutants storyline. Writers have been trying to figure out what to do with him next, despite him having become one of their (and many fans') favorites. It was clearly implied through dialogue that Victor was gay, and his sexual orientation was confirmed by the writers online and was recently reaffirmed in The X-Men: 198 Files. One reason why he may not have taken the name "Chameleon" is because there is a Spider-man villain of the same name. Created by Carlo Barberi, Nunzio Defilippis, & Christina Weir.

First Appearance: New Mutants (2003) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Age of X-Man: NextGen (2019)
All-New X-Men (2013)
Amazing X-Men (2014)
Astonishing X-Men (2004)
Astonishing X-Men (2017)
Avengers & X-Men: AXIS (2014)
Avengers Academy (2010)
Cloak and Dagger (2010)
Dark Avengers (2009)
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus (2009)
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia (2009)
Dark Reign: The List - X-Men (2009)
Deadpool (2013)
Extraordinary X-Men (2016)
Generation Hope (2011)
Generation X (2017)
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men (2008)
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
Hulk Team-Up (2009)
Iceman (2017)
Iceman (2018)
Invaders Now! (2010)
Magneto: Not A Hero (2012)
Marvel Digital Holiday Special (2008)
Marvel Holiday Spectacular Magazine (2009)
Marvel Spotlight: X-Men: Messiah Complex (2008)
Nation X (2010)
New Mutants (2003)
New Mutants (2009)
New X-Men (2004)
New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (2005)
Nightcrawler (2014)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Old Man Logan (2016)
Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men (2010)
Psylocke (2010)
Rogue & Gambit (2018)
Runaways (2008)
Savage Wolverine (2013)
Scarlet Spider (2012)
Second Coming: Prepare (2010)
Secret Invasion: X-Men (2008)
Storm (2014)
The Merry X-Men Holiday Special (2019)
Uncanny Avengers (2012)
Uncanny X-Force (2010)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men (2013)
Uncanny X-Men (2019)
Wolverine (2010)
Wolverine (2013)
Wolverine & The X-Men (2011)
Wolverine and Power Pack (2009)
Wolverine and the X-Men (2014)
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega (2012)
Wolverine: The Dust From Above (2010)
World War Hulk: X-Men (2007)
X-23 (II) (2010)
X-Babies (2009)
X-Factor (2006)
X-Men (1991)
X-Men (2010)
X-Men (2013)
X-Men Legacy (2008)
X-Men Prime (2017)
X-Men Vs. Agents Of Atlas (2009)
X-Men: Battle of the Atom (2013)
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga (2010)
X-Men: Divided We Stand (2008)
X-Men: Gold (2017)
X-Men: Hellbound (2010)
X-Men: Legacy (2013)
X-Men: Manifest Destiny (2008)
X-Men: Messiah Complex (2007)
X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files (2007)
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back (2010)
X-Men: Red (2018)
X-Men: Regenesis (2011)
X-Men: Return of Magik (2008)
X-Men: Schism (2011)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
X-Men: The Exterminated (2019)
X-Men: To Serve And Protect (2011)
Young Avengers (2013)
Young X-Men (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Alpha Squadron
Grey School Students (Marvel)
Summers Institute Student Body (Age of X-Man)
Worthington Industries
X-Men (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)
Xavier Institute Students (Marvel)
Young X-Men (Marvel)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"W're not even X-Men-in-training. We're...we're cannon foddler. This is why I didn't want to come back. Us? The junior team? The young X-Men? All we do -- the only thing we do -- is die."

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