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Starro (DC)(02 - Humanoid)
Real Name: Cobi
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Thousands of years old, Starro the Conqueror was originally from the planet Hatorei, inhabited by a race of peaceful beings who shared a communal telepathic link with every other member of their species. Millennia ago, planet Hatorei was invaded and enslaved by a group of nomadic organisms called starros. While the Hatoreins were under complete control of the starros, they still shared their telepathic link: their collective confusion, fear, anger, and hatred seething amongst them.

As each Hatorein eventually died from being over-worked, their individual consciousness was dispersed throughout the remaining Hatorein collective, until but two survivors remained. These two were Andrez, and his young brother, Cobi. Andrez found himself able to resist the starros' control, and attempted to destroy the Motherstar, but was thwarted when his brother, under starro control, killed him. Now the last remaining Hatorein, Cobi had the entirety of the Hatorein mass consciousness, including their shared hatred of the starros, in his mind. He used his rage and his exceptionally enhanced telepathic powers to take control of the starros, and made slaves of them, as they had his people.

He has since turned his pain outward, sending mothertars throughout the universe, to find opponents worthy of conquering. (One such motherstar invaded Happy Harbor, Rhode Island on the planet Earth, and spurred the formation of the Justice League of America) He does this out of a purported desire to conquer the universe, but subconsciously, he remains an innocent young boy, seeking to find anybody who can prove that goodness, morality, and justice can triumph and defeat evil. Unfortunately, the power he's gained through conquest has ensured that his defeat is all but impossible.

This character should be used only for the appearances of the humanoid "master" Starro. For all other appearances, use Starro (01 - Starfish)

First Appearance: R.E.B.E.L.S. (2009) #5

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Issue Appearances:
Justice League of America/The 99 (2010)
R.E.B.E.L.S. (2009)

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