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Colleen Wing (Marvel)

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Colleen was born as the daughter of Professor Lee Wing. Her father was a teacher at the New York Columbia University, where he taught Asian history and culture. Her mother was a Japanese woman, but her name hasn't been given. Colleen's mother's ancestors were samurai (warriors) and daimyo (feudal lords), Colleen's late maternal grandfather, Kenji Ozawa, was the head of Japan's secret service, and has been succeeded in that position by his brother.

Colleen grew up in the Northern regions of Japan, more specifically in the mountains of Hoshu. She was raised by her grandfather Kanji. The reason for that is because Colleen's mother was killed apparently very early in her childhood. Her grandfather taught her the ways of the samurai, in which she later became very skilled.

Years later, Colleen went back to New York City to visit her father there. Upon arrival, she got caught in a gun battle by the local Manhattan police and some thugs. Luckily, she was rescued by officer Misty Knight, who eventually became her best friend. Later, Knight's right arm was severely injured by a bomb explosion and was amputated. Colleen encouraged Knight to rise above her depression and return to an active role in life. Knight's right arm was replaced with a bionic steel arm.

Colleen briefly dated Cyclops of the X-Men when his girlfriend Jean Grey was presumed to be dead.

Colleen Wing and Knight formed a partnership as private investigators and called their firm Knightwing Restorations, Ltd. Due to Wing's samurai-style training and both partners' expertise in the Asian martial arts; they have been dubbed "the Daughters of the Dragon."

Professor Wing learned from a monk who had been to the other-dimensional realm of K'un-L'un that a young warrior, Iron Fist, would come from that land to seek vengeance on his father's killer, who was now based in New York (Iron Fist finally chose not to take the life of his father's murderer.) Professor Wing calculated when Iron Fist would come to New York and sent Colleen to meet him. Professor Wing and Colleen befriended Iron Fist, and Colleen has acted as his ally in many of his exploits. Colleen later became romantically involved with actor Bob Diamond, one of the Sons of the Tiger; their relationship apparently ended soon afterward.

After that relationship, Colleen once again started up the Daughters of the Dragon organization with Misty to make a name for themselves. Succeeding in that, she became part of the new Heroes for Hire, also alongside Misty. During the Civil War, Colleen registered with the Initiative and with Misty, reformed the Heroes for Hire to apprehend superhumans who refused to sign up as required by the Superhuman Registration Act.

During the debacle of World War Hulk, Colleen was offered up to a Brood Queen by a possessed Humbug. The rest of the team rescued her, but having suffered trauma from torture and Moon-Boy being taken into custody by Paladin for S.H.I.E.L.D. (which was arranged by Misty), Colleen left the group.


First Appearance: Marvel Premiere (1972) #19

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update (2007)
Avengers: The Initiative (2007)
Bizarre Adventures (1981)
Black Panther (1998)
Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015)
Civil War II: Choosing Sides (2016)
Classic X-Men (1986)
Daredevil: Dark Nights (2013)
Daughters of the Dragon (2006)
Daughters of the Dragon (2018)
Daughters of the Dragon: Deadly Hands Special (2005)
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2014)
Defenders (2017)
Die Neuen X-Men Comic-Magazin (1989)
Falcon (2017)
Fantastic Four (1998)
Fearless Defenders (2013)
Giant Size Spider-Man (1998)
Heroes For Hire (1997)
Heroes For Hire (2006)
Heroes For Hire (2011)
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost (2018)
Iron Fist (1975)
Iron Fist (1996)
Marvel Comics Presents (1988)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Limited: Frank Miller's Spider-Man (1994)
Marvel Premiere (1972)
Marvel Tales (1964)
Marvel Team-Up (1972)
Namor, The Sub-Mariner (1990)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Power Man (1974)
Power Man and Iron Fist (1981)
Power Man and Iron Fist (2016)
Savage Action (1980)
Secret Wars: Secret Love (2015)
Shadowland (2010)
Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow (2010)
Shadowland: Spider-Man (2010)
Spider-Man Unlimited (1993)
Spider-Woman (1978)
The Avengers (1973)
The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (1974)
The Immortal Iron Fist (2007)
The Iron Age (2011)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Pulse (2004)
The Very Best of the X-Men (1994)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men: First Class (2009)
What If? AvX (2013)
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook (2010)
X-Force (1991)
X-Men: To Serve And Protect (2011)

Group Affiliation(s):
Daughters of the Dragon
Heroes for Hire (Marvel)
Initiative (Marvel)
Knightwing Restorations
The Nail

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