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Adrienne Frost (Marvel)

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Psychometry: ability to touch an object and instantly know a history of many events concerning the object such as all of its previous owners, events that took place around the object, and the possible future of the object and its future owners.

Emma couldn´t read her mind due to her psychometric powers and due to the fact that they were siblings and cancel each other powers in a very similiar way to Cyclops and Havok.

Adrienne was the first child born to Hazel and Winston Frost. Siblings Christian, Emma and Cordelia followed. The Frost home was not one of love and kindness but one of mind and power games. She was the perfect child and was the favorite of their cold and emotionless father. From a very young age, Adrienne made it her point of duty to be the dutiful daughter, hoping to gain her father's favor and eventually win all his money and inheritance.

Adrienne was a power monger and showed little remorse or emotion when hurting her siblings both emotionally and physically. At an early age Adrienne discovered her mutant ability of Psychometry: the ability to touch an object and instantly know the object's history in terms of events surrounding its past, present, and future owners. Her power revealed to her what she had always known: Winston, her father had little intention of dividing his fortune between all of his children. Instead, he planned to pick the child who he perceived as being able to guide his company into a state of growth and prosperity.

This simply reinforced her original beliefs and she became cold and distant to the world, the only people who were worth anything were those she could manipulate in her chess game of power. Her power allowed her to become an 'A' student and excel in all her endeavors. All was going according to plan until her little sister Emma hit puberty.

Adrienne through the use of her power and through careful manipulation had sidetracked all her siblings or so she thought. Cordelia was a drug addict, Christian had no regard for his father's power games and Emma could not measure up to her, or so she thought.

She continued on her upward climb of the social ladder, modeling and making various business ventures. Emma however was becoming a wild card in her game as her rebellion against their father lead to Winston developing a profound new interest in her. To demoralize her Adrienne outed Christian, her younger brother, as gay and set things in motion that lead to his attempted suicide. Still Emma was not broken and so Adrienne exposed Emma's kiss with her teacher Ian Kendall which resulted in him being fired. Emma shocked her sister by exposing her posing for a magazine cover without her father's knowledge.

Despite her best laid plans Adrienne had no control over the fact that her father saw Emma as akin to him when he was young. Confident as always, Adrienne gathered with her siblings for her father to reveal who would guide his finances into the next millennium. She was sure she was the one, too sure. Winston started by announcing that he knew that he was wasting his time with Christian, so he focused on the remaining heirs to the throne and how they live up to his expectations.

“ "Which of you can I trust to steer our fortunes safely into the future? Will it be Cordelia? Should he pass his kingdom into her subtle, dark and devious hands?
Should it be Adrienne? Heartless, brilliant Adrienne, who seems the obvious choice. But then, there’s Emma, little rebellious Emma." ”

—Winston Frost, Emma Frost Vol.1 #6

With that he extended his hand to Emma and repeated "Emma, yes."

In that one instant all her hopes and dreams were shattered, all her years of carefully laid chess work gone. For all intents and purposes she was only second best. While she stood there shocked at what had happened, she didn't get time to scream as three men entered the room to cart off Christian to an asylum. Emma, finally having had enough of her family, decides she wants no part in the family fortune and walks out saying she will make her own way.

Adrienne, crushed by the revelations of being second best, grew to resent her father and dream of how she could one day get even with dear little sister Emma. Over the next few months, she pretended to remain daddy's dutiful daughter while devising how to punish her sister and father. The opportunity presented itself in the form of a video tape of Emma bound and captured by unknown assailants. Through the judicious application of her power, she knew it was a ruse by Emma's captors, further she knew that she could hurt both her father and sister by leaking the tape to the media. The captors would kill Emma anyway and her father who would let Emma die would be forced to "save face" in the public eye once the tape was exposed. She miscalculated, however, and when her father found out he lashed out angrily at her by physically assaulting her.

Realizing that her father had become a hindrance, she waited patiently for a chance to get rid of him. She was present with her family when they posed together for a public plea for the safe return of her sister Emma. During the shoot she had to cover her swollen eye with a pair of glasses. After this it is unknown what happened to her father and mother as Emma escaped and eventually joined the Hellfire Club. She then got married and her husband, Steven, mysteriously died.

The insight gleaned from using her Psychometric gift enabled Adrienne to gain a vast personal fortune.

Her sister Emma first approached Adrienne to loan her some money after her Massachusetts Academy had fallen into debt. Initially turning Emma down because of their past stormy history, Adrienne accepted her offer after using her powers to learn that the academy was secretly the home for Generation X. She became co-headmaster of the Massachusetts Academy. For a time it seemed that she had gotten over her past and had become a better person, but all was not as it seemed. She convinced her sister to re-open the school to the public to raise the funds necessary to keep the school open. As a result of the new human student body she gave the Generation-x new uniforms and assignments. The first of these assignments was to retrieve a sword from madripoor along with Paladin who she shared a past with, both professionally and personally. She sent the students in harms way just so she could recover the sword used to kill her late husband, a husband which she had assassinated. She used her powers to determine if he knew she was the one that had caused his death, revealing that she was no saint . Her real intentions for accepting Emma's offer then surfaced, using a combination of her powers and the Danger Room, she trapped Generation X in a simulation recreating Emma's earlier students The Hellions' demise at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy. She had hoped to drive Emma insane by watching another group of her students die. While Emma and Generation X were able to escape this illusion, Adrienne, now calling herself the new White Queen, escaped by using a teleportation device concealed as a necklace around her neck.

Adrienne went to London where she successfully embezzled millions from the London branch of the Hellfire Club of which she was the white queen. She then began to plot her revenge on Emma by returning to the school demanding that she be reinstalled as headmistress or she would out the school as a mutant sanctuary. She later planted bombs at the school that would kill several students including Synch.

Emma later confronted Adrienne and the two fought. When Adrienne made it clear that she intended to escalate the violence and endanger more students, Emma shot her in the heart. Thus ending Adrienne's sordid life and her years of machinations.

After she died she made one other appearance, that of a psionic ghost or mental illusion to her sister Emma who was having conflicting emotions about having killed her. In the end however Emma realized she was not sorry that she had killed Adrienne only that she didn't kill her before she could have endangered her students. She has not been seen since.


First Appearance: Generation X (1994) #49

Other Identities:
White Queen (Marvel)(03 - Adrienne Frost)

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Issue Appearances:
Dark Reign: The Cabal (2009)
Dark X-Men: The Confession (2009)
Emma Frost (2003)
Generation X (1994)
Iceman (2018)
New X-Men (2001)
X-Men Origins: Emma Frost (2010)

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