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Magma (Marvel)(02 - Amara Aquilla)
Real Name: Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla
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Magma is a mutant who can assume a firey form and psionically control earth, flame, and magma.

She can move the tectonic plates within the Earth's crust within limited areas, most likely no more than a radius of a few city blocks. Within this area she can create small but powerful earthquakes by psionically affecting the Earth's crust. She can also create flames and project blasts of heat that do not contain any molten rock. However, she apparently prefers to fire magma blasts rather than simple heat blasts, perhaps because the magma blasts have a solid impact that can knock down a target. The highest level of heat that Magma can generate is not yet known, but it is believed that she can reach at least 850 Fahrenheit. It was also alluded to that she can psionically control fire, in X-Men: The 198.

She can also psionically cause magma, or molten rock, from far beneath Earth's surface to rise to and break through the surface, forming miniature volcanoes. She can also geokinetically project fiery blasts of magma at targets. Apparently she does so by turning nearby rock molten, or bringing up magma from below the surface of the earth, and then geokinetically hurling it at her target.

When using her powers Magma's body shines with intense light and gives off tremendous heat. Her hair seems ablaze with fiery light. Neither her own heat nor heat from any other known source can burn or otherwise harm Magma. Because she can survive in the gases of an active volcano, her firey form clearly does not need to breathe.

Although Magma has triggered small earth tremors without taking on her glowing form, she has never been seen to use her power to fire lava blasts while in her ordinary human appearance. Magma is not blinded by the light she gives off in this form.

Magma's power to create small earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is linked to her emotions. She could unintentionally create minor earthquakes and small-scale volcanic activity by losing control of her temper and becoming unusually angry.

Aquilla is a skilled swords-woman due to her training in Nova Roma. She has extensive knowledge of ancient Roman culture and is fluent in Latin.

Magma hails from the fictional country of Nova Roma (New Rome), a colony of the Roman Republic reportedly founded shortly after the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The colony is hidden in modern Brazil and was ruled until recently by the immortal witch Selene. She is the daughter of Lucius Antonius Aquilla. He was presumably a member of the historical gens Antonia which claimed descent from Anton, son of Hercules.

After the New Mutants visit Nova Roma, Magma joins them for a time. In New Mutants #53 (July, 1987), Magma recognizes her grandmother, "many times removed" in a statue depicting the ancient lunar deity Selene. The witch Selene approaches her to claim having been both the model for the statue and the ancestor in question.

During her time with the team she was fooled into joing a gladitorial competition run by the insane Shadow King. She partners with Sunspot. Eventually, the efforts of her other friends free her and Sunspot from the cult-like control of the games.

Magma becomes involved in a revenge scheme against the X-Men by the Asgardian God Loki and the Enchantress. Mistaking the New Mutants for the X-Men, the entire team is kidnapped during their Greek vacation and taken to Asgard. The teleportation spell created by her teammate Magik goes awry when blocked by the Enchantress' own power. Thrown through time and space, Magma ends up in the elven realm. They trick her into eating and drinking, thus making her one of their own, body and mind. She participates in a raid on the Asgardian dwarves, where she is defeated by Cannonball. The dwarves, grateful to Cannonball, restore Magma's mind, but they cannot restore her body. Fortunately this becomes moot when Loki's plan is foiled and the team is sent back home, with all magical alterations reversed.

Magma and the New Mutants clash with the Emma Frost and her superpowered teens, the Hellions on multiple occasions. Despite the cruelties displayed by the Hellion Empath, Magma develops an attraction towards him. She recognizes this and is distressed by her feelings.

It was later apparently revealed that Nova Roma was not Roman, but was created by Selene using mind control on British citizens to recreate Rome, and that Magma's real name was Allison Crestmere. While still under the influence of the "Allison" persona, she briefly resurfaced as a member of the New Hellions.

Later, she was one of the mutants who appeared, crucified, on the X-Men's lawn. While she was saved by a transfusion of Archangel's blood, when she went to sleep, she lapsed into a deep coma. She was revived by Elixir and another student, against the wishes of Professor X, who believed that forcibly reviving her would prove exceptionally traumatic to her mind. She accidentally destroyed the infirmary and fled. Further telepathic contact with Magma was rebuffed.

She eventually arrived in Los Angeles, Amara once more, to meet up with Cannonball, who had joined a splinter team of X-Men. She aided this team for a time, and when "Allison" was brought up by Cannonball, revealed that Elixir's healing had removed the "Alison" personality, and she now realised that that had been the deception.

She returned to the school for a while. When her friend Wolfsbane had to leave, Magma took over her advisory role, becoming the leader of the Paragons.

Due to the events of House of M and the Decimation of mutants, Magma lost her boyfriend while the two were exploring the inside of a volcano at the exact moment that the depowering wave of the Scarlet Witch ran across Earth. His death temporarily drove her insane causing her to make the volcano erupt and attack a nearby town. She was later apprehended by Empath and brought to the Xavier Institute where she shares a tent with Skids and Outlaw. She is also being manipulated emotionally by the mutant Johnny Dee who is infatuated with her. Because of previous experience with being emotionally controlled, she incorrectly blames Empath who denies her accusations.

Magma is part of the X-Treme Sanctions Executive.


First Appearance: The New Mutants (1983) #8

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Xavier Institute Alumni Yearbook (1996)
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Video Game Appearances:
X-Men: Legends (2005)

Group Affiliation(s):
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (06 - Mesmero's Team)
Gladiators (Marvel)
Hellions (Marvel)
New Hellions
New Mutants (Marvel)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"I've been reborn -- made one with the molten heart of Mother Earth herself!"

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