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Joker (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
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The Earth-1 Joker shares many similarities with his Earth-2 and Post Crisis counterparts. Their origins, career history, personalities and physical appearance are nearly identical to one another. The establishment of the Earth-1 Joker is the result of retroactive alteration to the character's established published history (colloquially known as a Retcon). The Joker's actual first appearance as an Earth-1 character is a matter of interpretation as there has never been an actual distinction between when the Golden Age Earth-2 Joker ceased making regular published appearances and when the Silver Age Joker was introduced. It is commonly accepted that most appearances made by the Joker from the early-mid 1950s until 1986 are attributed to the Earth-1 Joker. The Red Hood origin was revisited for the Modern era Joker in Alan Moore's 1988 one-shot special Batman: The Killing Joke. It is also unknown how much of the Joker's Pre-Crisis history survived into his Post-Crisis chronology. While many of his earlier appearances from the 1950s and 60s are likely apocryphal, it is reasonable to assume that many of the Joker stories presented in the 1970s-80s are still considered canon as per current continuity.

First Appearance: Detective Comics (1937) #332

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Adventure Comics (1938)
Amazing World of DC Comics (1974)
Batman (1940)
Batman and the Outsiders (1983)
Batman Arkham: The Riddler (2015)
Batman Classics Sonderband (2000)
Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams (2003)
Batman In The Eighties (2004)
Batman In The Seventies (2000)
Batman In The Sixties (1999)
Batman Kellogg's Special (1966)
Batman: The Dynamic Duo Archives (2003)
Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2005)
Batman: The Joker's Revenge (1990)
Batman: The Strange Deaths Of Batman (2009)
Batman: The TV Stories (2014)
Book and Record Set (45 rpm) (1974)
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye (2016)
Crossover Classics (1991)
DC Challenge (1985)
DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection [GER] (2015)
DC Comics Presents (1978)
DC Sampler (1983)
DC Special Series (1977)
DC Super Stars (1976)
DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories (2005)
Deadshot: Beginnings (2013)
Detective Comics (1937)
Green Lantern (1960)
Justice (2005)
Justice League of America (1960)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo (2012)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers (2011)
Lex Luthor: A Celebration of 75 Years (2015)
Secret Origin Mini Comic (1980)
Shadow of the Batman (1985)
Super Powers (1984)
Super Powers Collection (1983)
Superman & Batman Annual (1974)
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954)
Tales of the Batman - Gene Colan (2011)
Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino (2014)
Tales of the Batman: Don Newton (2011)
Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway (2017)
Tales of the Batman: Len Wein (2014)
The Best of DC (1979)
The Brave and the Bold (1955)
The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told (1988)
The Joker (1975)
The Joker: A Celebration of 75 Years (2014)
The Joker: His Greatest Jokes (2019)
The Saga of Swamp Thing (1982)
Untold Legend of the Batman (1980)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
World's Finest Comics (1941)

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