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Firestar (Marvel)
Real Name: Angelica Jones
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Firestar possesses the mutant ability to control and manipulate microwave energies. She is able to absorb and discharge these energies, and is actually, always and continually absorbing microwave energies from all around her environment, this includes such energy supplies as far away as the stars and the sun. By focusing and controlling these microwave energies, she's able to discharge them for uses such as flight or as energy projection from her hands. The current temperature she’s able to achieve with her energy discharge is currently unknown. It has been shown that she is capable of melting almost every metal known to man, with the exception of adamantium.

She can also use her powers to scramble electronics systems and to block certain forms of telepathy. Her microwave emissions are also highly effective against the other-dimensional energy known as the Darkforce (to the point she was able to free almost an entire city that had been taken over and was being controlled by the substance).

In space, her powers are considerably more formidable as she has freer access to the microwave energies that surround her (the worries of harm to the surrounding areas is also not a concern in the vacuum of space).

(Former) There was a point when Firestar's mutant physiology hadn't developed a full immunity to the side-effects that her microwave manipulation powers were having on her. This problem was solved by Hank Pym of The Avengers when he created a suit that Firestar could wear under her costume that in a few months time would help fully develop her immunity to the side-effects of her own powers.

Angelica Jones (nicknamed Angel) grew up with her father, Bartholomew 'Bart' Jones and her grandmother 'Nana' Jones. Due to her father’s job as a construction engineer, Angel and her family were constantly on the move, never giving her a chance to form any type of lasting friendships with her peers. For emotional support, she always turned to her grandmother, who, after pointing out that the lines on her hand formed an M, assured her that she was an incredibly special girl. Around the age of 13, Angel, unaware of her slowly manifesting mutant powers, began to give off microwave pulses when she was under stress. These microwave emissions were detected by both Professor Charles Xavier of The X-Men and Emma Frost (The White Queen) of The Hellfire Club, both of whom wanted to recruit Firestar to their respective schools, but both for very different reasons.

During a particularly stressful moment, Angel called her grandmother, but melted the pay phone from which she was making the call. Returning home that evening, she was devastated to find that Nana had passed away that afternoon from natural causes. Feeling she had nowhere else to turn, she revealed her secret to her father, who, overwhelmed, didn't handle the situation in the best manner. Now feeling completely alone, Angel was easy prey for Frost, who was able to get to Angel before Professor X and his X-Men were. Frost, using her telepathic abilities told Angel everything she wanted to hear, and with her father's permission, Angel was enrolled in Frost's Massachusetts Academy.

Over the next few years, Angel, with the help of Frost, developed her powers and was given the codename Firestar. Frost, kind on the outside, was secretly training Angel to become an assassin for The Hellfire Club. Angel was kept at a distance from Frost's other students, The Hellions, at Frost's request, and Angel's only real friend during her time at the Academy was her bodyguard, Randall Chase. Angel joined the Hellions Empath, Roulette and Thunderbird for a short period when she was manipulated by them into attacking The X-Men, where she battled Colossus. During their battle, Colossus noted that he could have killed the inexperienced Firestar with a single blow, but was unable to bring himself to do so. After the battle, Angel turned down an offer from Professor X to join his X-Men, still believing Frost to be like a mother to her.

At the age of 16, Frost decided it was time to put her plans into motion, and began to manipulate Angel, trying to get her to kill her Hellfire Club rival Selene, The Black Queen. Knowing Frost would be sending Angel on a suicide mission, Chase decided he had to help her, and after being brutally beaten by Frost's minions, Chase told Angel the full truth as he died in her arms. Furious, Angel destroyed Frost's training facilities, and threatened Frost's life if she were to ever come near or her family again.

Angel decided to retire her Firestar persona, but that decision was soon detoured by Night Thrasher, who wanted Firestar to join the new group he was putting together. Summoning Firestar by using blackmail, he brought together himself, Firestar, Nova and Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik later known as Justice) to form his team. They were soon put to the test against a returning Terrax, and were joined in battle by Namorita and Speedball. Defeating Terrax, the six teens decided to stay together and form the group, dubbed by the media, The New Warriors. During her time with the New Warriors, Firestar came into much greater control of her powers, and became an incredibly powerful force. Night Thrasher even commented at one point that Firestar could blow apart the planet if she so wished. As a group, The New Warriors faced down many foes, including the Juggernaut, Star-Thief, Psionex, The Sphinx, Force of Nature, The White Queen and her Hellions (who came to lay claim to Firestar) and Gamesmaster. It was also during this time, that Angel and Vance struck up a lasting and loving relationship, even getting engaged.

Her father, having grown to accept Angel's powers and become a loving father to her, was at one point, shot point blank in the chest by a street-gang group known as The Poison Memories, who had a vendetta against Night Thrasher and struck out at the New Warriors. Upon finding her father with her best friend Jupiter, Angel had no choice but to reveal her powers to Jupiter to save her father. Her father recovered, and Angel and Jupiter’s friendship grew even stronger.

It was soon after that Angel learned that continued use of her powers could have devastating side-effects on her body, including making her sterile. Wanting to have a family one day, Angel started to seriously reconsider her priorities. During a break from The New Warriors, Firestar and Justice joined Rage in helping during an Avengers mission, and after was recruited into the Avengers alongside Justice. During her stint there, Hank Pym was able to develop a suit Angel could wear under her uniform that would cure her of the side-effects her powers were having on her and naturally speed up the immunity to her powers she should have developed on her own. Overjoyed, Angel recommitted to her life as a super-hero and became a core member of The Avengers.

Deciding to take a break and focus on their relationship, Angel and Vance took some time to focus on their relationship. This was interrupted when Iron Man requested that the two infiltrate the Triune Understanding, a group that had been causing The Avengers much problems over the past few months. They did so, and the true nature of the Triune was soon discovered. The pair also helped The Avengers battle Kang during his take over of the world. They returned to reserve status right afterwards.

At the age of 19, Angel started to feel overwhelmed with a life that consisted of being engaged, being a super-hero, and being a college student. Vance was able to sense a distance from Angel, and upon confronting her about it, she admitted that she felt like she was too young to get married. The two called off the long-standing engagement and went their separate ways.

Most recently, the Superhuman Registration Act forced all openly active super-hero's to register their identities with the federal government. During an interview with Sally Floyd for the newspaper Front Line, Angel recounted how the last time her identity was known, her father was almost killed. Deciding the risks were not worth it, Angel retired from being an active super-hero. With the recent events of the Skrull's Secret Invasion, and the SHRA and the Initiative program taking the brunt of the fall-out for having failed to protect the world the way it was supposed to, it remains to be seen if Angel's retirement will continue or if she'll come back to the life of a super-hero.

Firestar was actually originally introduced on the NBC cartoon, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and appeared in a comic adaptation of the series. That specific Firestar is considered to be of an alternate-reality Earth, and shouldn't be confused with this Firestar.

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1963) #193

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Issue Appearances:
101 Ways to End the Clone Saga (1997)
Alias (2001)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Alpha Flight (1983)
Amazing X-Men (2014)
Ant-Man's Big Christmas (2000)
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Civil War: Casualties of War (2007)
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Contest of Champions II (1999)
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Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989)
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Marvel Holiday Magazine 2010 (2010)
Marvel Holiday Special (1991)
Marvel Swimsuit Special (1992)
Marvel Universe: The End (2003)
Marvel: The Year-in-Review (1989)
Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion (2009)
New Thunderbolts (2005)
New Warriors (1999)
Night Thrasher (1993)
Nova (1994)
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Nova (2013)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Women of Marvel 2005 (2005)
Onslaught Unleashed (2011)
Original Sin (2014)
Quasar (1989)
Secret Wars: Secret Love (2015)
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Silver Surfer/Thor '98 (1998)
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Spider Island Daily Bugle (2011)
Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger (2011)
Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl (2011)
Spider-Island: The Avengers (2011)
Spider-Man (1990)
Spider-Man & the X-Men (2015)
Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Man's Amazing Friends (2006)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2006)
Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage (1995)
Spider-Man: The Jackal Files (1995)
Starblast (1994)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1999)
The Avengers (1963)
The Incredible Hulk (1968)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Mighty World of Marvel (2003)
The New Mutants (1983)
The New Warriors (1990)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Real Heroes (1994)
The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976)
Thor (1966)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Ultragirl (1996)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men (2013)
Uncanny X-Men (2019)
Venom (2011)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992)
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X-51 (1999)
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X-Force (1991)
X-Men: Blue (2017)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
Young Allies (2010)

Video Game Appearances:
Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (1994)

Group Affiliation(s):
Avengers (Marvel)
Grey School Staff (Marvel)
Hellions (Marvel)
New Warriors (Marvel)
X-Men (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)
Young Allies (Marvel)(03 - Heroic Age)

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