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Real Name:
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His jaws are incredibly strong, as is his stomach. He can operate underwater and see in infra-red.

Doesn't have a hyper-intelligent tactical mind like a war robot, but compensates for this with courage, cheerful determination and a shrewd understanding of human/robot nature.

Ro-Jaws is an anarchic, anti-authoritarian character in the 2000 AD strips Ro-Busters, Nemesis the Warlock and ABC Warriors. Originally named Federal Recycling & Environmental Droid 2-L, he was a municipal sewage robot decommissioned because of faulty language circuits. The foul-mouthed droid (in every sense; he ate rubbish) was sold to Howard Quartz's Ro-Busters organization and found a new career as a rescue worker. Ro-Jaws helped to save quite a few people's lives but very rarely received any thanks or recognition for his efforts. He wasn't paid either, because he was technically a piece of equipment.

Eventually Quartz decided to close the operation down and scrap the droids working for it. Alongside longtime partner Hammerstein, Ro-Jaws led most of his colleagues in a bid for freedom which saw them successfully flee Earth for a new life on the robot free world of Mekka.

Centuries later, Ro-Jaws — now working as a hotel porter in the Gothic Empire — was thrown into the service of Nemesis the Warlock and became friends with his familiar Grobbendonk. Through Nemesis he was reunited with Hammerstein and his ABC Warriors. In recent years, he has been working at the Kollege of Khaos run by the ABC Warrior Deadlock.

Outside his official continuity, Ro-Jaws also functioned as a 'host' to an intermittent series of short stories in 2000 AD entitled Ro-Jaws' Robo-Tales, all of which revolved around robots (Steve Dillon drew one of them, Jose Casanovas a few. Gary Rice was the most prolific writer on the series). This was effectively a companion series to Tharg's Future Shocks, and Ro-Jaws would frequently be seen to interact with Tharg. Pat Mills (on his favourite characters): "I guess if you insisted on a favorite it would be Ro-Jaws – probably because I swear as much as he does! And we have similar values – apart from his scatological interest, that is!" Interview with Geek Chic Elite.

First Appearance: Starlord (1978) #1

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Issue Appearances:
2000 AD (1977)
2000 AD Extreme Edition (2003)
ABC Warriors (1990)
ABC Warriors (1992)
ABC Warriors (1994)
ABC Warriors (2005)
ABC Warriors: Khronicles of Khaos (1993)
ABC Warriors: The Mek Files (2014)
ABC Warriors: The Solo Missions (2014)
Alan Moore's Twisted Times (1987)
Judge Dredd [Collections - Rebellion] (2004)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1984)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1989)
Judge Dredd [FIN] (1991)
Judge Dredd Epics (1991)
Judge Dredd Megazine (2003)
Judge Dredd Megazine (Volume 4) (2001)
Judge Dredd: The Restricted Files (2010)
Nemesis the Warlock (1990)
Nu-Earth (2010)
Ro-Busters (2014)
Sam Slade, Robo Hunter (1986)
Scream! (1988)
Spellbinders (1986)
Starlord (1978)
The Best of 2000 AD Monthly (1985)
The Best of 2000 AD Special Edition (1993)
The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks (2006)
The Complete Nemesis The Warlock (2006)
The Complete Ro-Busters (2008)
Time Twisters (1987)
Verhalen uit de Mega-Steden (1992)

Group Affiliation(s):
ABC Warriors

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"I'm told there's a flaw in my obedience circuits."

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