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Dust (Marvel)(02 - Sooraya Qadir)
Real Name: Sooraya Qadir
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Dust is an Alpha-Level mutant.

-Sand Form: ability to convert herself into a destructive sand blast by simultaneously transforming the substance of her body into loose silicon particles and creating an explosive release at her center, expelling her sandy mass at high velocity in all directions, then cause her particles to reassemble themselves back into her human form. With apparent telepathic control, she can then move at high velocity resembling a sand storm. The sand storm effect is strong enough to destroy steel and rip the flesh from one's bones.

In dust form:
-Telepathic Resistance: very hard to telepathically detect or influence while in her sand-like form.
-Enhanced Durability: skin, bone and muscle augmented to make it stronger and harder than human; impervious to injury to a certain extent.
-Magical Resistance: very hard to magically detect or influence while in sand-life form.

Dust is an adolescent Sunni Muslim girl who possesses the mutant power to turn herself into a sand-like substance. Born in Afghanistan, she was rescued by Wolverine and Fantomex from a slave-trading ring. They had captured her after she was separated from her mother. She was sent to the X-Corps base in India. Sooraya hid herself from the X-Men who were stationed there by turning into sand and spreading herself around the complex. Phoenix senses Sooraya's presence and telepathically convinces her to reveal herself to everyone present. Sooraya announces her presence by speaking a single word: "dust."

Ultimately, Dust was enrolled at the Xavier Institute in Westchester County, New York. Quiet and nervous, she has experienced difficulty adapting to her new surroundings - particularly after being given the loud and rebellious Surge as a roommate. Sooraya and Surge often come to disagreements over the traditional garb which Surge believes to be an affront to women's rights. While Sooraya was initially placed into Xorn's Special Class but was picked on for standing by her faith, and allegedly placing its importance over the cause of mutants. It was thus Dust who alerted Professor Xavier to Xorn's 'true' identity. She attempts to use her powers to do so but Xorn manages to defeat her and Xaiver.

She was soon after made member of the Hellions Training Squad. She has opted to observe Islamic hijab rather than wear a standard training costume.

After House of M, Wanda Maximoff depowered over 90% of the mutant population, thereby reducing the population of Xavier's student body to only 27 students. The squad system has been dissolved, and the remaining students have been merged into one large group. She has recently been paired as roommates with X-23. She forged a friendship with Icarus. He asked her to the school dance, but she declined since the idea of the dance made her uncomfortable but he was not insulted.

Sooraya became a target of William Stryker's crusade against the Xavier Institute, as he expressed his need to "eliminate the Muslim." Icarus gave her a note, which X-23 told Sooraya not to trust, as Icarus "smells like death". When Icarus visited the church of William Stryker he was shown why Dust was his next target. Nimrod had a vision of an altered future in his memory banks which showed Dust killing all the Purifiers by turning into a sand storm and ripping the flesh from their bones. After entering the church of Reverend Stryker, she was shown being shot down, though it was revealed to be X-23 wearing one of her niqabs. When Stryker's team infiltrated the school, Dust reappeared, surprising Stryker and playing a key role in defeating his Purifiers after all.

Sooraya cried with Icarus's mother, when she came to the Institute, and apologized for not being able to do more to save her son. His mother tells her that Icarus thought she was beautiful (a significant statement, since he had never seen her without her veil on).

She, with the help of the rest of the New X-Men, would later defeat Nimrod, Stryker's back-up plan for destroying the mutants.

Dust is shown praying to Allah before being teleported with the other students to Limbo where she was being held captive by Belasco and his demons. X-23 broke free and urged Dust and Mercury to join her in fighting Belasco. Dust was too afraid of the demon that she thought of as the Devil, but when X-23 was seemingly killed, Dust broke free and attacked Belasco, saying that if she was to die, she would make Allah proud.

Dust is one of the students that goes up against the Hulk in World War Hulk: X-Men. She attacks him after he defeats Hellion but she too, is defeated when Hulk pulls a water pipe up from the ground and sprays water on her.

Formerly use of her power can often be embarrassing for Sooraya, since she is naked when she re-forms her human body. Dust is a Devout Sunni Muslim. There are some similarities between Dust's powers and the powers of Sandman, a classic Spider-Man foe. Dust's typical state while using her powers, however, is that of an airborne dust storm, while Sandman typically maintains a more ground-based solid and roughly-humanoid form. Another mutant named Dust appeared in the Marvel 2099 book 2099 Genesis. He was a man with long gray hair, and telekinetic powers, who claimed to have almost joined the original X-Men, and was involved in the founding of X-Nation 2099. His appearance and powers were similar to Cable or Nate Grey. Characters in the comics refer to Dust's traditional Muslim outfit as a burqa. Actually the outfit Dust wears is an abaya with a niqab for her face, an ensemble originating in and worn mostly by Muslim women in the Persian Gulf states of the Middle East.

First Appearance: New X-Men (2001) #133

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
All-New X-Men (2013)
Astonishing X-Men (2004)
Avengers Academy (2010)
Champions (2019)
Dark Avengers (2009)
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus (2009)
Extraordinary X-Men (2016)
Fear Itself: The Home Front (2011)
Generation Hope (2011)
Generation X (2017)
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men (2008)
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New Mutants (2009)
New X-Men (2001)
New X-Men (2004)
New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (2005)
New X-Men: Hellions (2005)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (2018)
Psylocke (2010)
Runaways (2008)
Savage Wolverine (2013)
Scarlet Spider (2012)
Secret Invasion: X-Men (2008)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men (2012)
Uncanny X-Men (2013)
Wolverine & The X-Men (2011)
Wolverine and Power Pack (2009)
World War Hulk: X-Men (2007)
X-23 (II) (2010)
X-Factor (2006)
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X-Men (2010)
X-Men Legacy (2008)
X-Men: Divided We Stand (2008)
X-Men: Gold (2017)
X-Men: Regenesis (2011)
X-Men: Return of Magik (2008)
X-Men: Schism (2011)
X-Men: Second Coming (2010)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
Young Avengers (2013)
Young X-Men (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Champions (Marvel)
Grey School Students (Marvel)
Hellions Squad (Marvel)
Xavier Institute Students (Marvel)
Young X-Men (Marvel)

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