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Strong Guy (Marvel)
Real Name: Guido Carosella
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Aside from his immense size and strength, Guido can temporarily transform kinetic energy into a strength increase.

+ Berserker Strength
+ Inertia Absorption
+ Invulnerability
+ Stamina
+ Super Strength
+ Unarmed Combat

Guido Carosella was a typical kid who was tormented and bullied by others. That all changed the day his mutant powers developed. Guido has the ability to absorb kinetic energy. While trying to get away from some bullies, Guido was struck by a bus and absorbed the energy.

Because he did not release the energy immediately, his body swelled and the growing muscles became disproportionate. Although Guido was no longer bullied by his peers, the gentle giant was still perceived as being different and separated from them. Soon after, his parents were in a freak accident when a satellite fell on them. Guido was able to settle out of court and received a huge sum of money. Unfortunately, he did not have good judgment when it came to spending his money. Soon his finances were just about depleted.

+++ X-FACTOR +++

Some time later, Guido is recruited by the U.S. government to become a member of the new incarnation of X-Factor. At a press conference, he reveals his new superhero name: Strong Guy. He also develops a strong bond with fellow team member Jamie Madrox, A.K.A Multiple Man, on account of their shared sense of humour.

While on a mission with X-Factor, Guido throws himself on a bomb, absorbing the blast, in order to protect Lila Cheney. Upon absorbing more energy than his body can handle, he suffers a heart attack and is hospitalised. After being healed by Forge, Guido decides to accompany Lila Cheney in her travels rather than return to X-Factor.

Strong Guy was created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz and first appeared in The New Mutants Vol. 1 issue #29 (1985).

First Appearance: The New Mutants (1983) #29

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
All-New X-Men (2016)
Alpha Flight (1983)
Avengers Academy (2010)
Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2010)
Beavis and Butt-Head (1994)
Beavis und Butt-Head (1994)
Black Panther (2005)
Chaos War (2010)
Darkhawk (1991)
Death of X (2016)
Decimation: House of M - The Day After (2006)
Fantastic Four (1961)
Fear Itself: Fearsome Four (2011)
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
Hot Shots: X-Men (1996)
Infinity Crusade (1993)
Infinity War (1992)
IvX (2017)
Kid 'n Play (1992)
M.A.X. Yearbook (1993)
Madrox (2004)
Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989)
Marvel Age (1983)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Swimsuit Special (1992)
Multiple Man (2018)
Mys-Tech Wars (1993)
Nation X: X-Factor (2010)
New X-Men (2004)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (2018)
Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (1995)
Punisher kills the Marvel Universe (2001)
Quasar (1989)
Rogue & Gambit (2018)
Secret Empire Omega (2017)
Secret Empire: United (2017)
Secret Warriors (2017)
She-Hulk (2005)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack (1992)
Spider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames (1994)
Strong Guy Reborn (1997)
The Amazing Spider-Man (2015)
The Incredible Hulk (1968)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Marvel Masterpieces Collection (1993)
The Marvel X-Men Collection (1994)
The New Mutants (1983)
The New Mutants: Dead Souls (2018)
The New Warriors (1990)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Punisher (2000)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl [II] (2015)
Thunderbolts (2013)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men (2019)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992)
Web of Spider-Man (1985)
What If...? (1989)
What The--?! (1988)
Wonder Man (1991)
World War Hulk: X-Men (2007)
X-Factor (1986)
X-Factor (2006)
X-Force (1991)
X-Men (1991)
X-Men Forever 2 (2010)
X-Men Legacy (2008)
X-Men Unlimited (1993)
X-Men: Gold (2017)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
X-Men: The Ultra Collection (1994)
X-Men: The Wedding Album (1994)
X-Tinction Agenda (2015)
X-Treme X-Men (2001)

Group Affiliation(s):
New Mutants (Marvel)
X-Factor (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)
X-Factor Investigations (Marvel)
X-Men (Marvel)(02 - Muir Island)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"We prefer the term 'Genetically Challenged.' Or 'GeeCees' for short."

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