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Wolfsbane (Marvel)
Real Name: Rahne Sinclair
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Rahne is a lycanthrope, she can transform to a wolf and other stages between wolf and human.

+ Agility
+ Claws
+ Escape Artist
+ Feral
+ Healing
+ Invulnerability
+ Shape Shifter
+ Size Manipulation
+ Stamina
+ Stealth
+ Super Hearing
+ Super Sight
+ Super Smell
+ Super Speed
+ Super Strength
+ Tracking
+ Unarmed Combat

Rahne Sinclair was born in Kinross, Scotland. The child of a priest ( Reverend Craig) and a prostitute, Rahne was unwanted by both her father and mother, the latter of whom died giving birth to her. She became a ward of the church and became the responsibility of the man who happened to be her father (she would not discover this for many years). Reverend Craig was a religious fundamentalist with a strong sense of faith, but he was also a cruel, mean-spirited man who often took to drinking. He was ashamed of the illicit activities that ultimately resulted in Rahne's birth, and raised her very strictly. From early on he worked hard to instill a sense of guilt in his young ward, and piled on harsh criticism whenever possible.

This coming from her would-be father would affect Rahne greatly and cause her immense internal anguish. Rahne would grow through the years and become almost painfully shy, introverted and a very emotionally repressed individual.

At the age of 14, Rahne would have both the best and worst thing possible happen to her in her still short life. It would be the emergence of her mutant powers of lycanthropy, the ability to transform to and from a wolf. The best: because these powers would make her a mutant. This would result in her meeting people who would truly care for her and accept her for who she was. Worst, because Rev. Craig would find out and would take actions against her. He would gather together a large group of his religious fanatical followers and form a mob intent on capturing Rahne. They would quickly form and begin their hunt for her. Finding out, she would change to a wolf and run for her life. It was her would-be-father's plan to capture her and perform an exorcism on her. He believed that her powers were actually signs that she was possessed by the "devil." To rid her of the "devil", he was going to burn her at the stake. Knowing their plans, Rahne had no intentions of getting caught or allowing them to perform their exorcism. So, she ran. Not being far behind her, one of the mob members would pull out a gun and shoot at her. He managed to connect with one of his shots but only grazing her and causing surface wounds.

She continued to run but with the injury she was weakened and her energies depleted fast. Her fate all but sealed, still running Rahne chanced upon one of the villagers named Moira MacTaggert, coincidentally the doctor that delivered her 14 years prior. As she passed Moira, Rahne succumbed to her pain and exhaustion and fell to the ground. As she fell, she reverted to her human form. Realizing who she was and what was going on, Moira quickly took her into her home and protected Rahne from Rev. Craig and his mob. There she remained, taken care of and cared for by Moira and free from Rev. Craig's evil intentions. This would be the first time anyone ever cared for her unconditionally and treated her as a person. From that point on Rahne would consider Moira as her mother and the same in reverse from Moira MacTaggert. Moira ended up legally adopting Rahne and brought her to her research facilities on Muir Island where she would continue to raise her.

Although Rahne was now in a much better place and cared for properly, she was still quite far from normal. As a result of 14 years being raised by Reverend Craig, she was very much mentally affected. She was already a very shy, soft spoken and an insecure girl by nature. She, too, grew to become emotionally repressed, self loathing, and became very guilty during any times of happiness. She also became even shyer than she already was and had intense melancholy tendencies. Due to her religious upbringing she was also very uncomfortable with topics of mythology or magic. The hardest part for her was her own mutant powers. Although she was in a place where powers were very normal, accepted even, she was still at odds with herself. When in wolf form, Rahne felt emotions of pure joy, freedom and happiness. Though most would openly accept this Rahne would not. At her core Rahne would feel wrong, guilty for these emotions. She claimed when she viewed her reflection in the mirror, she only saw the face of the "devil." Due to this any joy she felt from her powers would quickly go away and replaced with many negative ones. Thus, Rahne was constantly in deep emotional conflict with herself and her mutant nature never allowing herself to truly enjoy life.

+++ X-FACTOR +++

Since X-Factor was a government sanctioned team, all member including Rahne would be forced to sign the Mutant Registration. The team would have to follow orders according to their government liaison, Valerie Cooper. As a part of X-Factor, Rahne went through many difficulties. The biggest was her mental connection to Havok. It made her unable to control herself. She had false feeling of love for him and constantly had Havok on her mind. These false emotions put Wolfsbane at ends with one of her teammates, Polaris. Polaris also had feeling for Havok but for her they were reciprocated. Jealous, Wolfsbane would act out at Polaris regularly and even fought her couple of times. Though it started out rough she would have many positive experiences while on the team. She would also become best friends with Strong Guy and it would be here that she would meet future teammate Jamie Madrox then known as the Multiple Man.

Unfortunately during her time on the government sanctioned X-Factor she would see her best friend Strong Guy have a near fatal heart attack and Madrox would contract the mutant killing Legacy Virus. Strong Guy's health would have him in a coma for a long while. As for Madrox, daily his health deteriorated and slowly began to die. Rahne would be devastated and barely able to cope especially since both occurred near the same time.

In a chance encounter with a female mutant named Haven and with blinding light Rahne was cured and in her human form. A form she hadn't been able to change to since the experiments the Genoshan scientist did to her. She, too, had full control of her mind. Overwhelmed with joy and shedding tears of happiness, Rahne was finally cured. This happiness would soon dissipate as Haven would offer Madrox the chance to be healed. Unfortunately, in his weak state, his system couldn't handle the stress and he died on the spot. These events would put Rahne through an emotional roller coaster that would lead to her officially quitting the team. Once she quit, she would head back to Muir Island to care for her mother, Moira.

Wolfsbane was created by Bob McLeod and Chris Claremont and she first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel #4.

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) #4

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Xavier Institute Alumni Yearbook (1996)

Group Affiliation(s):
Excalibur (Marvel)
Hellions (Marvel)
New Mutants (Marvel)
X-Factor (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)
X-Factor Investigations (Marvel)
X-Force (Marvel)(04 - Wolverine's Team)
X-Men (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)

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