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Francisco 'Lucky' Lobo

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Lucky Lobo was a crime boss in New York City. It is unknown how he came to this position or for how long he held it. However, Lucky Lobo evidently had a great deal of influence in the criminal underworld, enough to attract Norman Osborn.

Osborn first approached Lucky Lobo through his agent, the Headsman, intending to impress Lobo enough to gain the support or even leadership of Lobo's gang. The Headsman tried to kill Spider-Man to impress Lobo, and thought he succeeded, bringing back news to Lobo that Spider-Man was dead. Lobo was very impressed and began to consider reorganizing his criminal organization with the Headsman in a high position, but then news came in that Spider-Man had just foiled a fur robbery that was organized by Lobo. As the Headsman flew off to again try to kill Spider-Man, the Green Goblin approached Lucky Lobo and offered to join forces, but due to the Headsman's failure, Lobo was not impressed, and blew off the Goblin's offer.

The Green Goblin approached Lucky Lobo and his gang and announced he was going to take over Lobo's gang, and then every gang in the city. Lobo refused to hand over control of his gang, and instructed his thugs to throw the Goblin out. The Green Goblin outmaneuvered Lobo's thugs and escaped, telling Lobo that he would be back and would indeed take over Lobo's gang before long. Green Goblin then obtained information on all of Lobo's criminal activities and leaked them indirectly to the police, and then led Spider-Man to attack Lobo's gang. Spider-Man quickly rounded up all of Lobo's thugs and webbed Lobo up for the police. He was arrested soon after. However, the Green Goblin did not take over Lucky Lobo's gang either, because every single member was put in jail.

While in prison, Lobo witnessed a super powered man named David Lowell (Sundown) using energy blasts to fend off two criminals who tried to shake him down. Lobo was impressed, and defended Lowell to the guards. Lobo attempted to befriend Lowell, who pretty much ignored him.

After getting out of prison, Lowell was tracked down by Lobo, who tried to convince him to come work for him. When Lowell resisted, Lobo made it clear that they would hurt Mary Kelleher, an old friend of Lowell's, if Lowell did not comply. Spider-Man had followed Lowell and tried to prevent him from getting involved with Lobo. Lowell initially went after Spider-Man, but the webslinger was able to convince him to listen to his plan. The two continued a fake fight, that took out the gunmen Lobo had trained on Mary. Sundown then brought the seemingly unconscious Spider-Man in front of Lobo, where they turned the tables on him and forced him to promise to stay away from Mary. They then ran Lobo right into the waiting arms of the cops, who arrested him for extortion and illegal handgun possession.


First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #23

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Issue Appearances:
Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy (2009)
Spider-Man Comics Weekly (1973)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995)

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