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Mercedes 'Misty' Knight (Marvel)

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Bionic Right Arm
Martial Arts Expert

Graduating from New York City's police academy with top honors, Misty Knight became a patrolwoman at the Twelfth Precinct in partnership with Rafe Scarfe. Early in her career, she rescued Colleen Wing from a Manhattan gun battle, and the two soon became best friends. Sometime later, Misty encountered terrorists attempting to bomb a bank; she retrieved the bomb, but it exploded before she could dispose of it. Her right arm had to be amputated and was replaced with a cybernetic limb designed at Stark International. Despite the enhanced strength of her new arm, Misty's injury removed her from active patrol duty, and she resigned rather than accept a desk job. Depressed over these developments, she was encouraged by Colleen to again take an active role in life, and the two eventually became partners in a private investigation firm, Nightwing Restorations.

Misty first met Iron Fist when Colleen, who had already befriended him, was abducted by his enemies; erroneously believing Iron Fist responsible, Misty attacked him but soon learned the truth, then helped him against his enemies. Misty and Iron Fist became romantically involved. When he founded Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage, she and Colleen, known as the Daughters of the Dragon for their martial arts skill, frequently aided them.

Despite their close relationship, Misty eventually became estranged from Iron Fist; she began dating police officer Tyrone King, who unknown to her was actually Iron Fist's mystical enemy Master Khan in disguise. Unknown to either, Iron Fist was subsequently replaced by the extradimensional plant race known as the H'ylthri, and Khan arranged for the disguised alien Super-Skrull to murder the surrogate Iron Fist; the grief-stricken Misty soon broke ties with "King." Later, the Super-Skrull impersonated Iron Fist himself, and although his deception was exposed, the non-human nature of Iron Fist's corpse was also revealed, as was Khan's scheme. Accompanied by Namor the Sub-Mariner, Misty and Colleen traveled to Iron Fist's home city in the dimension of K'un Lun, where they rescued him from imprisonment by the H'ylthri. Misty and Iron Fist renewed their relationship, and she aided him during his efforts to rebuild Heroes for Hire, but afterwards drifted apart.

Hiring secretary Penny O'Neal, Nightwing Restorations took on several low-profile clients. Wing worked undercover as a performer at Circus Vandenberger to expose Rudy Vandenberger's scheme to take over the family business through acts of terrorism. Knight and Wing next reunited kidnapping victim Shana "Tok" Peters with her parents. Knight and Wing also apprehended Ron Tatum, a former heavyweight boxer living in Brooklyn who physically assaulted his wife Ann, a childhood friend of Knight. With business slow, Knight began working as a paralegal for the law firm of Nelson, Murdock & Sharpe, while Wing offered Cage work as an operative for Nightwing Restorations, but Cage declined. Knight then teamed with Spider-Man, Cage, and Iron Fist to defeat Scorpion, who had kidnapped J. Jonah Jameson. After the battle, a distraught and disillusioned Iron Fist disappeared on a world-spanning quest to find meaning for himself. The Daughters followed him to the Himalayas, saving him from a wolf pack. Along with his mentor, Lei Kung the Thunderer, the Daughters accompanied Iron Fist to K'un-Lun, where he defeated a resurrected Steel Serpent and regained direction in his life.

Shortly after Iron Fist reestablished Heroes for Hire as a larger mercenary organization funded by Namor's Oracle, Inc., the Daughters were hired to help the team apprehend biotechnician/geneticist Professor Wolfgang Hessler, a powerful bio-weapon creator operating out of St. Eboar's Monestary in Symkaria. Unwittingly manipulated by the Master, the Daughters and their allies soon battled Silver Sable's Wild Pack, which was protecting Hessler. Although the Master ultimately obtained Hessler's technology, the Heroes for Hire defeated him, but at a great cost to Iron Fist. Soon after, the Daughters participated in a mystic ceremony conducted by Brother Voodoo to replenish Iron Fist's lifeforce. Alongside Iron Fist and Cage, the Daughters were next hired by CEO Getulio Villa-Lobos to protect DaCosta International's San Francisco office from Reignfire, whom Villa-Lobos believed to be Roberto DaCosta (Sunspot). Knight was later attacked by the New Men's White Tiger, Iron Fistís Heroes for Hire teammate, who was jealous of Knightís relationship with Iron Fist, but Knight convinced the Tiger she could not win Iron Fist's love by eliminating the competition. Next, Wing accompanied Heroes for Hire to Madripoor to investigate allegations of piracy in the South China Seas and helped defeat Lionmane (Lo Chien), the Chinese general secretly in charge of the piracy operation, and his associates -- the Cat (Shen Kui) and Sai. Later, the biochemist Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) broke into Nightwing Restorations, defeated Wing and obtained the cremated remains of Black Dragon's head, which she used to resurrect the monster. When Cage was critically injured during Nick Fury's Secret War, Knight and Wing provided protection alongside Iron Fist while Cage recuperated at the Night Medical Center, a treatment facility for streetlevel superheroes.

Knight and Wing have since become bail bondswomen, lending bail money to apprehended street-level super-villains until their cases work their way through the criminal justice system. If the super-villains miss their scheduled court dates, Knight and Wing become bail enforcement agents, also known as bounty hunters, concerned solely with bringing their fugitive clients back to justice. Nightwing Restorations recently hired indestructible mutate Otis Johnson as an administrative assistant. Knight and Wing recently investigated Celia Ricadonna, a wealthy New York publishing mogul and rising crimelord suspected of involvement in the deaths of several Nightwing Restorations' clients who inadvertently stole a microchip containing a computer virus capable of destroying the world economy. In a swordfight between Knight and Ricadonna, Misty lost her bionic arm. Tony Stark (Iron Man) outfitted her with a state-of-the-art arm. Aided by Iron Fist and the insect-controlling criminal Humbug, Knight and Wing raided a secret auction for the microchip, and brought Ricadonna to justice.

During the Civil War, Iron Man and Reed Richards asked Misty and Colleen to reform the Heroes for Hire to aid in tracking superhumans who failed to register per the Superhuman Registration Act. The pair created a team that included Shang-Chi, Black Cat and Paladin. Misty also became part of the Initiative. These actions put her in conflict with Iron Fist, who opposed the SHRA. Despite this difference, Misty, Colleen and Luke Cage once helped him fight off the Steel Serpent and Hydra.

Misty's team attempted to assist when the Hulk returned to Earth from exile and rampaged New York City. The Heroes for Hire group fell apart during the ordeal.


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up (1972) #1

Other Identities:
Control (Marvel)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
A-Force (2016)
All-New Captain America (2015)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update (2007)
Avengers Universe (2000)
Avengers: The Initiative (2007)
Bizarre Adventures (1981)
Black Panther (1998)
Black Panther (2005)
Black Panther (2016)
Black Panther and the Crew (2017)
Cage! (2016)
Captain America (2017)
Captain America (2018)
Captain America Corps (2011)
Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015)
Civil War (2006)
Civil War II: Choosing Sides (2016)
Classic X-Men (1986)
Daredevil (1964)
Daredevil: Dark Nights (2013)
Daughters of the Dragon (2006)
Daughters of the Dragon (2018)
Daughters of the Dragon: Deadly Hands Special (2005)
Dazzler (1981)
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2014)
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017)
Deathlok (1991)
Defenders (2012)
Defenders (2017)
Falcon (2017)
Fantastic Four (1998)
Fearless Defenders (2013)
Giant Size Spider-Man (1998)
Girl Comics (2010)
Heroes For Hire (1997)
Heroes For Hire (2006)
Heroes For Hire (2011)
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost (2018)
I Am An Avenger (2010)
Immortal Weapons (2009)
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Iron Fist: Wolverine (2000)
Jessica Jones (2016)
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Marvel Comics Presents (1988)
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Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Limited: Frank Miller's Spider-Man (1994)
Marvel Now! Previews (2016)
Marvel Premiere (1972)
Marvel Tales (1964)
Marvel Team-Up (1972)
Namor, The Sub-Mariner (1990)
New Avengers (2005)
New Avengers (2010)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Women of Marvel 2005 (2005)
Power Man (1974)
Power Man and Iron Fist (1981)
Power Man and Iron Fist (2016)
Savage Action (1980)
Secret Empire (2017)
Secret Empire: Brave New World (2017)
Secret Warriors (2017)
Secret Wars: Secret Love (2015)
Sentry (2018)
Shadowland (2010)
Shadowland: After the Fall (2011)
Shadowland: Blood on the Streets (2010)
Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow (2010)
Shadowland: Power Man (2010)
Shadowland: Spider-Man (2010)
Spider-Man Family (2007)
Spider-Man Unlimited (1993)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
The Avengers (1963)
The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (1974)
The Immortal Iron Fist (2007)
The Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand (2008)
The Iron Age (2011)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Pulse (2004)
The Very Best of the X-Men (1994)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Uncanny X-Men: First Class (2009)
Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995)
Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage (2019)
What If? AvX (2013)
Wolverine Encyclopedia (1996)
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook (2010)
World War Hulk: Aftersmash (2008)
X-Force (1991)
X-Men Forever Giant-Size (2010)
X-Men Legends (2000)
X-Men: The End: Book 3: Men & X-Men (2006)
X-Men: To Serve And Protect (2011)

Group Affiliation(s):
Daughters of Liberty
Daughters of the Dragon
F.B.I. (Marvel)
Heroes for Hire (Marvel)
Initiative (Marvel)
Knightwing Restorations
Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock
N.Y.P.D. (Marvel)
The Crew (Marvel)(02 - T'Challa's Team)

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