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Whirlwind (Marvel)
Real Name: David Cannon
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Super-speed, normally used to spin rapidly, so as to create a whirlwind (hence the name). However, he has demonstrated ground speed sufficient to outrace Quicksilver. While whirling, he is hard to grapple with or hold on to, and the air moving around him creates a cushion-like effect which protects him from conventional physical attacks.

After some time Whirlwind had updated his abilities by the use of wrist-mounted buzzsaws and throwing stars. When Whirlwind uses his power, the blades will attain a deadly velocity, making them more dangerous than when being used by normal humans.

From X-Men: The 198 Files, covering mutants who retained their powers after the Decimation of the mutant population:

"David Cannon began his criminal career under the alias the Human Top. Born a mutant, Cannon discovered at an early age that he could cause his body to move at great speeds. Cannon used his abilities early on in support of a life of crime and was later recruited into several incarnations of the Masters of Evil which has seen him opposed by the Avengers, primarily Hank Pym and the Wasp, numerous times. During this period, Cannon added a vicious new element to his costume in the form of ten-inch saw blades crafted by the Tinkerer. Other past associations have seen Cannon working for the likes of Count Nefaria and the Red Skull. Recently, Cannon's obsession with the Wasp of the Avengers led to his brutally murdering several prostitutes, indicating that his mental state may now be cause for concern."

The government classifies him as a mid-level, or 'Significant,' security threat in these files, the same ranking applied to characters like Colossus, Beast, and Lady Mastermind.

Recently, in Daughters of the Dragon #3, Whirlwind was caught in a deluge of paste from the gun of the criminal Trapster and tore himself apart in horrific fashion. However, in Thunderbolts #104 he was seen to have survived, having been forced to join Baron Zemo's team.


First Appearance: The Avengers (1963) #46

Other Identities:
Human Top (Marvel)(03 - David Cannon)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
AAFES 10th Edition [New Avengers: X Exchange] (2010)
Age of X: Universe (2011)
Alpha Flight (1983)
Ant-Man & The Wasp (2018)
Avengers (1998)
Avengers Academy (2010)
Avengers Fairy Tales (2008)
Avengers Spotlight (1989)
Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega (2016)
Avengers: X-Sanction (2012)
Avengers/JLA (2003)
Black Panther (2016)
Captain America (1968)
Captain America (1998)
Captain America: Red, White & Blue (2002)
Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015)
Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016)
Code of Honor (1997)
Daredevil (2016)
Dark Reign Files (2009)
Dark Reign: Zodiac (2009)
Daughters of the Dragon (2006)
Deadline (2002)
Deadpool V Gambit (2016)
Defenders/Avengers: X-Sanction Preview Book (2011)
Elektra (2014)
Fantastic Four (1961)
Fear Itself: The Home Front (2011)
Gravity (2005)
Groot (2015)
Herc (2011)
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
I (heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions (2006)
Illuminati (2016)
Infamous Iron Man (2016)
Infinity: Heist (2013)
Invincible Iron Man (2008)
Iron Man (1968)
King-Size Hulk (2008)
Marvel Age (1983)
Marvel Comics Presents (1988)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Feature (1971)
Marvel Masters (2007)
Marvel Triple Action (1972)
Marvels Companion (2014)
Nova Classic (2013)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update (2010)
Power Man and Iron Fist (1981)
She-Hulk (2004)
She-Hulk (2005)
Spider-Man [GER] (2007)
Spider-Man's Tangled Web (2001)
Spider-Woman (2016)
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up (2013)
The Astonishing Ant-Man (2015)
The Avengers (1963)
The Defenders (1972)
The Incomplete Death's Head (1993)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The Mighty World of Marvel (2003)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)
The Unstoppable Wasp (2017)
The Unstoppable Wasp (2018)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness (2008)
Uncanny Avengers [II] (2015)
Underworld (2006)
West Coast Avengers (1985)
What If...? (1989)
X-Men (2010)
X-Men: The 198 Files (2006)
X-Men: To Serve And Protect (2011)

Video Game Appearances:
Captain America and the Avengers (1991)

Group Affiliation(s):
Ant-Man Security Solutions
Batroc's Brigade (Marvel)
Defenders of Evil (Marvel)
Masters of Evil (Marvel)

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