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Comet the Super Horse (DC)(Earth-1)
Real Name: Biron (as a centaur) And
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Similar power-set to a Kryptonian. Flight, super-strength and super-speed. Also, telepathy and telepathic vision. Immortal.

His own desire to become fully human. Not affected by Kryptonite or the color of a sun.

Generally known by the longer name, "Comet the Superhorse".

Comet of Earth 1 was the most dramatically complex of the Silver Age's Super Pets.

Hailing originally from Ancient Greece, he was a centaur known as Biron. He longed to be fully human, and thus applied to the witch Circe for assistance. She brewed him a potion that was thought to do the job, but instead had precisely the opposite effect. He became fully equine.

As compensation for her error, she gave him superpowers, including immortality.

At one critical point in history, he met Supergirl and, by implication at least, fell in love with her. On a mission with her to another planet, he was magically bestowed with an additional power. When a comet passed through whatever solar system he was in, he would become fully human. When the comet exited, he would at first become a centaur, then revert to his fully equine form.

During one such comet-induced change, he became the rodeo trick-rider, "Bronco" Bill Starr. Supergirl fell in love with him, not knowing he was Comet. The relationship ultimately failed, though.


First Appearance: Action Comics (1938) #292

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Action Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (1938)
Ambush Bug (1985)
Bizarro World (2005)
DC 100-Page Super Spectacular (1971)
DC One Million 80-Page Giant (1999)
DC Special (1968)
DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories (2005)
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (2008)
Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug (2009)
Supergirl (1996)
Superman (1939)
Superman the Origin of Superman [1966 Golden Record ed.] (1966)
Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (1958)
The Best of DC (1979)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)

Group Affiliation(s):
Legion of Super-Pets (DC)

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